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Fisher & Paykel Rangehoods Review & Guide

If you fancy yourself a good home cook, don’t let the leftover steam and smell of grease ruin a perfect meal in. While it’s not the first appliance many people think of when building their dream kitchen, rangehoods are especially useful when it comes to removing the smoke, moisture and grease that inevitably cooks up as you create your dishes.

From wall-mountable ducted rangehoods to apartment-friendly alternatives, brands like Fisher & Paykel offer a variety of models to choose from. Some of these include wall canopy rangehoods, wall chimney rangehoods, slide-out rangehoods and built-in integrated rangehoods. The most affordable items from the brand can cost around $299, while more expensive options are likely to take you back up to $1,399.

With an aim to “create real products for people living real lives”, Fisher & Paykel says it prides itself on developing innovative and practical appliances to suit a variety of households. Designing products since 1934, the global brand became part of the Haier Group in 2012 and has since expanded to around 50 countries. From washer-dryer combos to freestanding grills, Fisher & Paykel offers variety of premium appliances. These include ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines.

Wall Canopy Rangehoods

HC60DCXB3 Insitu

For people looking for a quiet achiever, wall canopy rangehoods like the Fisher & Paykel HC90CGX1 contain three fan speeds claimed to remove steam and odour with minimal noise. To prevent odours filling up the kitchen once you’ve finished cooking, this model includes a timer to ensure the appliance continues operating for up to 15 minutes before automatically switching off. It is also said to use multi-layer filters to trap grease, apparently making the appliance easier to clean.

Available for $679, the Fisher & Paykel HC90CGX1 is a 90cm rangehood with a stainless-steel design and glass styling.

Wall Chimney Rangehoods

HC60DCXB3 wall chimney rangehood

Keep your kitchen well-ventilated and odour-free with Fisher & Paykel’s collection of wall chimney rangehoods. Available in a pyramid or box design, each rangehood is said to include three fan speeds claimed to work together to remove steam and bad smells that linger after you’ve finished cooking. Some products, including the Fisher & Paykel HC60DCXB3, also come with a boost function which apparently allows for a more powerful extraction to remove odours and steam more quickly.

For user-friendliness, each wall chimney model has an intuitive control panel with soft touch controls for easy use. The low-power LED lighting is also claimed to help consume minimal energy while making sure you get maximum light over your cooking space.

Similar to the other types of Fisher & Paykel rangehoods, these models are claimed to contain filters which apparently ‘trap grease particles during extraction’. The filters can then be removed for cleaning, either by hand or dishwasher.

Larger 120cm models like the Fisher & Paykel HC120PHTX1 and Fisher & Paykel HC12ODCXB3 are said to be ideal for larger cooking spaces. Alternatively, smaller options like the Fisher & Paykel HC90PHTX1 and Fisher & Paykel HC90DCXB3 make more suitable options in other smaller areas. Fisher & Paykel’s wall chimney rangehoods typically cost between $1,049 and $1,399.

Fisher and paykel built-in slide out rangehoods

Built-in Slide-out Rangehoods

If you’re thinking of sliding into the world of rangehoods, the brand has a couple of built-in 60cm and 90cm slide-out models to offer. Products like the Fisher & Paykel HS60LXW4 and Fisher & Paykel HS90X4 are said to make a suitable addition for smaller kitchens, offering similar features many of the items in the brand’s rangehood collection.

Ducted rangehoods like the Fisher & Paykel 90cm slide-out rangehood are claimed to better remove steam, grease and odours more effectively than non-ducted rangehoods. But there are products like the Fisher & Paykel HS60LXW4, which can operate as a ducted rangehood as well as a non-ducted rangehood.

Built-in Integrated Rangehoods

HP90IDCHX2 Built-in Integrated Rangehood

For people moving into their dream home or renovating an old kitchen, consider adding an integrated rangehood to match the rest of your cabinetry. The brand offers built-in rangehoods in two sizes, 60cm and 90cm. Containing many of the same features found in the other options available from the brand, products like the Fisher & Paykel HP90IDCHX2 and Fisher & Paykel HP60IDCHX2 come with 3 fan speeds to remove steam and leftover smells.

The price for Fisher & Paykel built-in integrated rangehoods tend to range between $1,049 and $1,199.

Should I go with a Fisher & Paykel rangehood?

Turn up the heat without letting steam or bad odours damage your kitchen. Whether you’re shopping for a rangehood to complement your cabinetry, or need an appliance suitable for a larger space, Fisher & Paykel offers a number of rangehoods in a variety of sizes. The types of models include wall canopy rangehoods, wall chimney rangehoods, slide-out rangehoods and built-in integrated rangehoods.

Many of options available are ducted rangehoods, which extract the fumes created from your cooking and direct it outside through ducting. But if you live in an apartment, non-ducted options like the Fisher & Paykel HS90X4 might be a more suitable route. While this model can operate as a ducted rangehood, it can alternatively act as a non-ducted appliance. By using a non-ducted rangehood, the appliance extracts the fumes from the kitchen before sending it through the filters and recirculating the newly cleaned air into the room.

If you’re unsure whether Fisher & Paykel rangehoods are a recipe for success or disaster, compare a variety of other brands and models on the Canstar Blue website. Our customer satisfaction ratings show brands like Electrolux have hit a sweet spot with customers. But make sure to also check out other contenders like Bosch, Smeg, Westinghouse and Blanco to find the perfect rangehood for you.

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