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We all want to feel confident that when we shop we’re choosing the brand that best suits our purposes. Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Awards are all about giving consumers that confidence across a huge range of popular products and services – they represent the views of shoppers just like you. Seeing a Most Satisfied Customers Award logo on a product or service is like getting a recommendation from a friend.

Most Satisfied Awards Methodology

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It’s hard to please everyone, so how do we determine which brands win our Most Satisfied Customers Awards? We’ve created a methodology that allows us to determine winners consistently and without bias.

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Most Satisfied Customers Award Categories

Canstar Blue rates over 300 categories of products and services, with plenty of industries covered within our scope. To help you find what you’re after, we’ve broken down the major industries below.


Streaming Ratings

Retired Ratings

  • Baby Bath Wash (2015)
  • Baby Bouncers (2022)
  • Baby Carriers (2022)
  • Baby Cups (2013) 
  • Baby Shops (2019) 
  • Banks – Challenger (2018)
  • Banks – Major (2018)
  • Caravans & Motorhomes (2019)
  • Childcare Centres (2017)
  • Chilled Juice (2021)
  • City Trains (2021)
  • Cola (2022)
  • Cots (2022)
  • Domestic Airlines (2022)
  • Drills – Corded (2011)
  • Drills – Cordless (2011)
  • Dummies & Soothers (2022)
  • Fruit Juice (2022)

  • GPS Navigators (2011) 
  • Hardware Stores (2022)
  • Healthy Meal Delivery Services (2023)
  • Kids Clothing Stores (2016)
  • Lemonade (2021)
  • Liquid Gravy & Stock (2022)
  • Marinades & Recipe Bases (2022)
  • Merchant Services (2018)
  • Motorcycle Boots (2020)
  • Motorcycle Gloves (2020)
  • Motorcycle Helmets (2020)
  • Motorcycle Jackets (2020)
  • Motorcycle Pants (2020)
  • Music Streaming (2022)
  • New Car Reliability (2021) 
  • New Car Servicing (2021)
  • Online Dating Sites & Apps (2022)
  • Online Department Stores (2014) 

  • Online Real Estate (2018)
  • Outdoor Equipment Stores (2022)
  • Paint – Exterior (2011)
  • Paint – Interior (2011)
  • Pasta Sauce (2022)
  • Peanut Butter (2022)
  • Phone and Internet Bundles (2015) 
  • Powdered Gravy & Stock (2022)
  • Seasoning & Spices (2022)
  • Small Business Domestic Airlines (2016)
  • Small Business Mobile Phone Providers (2016)
  • Soft Drinks (2022)
  • Sporting Goods Stores (2022)
  • Tents (2018)
  • Weed Killer (2017)
  • Wireless Routers & Modems (2021)
  • Yeast Spread (2022)



Want to let consumers know about your award?

Canstar Blue offers a range of commercial and organic opportunities for winning brands that want to let the world know they’re the best in their field. Our Commercial Team is ready to help you maximise your win!

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FAQs about our Most Satisfied Customers Award

Got some questions about how the Most Satisfied Customers Award works, or want to get your brand involved? Check out the questions below, or head to our FAQ page


Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Awards are based on feedback from consumers who have recently purchased and used products and services within a certain timeframe. This feedback is collected via surveys distributed by a third-party service to ensure that we are receiving as much unbiased feedback as possible. 

Brands who receive a minimum of 30 responses from these surveys then qualify for our ratings grid, in which a winner will be determined based on consumer feedback. 

Brands must receive a minimum of 30 responses to be included in our Customer Satisfaction ratings. The market research is designed to pick up as many brands per category as relevant. However, some brands may miss out due to low sample size – for example small local or niche brands where their market share is currently low. A rated brand may also receive a ‘N/A’ (Not Applicable) rating for one or more criteria if it does not receive the minimum number of responses for that criteria.

The brands that feature in our ratings are those that have been nominated by respondents in the market research, and which have received a minimum of 30 responses.  We do not choose which brands to include.

To be included within the survey, and be eligible for the ratings, brands must offer a product or service within Australia at the time the survey is being conducted.