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Energy Efficient Fridge Buying Guide

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You’d be hard-pressed to find a household in Australia that doesn’t possess a refrigerator of some sort. As a staple of any kitchen, fridges suck up their fair share of electricity, so you may as well have one that uses energy efficiently. Unfortunately, many of us may own appliances on the lower end of the efficiency scale, which is common as less efficient appliances are often much cheaper to buy. To learn whether it’s time for an upgrade, read this Canstar Blue guide.

What is an energy efficient fridge?


An energy efficient fridge is pretty much as it sounds, a fridge that uses electricity as efficiently as possible. The efficiency of most fridges in Australia are measured through energy star ratings, with products generally measured on a scale from 1-star up to 6-stars, although there are some products that can have up to 10-star ratings, with the higher the star rating, the more efficient they are. Unfortunately, a higher energy rating generally correlates with a higher price tag. The question of price versus energy efficiency is a longstanding one, with many consumers weighing up whether they want to spend more money on their initial purchase or on their electricity bills later down the road.

How energy efficient is my fridge?

The best way to discover the efficiency of your fridge is to simply look at its energy star rating, which should have come with the appliance when you first purchased it. If your fridge is below three stars, it may be time to consider upgrading, as you’re likely losing out on your electricity bill. If you’re wondering how much power your fridge uses, we’ve crunched the numbers to showcase how much money it takes to keep the fridge running.

Who sells energy efficient fridges?

Many brands offer energy efficient fridges (rated 5-stars or above) in Australia. This includes LG, Fisher & Paykel, Westinghouse, Haier, Hisense and Liebherr.

LG energy efficient fridges

LG Energy Efficient Fridge

LG offer a wide range of refrigerators, many of which have high energy efficiency ratings. Most LG fridges feature removeable wine racks, voice control capability, door alarms, and air filtration systems to reduce odours.

The LG 420L Bottom Mount Refrigerator is an efficient appliance, hosting a 5-star energy rating. This fridge features a fast-cooling program, adjustable humidity settings, metallic finishing, reversible doors, and two-step folding shelves to hold taller items. This model generally costs around $1,300.

Fisher & Paykel energy efficient fridges

Fisher & Paykel Energy Efficient Fridge

Fisher & Paykel are a well-known appliance brand that offers a number of energy efficient fridges. Many Fisher & Paykel refrigerators feature anti-fingerprint exteriors, humidity controls, removeable storage bins, and LED lighting.

The Fisher & Paykel 498L Slimline Quad Door Fridge is designed with efficiency in mind, hosting a 5-star energy rating. This fridge also features humidity-controlled fruit and vegetable bins, adjustable shelving, and recessed handles for a sleek design. This fridge will generally cost you around $2,200.

Westinghouse energy efficient fridges

Westinghouse Energy Efficient Fridge

Westinghouse focus on creating both practical and efficient appliances. Most Westinghouse fridges are equipped with separate temperature controls, internal lighting, adjustable door bins, and frost-free cooling systems.

The Westinghouse 496L Bottom Mount Refrigerator has a 5-star energy rating. This fridge features LED lighting, a multi-airflow delivery system, humidity controls, a temperature sensor, and spill safe glass shelving. This model will generally set you back around $2,000.

Haier energy efficient fridges

Haier Energy Efficient Fridge

Haier aim to innovate in the appliance space, offering a wide variety of energy efficient products. Many Haier fridges feature SmartHQ connectivity, anti-bacterial filters, humidity-controlled drawers, frost-free freezers, LED lighting, lockable doors, and flexible shelving.

The Haier 431L Bottom Mount Refrigerator hosts a 5.5-star energy rating, and  is equipped with adjustable temperature zones, a cold-water dispenser, a humidity control system, and a super freeze function. This model will cost you around $1,200.

Hisense energy efficient fridges

Hisense Energy Efficient Fridge

Hisense produce a reliable range of refrigerators which are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Many Hisense refrigerators feature reversible doors, mark resistant exteriors, easy-glide drawers, and LED lighting.

The Hisense 483L PureFlat Bottom Mount Refrigerator features a rare 6-star energy rating. This fridge is also equipped with electronic touch controls, holiday mode, and inverter technology for quiet and efficient cooling. This fridge is generally priced at around $1,400.

Liebherr energy efficient fridges

Liebherr Energy Efficient Fridge

Liebherr offer a wide range of energy efficient fridges that are commonly offered at a premium price. Most Liebherr refrigerators feature anti-frost systems, door alarms, adjustable shelving, and super frost programs to quickly lower temperatures.

The Liebherr 321L Bottom Mount Refrigerator has a 5.5-star energy rating. This fridge is equipped with a touchscreen display, a rapid cooling program, and dual temperature systems for separate fridge and freezer compartments. This fridge commonly retails for around $5,000.

How much does an energy efficient fridge cost?

The price of an energy efficient refrigerator depends heavily on design, size, brand, and other additional features. Cheaper fridges with this feature will cost you around $1,000, while more expensive models may cost in excess of $6,000.

Is it worth buying an energy efficient fridge?

An energy efficient fridge is a great investment if you’re looking to save money in the long run. It’s important to consider whether you want to fork out more on the initial purchase or your electricity bills later on. It should also be noted that energy efficient fridges are a great option if you’re conscious about the environment. Thorough consideration of these points should help you figure out whether energy efficiency is important to you. To help you decide which model is right for your home, check out some of Canstar Blue’s best-rated fridges.

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