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When you think of Italy, you might think of coffee, but alongside its coffee machines, Italian appliance manufacturer DeLonghi also produces a wide range of portable heaters. Australia may not get as cold as parts of Europe, but we still like to keep our fingers and toes warm in the winter months. So if you’re on the lookout for a new portable heater, check what DeLonghi can do for you.

DeLonghi Portable Heaters

There are three main types of electric portable heaters that DeLonghi produces – oil column, panel and ceramic heaters. DeLonghi has designed its portable heaters with an economy mode called ‘Eco-Plus’. This mode allows you to regulate power flow and temperature levels to optimise energy use, meaning the lower consumption the smaller your power bills.

Conventional oil column heaters are still popular today. They are a form of convection heaters where silicone oil flows around metal columns to produce heat. DeLonghi oil column heaters are all on caster wheels for easy transportation. There are three ranges in the DeLonghi oil column heaters line, namely Dragon, Radia and Vento. Here are some examples from each category.

DeLonghi Dragon Range Heaters

Dragon3 TRD 1200

Dragon3 TRD 1200

This model is said to give a “chimney effect” with its fin structure that forms a series of vertical shafts. The heat is warmed and moved upwards to create a constant outflow. The Dragon 3 TRD 1200 control panel has large switches, indicator lights and a thermostat knob with a maximum power of 1200W.

Several safety features of the Dragon3 TRD 1200 model are an overheating safety thermal cut-off where the unit switches itself off if it starts to overheat or tipped over. It also has an anti-frost function and pre-assembled snap lock castors for easy manoeuvring.

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 35 x 22 x 64.5 cm
  • SRP: $129

Dragon4 Oil column heater with timer

The Dragon4 TRD4 2400ET also uses a “chimney effect” design for its heat distribution similar to the Dragon3. DeLonghi claims its design provides a larger radiant surface heat compared to the Dragon3 model. The Dragon4 TRD4 2400ET uses an electronic control panel and thermostat to set and maintain your desired room temperature. It also has a 24 hour timer to program daily working time and an eco-plus function to regulate temperature levels. There are 11 fins and three heat settings to add versatility with a maximum power of 2400W.

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 61.5 x 30.5 x 66.5 cm
  • SRP: $378.98

DeLonghi Radia Range Heaters

Radia S Oil Column Heater

Radia S Oil Column Heater

DeLonghi claims this model exploits 100% of its nominal power without exceeding surface temperature for increased effectiveness. The Radia S Oil Column Heater 1000W TRRS 0510T offers a patented design with five enlarged fins which are claimed to give more even heat distribution, with a maximum power of 1000W. It has a room thermostat, 24 hour timer and automatic tip over switch. For easy transportation from room to room it has pre-assembled castors and a front carry handle as well as cord storage.

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 16 x 21.2 x 65 cm
  • SRP: $109

Radia S Digital Oil Column Heater 1500W & 2400W

There are two recent models in the Radia line, which are the Radia S Digital Oil Column Heater 2400W TRRS 1224E.G and the Radia S Digital Oil Column Heater 1500W TRRS 0715E.G.

Radia S Digital Oil Column Heater 2400W TRRS 1224E.G: Is designed with digital controls and a digital room thermostat. It also has an electronic 24 hour timer that you can set for your everyday routine. It claims to use a patented battery design with 12 fins for even heat distribution and ‘Real Energy’ for increased effectiveness. It comes equipped with the eco function and has three power settings, with a maximum power of 2400W. Similarly to the most affordable model above, it has pre-assembled castors and a front carry handle with cord storage. It features an anti-frost function and automatic shut off tip over switch.

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 16.0 (27.7) x 59.2 x 65 cm
  • SRP: $199

Radia S Digital Oil Column Heater 1500W TRRS 0715E.G: Is designed with similar features to the 2400W model, but is smaller in size, using only seven fins and has a lower heating power of 1500W. If you have a smaller area you want to heat up, this model may be an option for you.

