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Review of Fujitsu General Air Conditioners

Fujitsu General is one of Australia’s most awarded consumer electronics brands, and has a long history of innovation in its field. The company offers a wide range of air conditioners designed for residential use, all of which come packed with the impressive features and innovation that it has become known for. Fujitsu General’s range includes five main types of air conditioners: wall mounted, multi type, ceiling/floor console, cassette and ducted – so let’s have a look at the differences between the five.

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Fujitsu’s wall mounted air conditioners

When it comes to the most common type of residential air conditioner, Fujitsu has three ranges: the Classic Range, Lifestyle Range and Designer Range. The Classic Range models are Fujitsu’s basic practical air conditioners, whereas the Lifestyle Range models are both more energy-efficient and come with a human sensor control, which improves efficiency and temperature control. Models in the Designer Range come with the features of the Lifestyle Range, but have a sleek and modern appearance. The Designer Range has won two awards, one for ‘innovative product design’ and one for ‘design that enriches everyday life’.

Fujitsu’s multi type air conditioners

When it comes to multi type systems, Fujitsu’s offerings are slightly smaller than its wall mounted range of air conditioners. The company has two types of units in this area, multi and airstage. The former is a standard multi type air conditioner, connecting one outside unit to multiple indoor units, each of which can be controlled separately. Fujitsu’s multi systems allow for a fair bit of customisation in terms of number of units and how powerful said units are, meaning that the system can be made suitable for both small apartments and huge family houses.

The Airstage models are designed to service multiple rooms efficiently and reliably, along with being flexible and simple to install and operate. However, while multi systems can work well in any size home, Airstage models are better suited to larger homes.

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Fujitsu’s floor/ceiling consoles

As the name implies, these air conditioners can be installed either on the floor or under the ceiling. They’re not the most popular type of air conditioner, but they have a few advantages over wall mounted air conditioners, namely better air circulation and less space occupied. Fujitsu offers both floor and ceiling models, along with inverters.

Fujitsu’s cassette air conditioners

Doubling down on everything attractive about floor/ceiling consoles, Fujitsu’s cassette air conditioners are sleek little models that lie almost flush to your ceiling. They can send air in four different directions as opposed to the one direction offered by wall mounted models, and this contributes to their slightly higher efficiency. Fujitsu’s range of cassette air conditioners is rather small, but there isn’t that much variance to be found amongst most cassette models so that’s to be expected.

Fujitsu’s ducted air conditioning

Fujitsu offers four varieties of ducted air conditioning: bulkhead, slimline, single phase and three phase. Each one is reasonably distinct from the others, however the latter two are simply different variations on a theme. Fujitsu’s bulkhead range is designed for maximum efficiency and installation flexibility, whereas their slimline range is designed to be slim, compact, and discreet.

The single and triple phase ranges are similar, however the former allows for more installation flexibility, whereas the latter seems to be more efficient.

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In summary

Fujitsu General may not be the biggest player in Australia’s air conditioning market, but its wide and comprehensive range of products is sure to have something to meet anyone’s needs, which makes the company impressive in its own right.