Review of Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners

For most people the Mitsubishi name immediately conjures images of various types of vehicles, but that’s only one of the group’s businesses, of which there are many. One of the more prominent under the Mitsubishi umbrella is Mitsubishi Electric which manufactures and sells air conditioners (amongst other things). Mitsubishi Electric offers a wide range of air conditioners, split up into five main categories: wall-mounted, console split-system, bulkhead, ceiling mounted and multi-head split-system – so we’ve had a look at these different models and the various differences between them.

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Mitsubishi Electric’s wall-mounted air conditioners

Filled with innovative features such as the Plasma Duo filter systems (designed for the purification and deodorisation of air), the i-See Sensor and Catechin filters (designed to freshen air using anti-bacterial measures), wall-mounted air conditioners from Mitsubishi Electric are nothing to sniff at. They vary in wattage and number of features, meaning that there’s a model suitable for any space or room in your home.

Mitsubishi Electric’s console split-system air conditioners

Designed to be unobtrusive and compact, these models are wall-mounted but sit at floor level, perfect for homes with a lack of wall space. They can be recessed into your wall, which will cut down their protrusion by a third. Their multi-vane function ensures even air distribution, and they have the capacity to run at just 19dB on their lowest setting, making them an incredibly attractive option for those who dislike noisy air conditioners.

Mitsubishi Electric’s bulkhead air conditioners

Perfect for areas with limited installation space, Mitsubishi Electric’s bulkhead air conditioners are ‘whisper quiet’ models that take up very little space and can be installed in situations where other types of air conditioner could potentially not be installed. However, Mitsubishi Electric only offers one model of bulkhead air conditioner in five wattages, so what you gain in installation flexibility you appear to lose in variety when it comes to features.

Mitsubishi Electric’s ceiling mounted air conditioners

Making use of inverter technology to provide high-speed cooling along with higher energy-efficiency, this type of air conditioner is best suited to those who either prefer an air conditioner that doesn’t take up any space, or don’t have the space on their wall for an air conditioner at all. Mitsubishi Electric’s ceiling mounted models are also ‘whisper quiet’, making them ideal for bedrooms and people who dislike noisy air conditioners.

Mitsubishi Electric’s multi head split-system air conditioners

An extension of the regular old split-system air conditioner, the multi head system allows for up to eight wall mounted units to connect to a single outdoor unit, immensely reducing cabling, energy usage and clutter. Less outdoor space is used up by units, and every room gets its own air conditioner. The system also allows you to pick a different model for each room, so more powerful units can be put in larger rooms and vice versa. It’s the ultimate in flexibility and individual room autonomy.

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In summary

Mitsubishi Electric’s range of air conditioners is impressively wide and offers a type of air conditioner suitable for any individual and the home they live in. With products like these, it’s almost strange that Mitsubishi Electric isn’t as well-known as its car-making counterpart.