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 27.7 x 39.2 x 65 cm
  • SRP: $179

DeLonghi Vento Range Heaters

Vento V550715T

Vento V550715T

DeLonghi has designed its Vento range of portable heaters with its ‘venturi’ effect, which is claimed to heat air inside the radiator and discharge even faster with the unique shape of the Ventos outlets. The heating chamber, which has the air flow pass through each element, turns warmest in the high part of the element. The Vento V550715T model has seven fins and a 24 hour timer to program your operating time. It is also equipped with an anti-frost function, room thermostat and a maximum heating power of 1500W.

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 64 x 37 x 14 cm
  • SRP: $139

Vento V551224T

The Vento V551224T is the latest version in the Vento category. It has similar features to the previous model, but an increased maximum heating power of 2400W and 12 fins for wider heat distribution. It may be useful for larger rooms.

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 64 x 57 x 14 cm
  • SRP: $299

DeLonghi Panel Heaters

Panel heaters can look more like LCD TVs rather than heaters. They are also a type of convection heaters where air convection currents circulate through the body of the appliance.

Portable 2000W Electric Convection Heater

Portable 2000W Electric Convection Heater
This model is compact while claiming to maintain the same performance level of traditional convectors. It has an adjustable room thermostat to set and maintain your own desired temperature. The DeLonghi HCM2030 portable heater has three power settings with a 2000W maximum. It is designed with doubled insulation, an anti-frost function, safety thermostat and handles. As an option, the DeLonghi HCM2030 Electric Convection Heater is also wall mountable and includes a wall brackets kit in the packaging to install as a fixed heating appliance rather than free standing.

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 40.5 x 55.0 x 18.5
  • SRP: $59

Panel Heater with Electronic Timer HCX9124E

For a compact slim line design in panel heaters, the DeLonghi Panel Heater HCX9124E may be an option to consider. It features Hi-Fi Technology, which means it has a double fan system to help distribute heat throughout the room. There are three heat settings with a maximum wattage power of 2400W. It uses an electronic thermostat with digital precision and a control panel with soft touch LED buttons. Its 24 hours delay on/off timer allows you to run the heater to suit your daily routine and help you to not accidently leave it running all day. It also has an eco-plus and anti-frost function plus an overheating safety thermal cut-off and automatic tilt switch. The DeLonghi HCX9124E Panel Heater is able to be left freestanding or wall mounted.

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 820 x 75 x 555cm
  • SRP: $449

DeLonghi Ceramic Heaters

This range tends to be the most compact of the lot. They generate heat through Positive Temperature Coefficient ceramic heating elements and are ideal for spot heating in bedrooms and study.

Upright Ceramic Heater DCH6031

Upright Ceramic Heater DCH6031
The Upright Ceramic Heater DCH6031 is said to use a new design with modern lines to make it compact. DeLonghi claims its ceramic technology is efficient with a wide heating element. It has an adjustable room thermostat and a maximum heating power of 2000W. In terms of maintenance, The DCH6031 has a removable and washable anti-dust filter designed for a clean air flow. It comes equipped with a safety tip-over switch as well as an anti-frost function and summer ventilation.

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 22.7 x 16.5 x 26.5
  • SRP: $89

Digital Ceramic Tower Heater TCH8093ER

The DeLonghi TCH8093ER tower heater has a slim design with a ‘soft touch’ control panel, a remote control and an adjustable thermostat. It has variable heat settings with a maximum heating power of 2400W and an eco-energy system that aims to ensure correct level of comfort. The TCH8093ER tower heater claims to also have a silence system to reduce noise as well as a motor-driven swivelling structure to move left to right like a fan. Similar to the above model, the TCH8093ER has a washable anti-dust filter, a safety tip over switch and summer ventilation.

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 27.5 x 26.9 x 69.0 cm
  • SRP: $199

Are DeLonghi portable heaters worth the money?

DeLonghi portable heaters tend to sit in the middle range when it comes to price, but are generally quite feature rich and innovative. You may find that several DeLonghi models are fairly affordable compared to other brands, and there is an extensive range available. The main difference between most DeLonghi portable heaters is their wattage, and since there are no energy star ratings on portable heaters, you may like to keep in mind that the greater the wattage, the more power the appliance will need to use. It would be wise to consider reviews and ratings – such as ours – to see how DeLonghi heaters compare with other brands in the eyes of Aussie consumers.

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