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Huawei releases four new smartwatches — with something for everyone

Tech manufacturer Huawei has released four new smartwatches this June — all with your health in mind. Producing quality health and wellness devices has been an ongoing goal for Huawei, and each watch that is part of this release comes with a different focus, target user and price point.

It’s no surprise that Huawei has taken the health-focused route for its new watches, with health at the forefront for many Aussies. Research conducted by Canstar Blue in 2022 found that 53% of respondents who purchased a smartwatch/fitness tracker did so to monitor their health and fitness (sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, etc).

With something for everyone — from more experienced athletes to anyone looking for a simple health tracker — Huawei has the watch for you.

Huawei Watch D — blood pressure monitoring on the go

Huawei Watch D
Source: Huawei

Perhaps the stand out from Huawei’s latest release is the Huawei Watch D with built-in blood pressure monitoring. This breakthrough technology is a next step in wearable wellness, with a wrist-type blood pressure monitoring device built into the watch itself — at a sixth of the size and weight of a traditional blood pressure monitor.

The Watch D includes a mini pump and airbag, with separate wristband integrated into the design, which inflates when you’re taking a blood pressure check. Huawei does have guidelines on how to efficiently take your blood pressure — including keeping your arm/wrist stable and relaxed — in order to take the most accurate reading possible. You’re also able to set up blood pressure reminders, so you can monitor your blood pressure at the same time each day.

However it’s important to note that the Watch D is not meant to replace a blood pressure check undertaken by your GP or Dr, or by an approved blood pressure monitoring device. If you are someone who likes or needs to keep an eye on your blood pressure when on the go, and you don’t always have access to a proper check, you might find the Watch D’s feature to be useful.

Of course, the Watch D includes a range of other features in addition to the blood pressure monitoring, such as heart rate measuring, sleep tracking, etc. It also includes seven-day battery life, over 70 sports and workout modes, and other features found on Huawei watches, including the Healthy Living Plan — all integrated with the Huawei Health app.

You’ll be able to pick up the Huawei Watch D for $799 AUD RRP from a range of retailers including direct through Huawei, JB Hi Fi (from July), Amazon, Mobileciti, and Bing Lee.

Huawei GT 3 Pro — an everyday watch with Pro features and finish

Huawei GT 3 Pro watches in white and brown
Source: Huawei

As a follow on from the Huawei GT 3 watch, the GT 3 Pro features that classic watch design, but backed up by some great and innovative tech. This watch is designed as a smartwatch alternative to analogue, and does have a fairly hefty price tag to place it as a more ‘luxurious’ watch.

However the Huawei GT 3 Pro is certainly a watch built for the day-to-day, featuring sapphire glass for extra durability and with both a titanium and ceramic version available. It’s also a watch designed to meet your day-to-day needs, with 14-days of battery life, the ability to activate your phone’s camera and take photos remotely and the option to download more apps with the Watch AppGallery (such as calculators and maps).

Tracking your health and wellness is simple with a range of tools and features such as heart rate monitoring, SpO2 monitoring, sleep tracking, the Healthy Living plan and a period tracking feature.

In addition to the 100+ workout and exercise modes included, the GT 3 Pro also includes some extra features for diving enthusiasts. With IP68 and 5 ATM water resistant ratings, you’re able to dive in the ocean down to 30 metres thanks to its Free Diving mode, which includes monitoring of your dive such speed, depth and safety reminders. If the golfing green is more your style than the blue ocean, Huawei has also included a detailed golfing mode, which tracks your swing speed, temp, backswing time and more, so you can get the most out of your next round.

You can pick up the Huawei GT 3 in titanium for $899 AUD RRP or the ceramic version for $999 AUD RRP. These watches are available from a range of retailers including Huawei, JB Hi Fi (from July), Bing Lee, Amazon and Mobileciti.

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Huawei Watch Fit 2 — simple design suited for your day-to-day

Huawei Watch Fit 2 watches in black and white
Source: Huawei

It’s easy to see that Huawei went for a simple, inoffensive design with the Watch Fit 2 — a watch that can easily fit into your routine, whether you’re working out or just going about your day. There are two styles — ‘active’ (which comes in black, pink and blue), and ‘classic’, available in white. Both styles weigh 40g in total including the strap, so if you’re frustrated by heavy-feeling or bulky smartwatches, the Watch Fit 2 might be worth looking at.

With a name like ‘Watch Fit’, it’s safe to assume that this watch verges more on the fitness tracking side than a straight smartwatch. The Watch Fit 2 features 97 workout modes and a built-in animated fitness coach, which supports seven workout modes with instructions and demonstrations to follow. Some exercises also include the option to start a warm up or post-workout stretch with instructions and demonstrations.

You’re also able to access health monitoring such as heart rate, sleep tracking, stress tracking and Healthy Living Plan, integrated with the Huawei Health app. All of this comes with a 10-day battery life (or seven days with intensive use). You can pick up the active style for $299 AUD RRP, or the classic style for $349 AUD RRP, from retailers including Huawei, Bing Lee, Amazon, Mobileciti and JB Hi Fi (from July).

Huawei Band 7 — simple fitness and health tracking on a budget

Huawei Band 7 watches in different colours
Source: Huawei

Rounding up the release is the affordable Huawei Band 7, which has been designed for simple everyday health and exercise tracking. You’ll have access to sleep, stress, heart rate and period tracking, all supported with the Huawei Health app.

You’ll get 96 workout and sports modes to choose from, along with 14-day battery life to keep you going without frequent charging. The watch itself weighs just 16g and you’ll have the choice of four colours — green, red, black and pink.

The Huawei Band 7 is available to buy from July, 2022, and will be available for a more affordable price point at $159 AUD RRP from retailers including Huawei, Amazon and Mobileciti.

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