Canstar Blue
Green Excellence Award Methodology

Last updated: April 2022

What is the Canstar Blue Green Excellence Award?

Canstar Blue’s Green Excellence Awards involve a sophisticated rating methodology, unique to Canstar Blue, which compares submissions we receive from Energy and Telecommunications institutions throughout Australia. Canstar Blue’s Green Excellence Award winners represent a selected group of products, services or initiatives within the Energy and Telecommunications industries which have all been reviewed, assessed and deemed to be Award winners.

What are the types of plans considered in the Green Excellence Awards?

The type of products Canstar Blue evaluates includes the following examples:

  • Phone plans
  • NBN Products
  • Energy products
  • Renewable Energy

What is the entry process?

Information for Canstar Blue’s Green Excellence Awards is collected directly from the submission forms completed by entrants. Where possible, Canstar Blue cross-checks information provided against publicly available sources. In the event information provided is found to be false or misleading, we reserve the right to revoke the submission from consideration.

How are the Green Excellence Awards Calculated?

Canstar Blue’s expert judging panel recognise products, services or initiatives that perform strongly based on Canstar Blue’s judging criteria outlined below and seeks to identify those that represent Green Excellence.

Canstar Blue Green Excellence Methodology Explained
Source: Canstar Blue

Assessment Categories

Environmental Impact (50%)

Environmental Impact measures the extent to which the product, service or initiative creates a positive impact on the environment or society. Sustainable Strategy assesses how considered or robust the strategy is at achieving sustainable goals or empowering consumers to increase their personal sustainability, while Targets & Performance consider the performance of the product, service or initiative at reaching outlined targets. Business Commitment considers the broader company’s goals and investment in driving sustainable change.

  1. Sustainable Strategy
  2. Targets & Performance
  3. Business Commitment

Consumer Empowerment (50%)

Consumer Empowerment takes into account the utilisation, impact and accessibility of the product, service or initiative. Utilisation & Impact assesses how consumers are using or engaging with the product, service or initiative. The “accessibility” of the product, service or initiative evaluates the affordability, any conditions or restrictions, and its ease of use.

  1. Utilisation & Impact
  2. Accessibility


A scoring system based on a rating from one to five is determined by Canstar Blue’s expert judging panel, which is then placed against each of the above categories in relation to the correlation between the product, service or initiative and the categories.



0 Not Applicable
1 Very Weak
2 Weak
3 Average
4 Strong
5 Very Strong

How are the award winners determined?

Once the total score has been determined, Canstar Blue’s expert judging panel recognises submissions that receive a strong total score as Green Excellence Award winners.

Does Canstar Blue rate all products in the market?

Canstar Blue endeavours to include the majority of providers and products in the market and to compare product features relevant to most consumers in our ratings. However, this process is not always possible, and it may be that not every provider and/or product in the market is included in the rating, nor every feature compared that is relevant to you.

How often are products reviewed?

Awards are recalculated annually based on the latest features offered by each provider. Canstar Blue also monitors changes on an ongoing basis. The results are published in a variety of mediums (newspapers, magazine, television, websites, etc.).

Canstar Blue Research Team

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This methodology and the many others Canstar Blue uses to conduct it’s in-depth consumer research are managed by Canstar Blue’s in-house Research Team. They provide the expertise that powers our Star Ratings and Awards, designed to help Australian consumers make more informed purchasing decisions.

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