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The top 10 fast boil kettles for your kitchen

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Looking for a hot cup of tea or coffee in a rush? A fast boil kettle may be exactly what you need. Whether you’ve got a busy schedule, or a desperate hankering for a hot cup of comfort, waiting for the kettle to boil can be a long and arduous affair. Luckily, Canstar Blue have created a list of some fast boil kettles that’ll stop you from reaching, well, boiling point.

How do fast boil kettles work?

You may be wondering, what makes a fast boil kettle different to a regular one? Well, the clue is in the name – a fast boil kettle will heat your water as quickly as possible, with wattage  being the key here. The more watts your kettle uses, the quicker your water will boil. The fastest boiling kettles in Australia generally operate between 2000 and 2400 watts. Depending on wattage and how full the appliance is, most rapid boil kettles will get the job done in 40 seconds at quickest and two minutes at slowest. Comparatively, most regular electric kettles will take between three to four minutes to fully boil.

Fast boil kettle brands

Appliance brands list fast boil kettles under many different names including ‘rapid boil’, ‘quick boil’ and of course, ‘fast boil’. Some of the most popular fast boiling kettle brands are Breville, Smeg, Sunbeam, Russell Hobbs, Morphy Richards, Westinghouse, KitchenAid, Kitchen Couture, Philips and De’Longhi.

Breville fast boil kettles

Breville fast boil kettle

Breville offer a variety of fast boil kettles that can cost anywhere from $75 to $350. Most Breville rapid boil models are cordless, feature a 360° swivel base and possess an auto-shut off function.

Breville’s Soft Top pure kettle is a convenient fast boiling appliance that will likely to cost you around $130. It has a capacity of 1.7L, which translates to about seven cups. This model features a dual water window, soft top lid, auto shut-off technology and a cordless jug. This model will boil your water in a flash with a 2400W heating element.

Smeg fast boil kettles

Smeg fast boil kettle

Smeg offer a wide range of fast boil kettles. Cheaper models cost around $200, while the more expensive options can cost up to $900. Most Smeg fast boil kettles are stocked with limescale filters and 360° swivel bases.

This kettle can boil enough water for seven cups of tea or coffee with its 1.7L capacity. It’s likely to cost you around $270 and is equipped with a 360° swivel base, auto-shut off technology, an in-built limescale filter and a soft open lid with an easily located central button. This model has a 2400W heating element, having plenty of power to boil your water as fast as possible.

Sunbeam fast boil kettles

Sunbeam fast boil kettle

Sunbeam offer a wide range of fast boil kettles that are commonly priced between $40 and $180. Most Sunbeam fast boil offerings are packed with 360° swivel bases, water windows and easy fill lids.

The Sunbeam Alinea Kettle is designed with durability in mind, possessing a matte finish. It has a powerful 2400W element that works to heat your water at a rapid pace. The appliance is equipped with a cordless jug, 360° swivel base and a 3-way safety system. This rapid boil model has a capacity of 1.7L and is likely to cost around $140.

Russell Hobbs fast boil kettles

Russell Hobbs fast boil

Fast boil kettles from Russell Hobbs generally cost between $50 and $170. Many quick boil offerings in the Russell Hobbs range are stocked with easy open lids, anti-scale filters and auto-shut off capability.

The Russell Hobbs Stone Textured fast boiling kettle is generally priced at around $130 and has a maximum capacity of 1.7L. It features a removeable anti-scale filter, boil dry protection and blue LED lighting. This quick boil model is powered by a 2400W element, claiming to effectively heat one cup of water in just 55 seconds.

Morphy Richards fast boil kettles

Morphy richards fast boil kettle

Morphy Richards design a variety of fast boil kettles that can cost anywhere from $60 to $190. Most of their fast boil options are stocked with removable limescale filters and cordless bases.

The Equip 1.7L kettle has a capacity of 1.7L and operates with a 2200W element to boil your water in the quickest fashion possible. It’s equipped with an easy view water window, an illuminated on/off switch and a 360° cordless base. This particular model is likely to set you back around $60.

Westinghouse fast boil kettles

Westinghouse fast boil kettle

Westinghouse offer many fast boil kettles that can cost anywhere from $40 to $100. Most Westinghouse fast boil options host 36o° rotational bases, concealed heating elements, push button release lids and easy view water windows.

The Westinghouse Deluxe Glass fast boil kettle has a capacity of 1.7L and will likely cost you around $100. This model features a stainless steel wrap, blue illumination LED lighting, 360° rotational base, a concealed heating element and an auto-off switch. To ensure your water is boiled quickly, this kettle hosts a 2200W heating element.

KitchenAid fast boil kettles

KitchenAid fast boil kettle

KitchenAid offers fast boil kettles that often cost between $150 and $230. Many of its quick boil offerings feature dual wall insulation, easy pour lids and removeable limescale filters.

The KitchenAid Artisan fast boil kettle is priced at around $150 and has a capacity of 1.25L. It hosts a removeable lid, stainless steel body, LED switches and a removeable limescale filter. This fast boil kettle will heat your water quickly with a 2200W element.

Kitchen Couture fast boil kettle

Kitchen Couture fast boil kettle

There isn’t much price difference between Kitchen Couture’s fast boiling kettles, with most costing between $70 and $100. Rapid boil kettles from this brand often host insulated dual walls, quick release lids and dry boiling protection.

The Kitchen Couture Cool Touch fast boil kettle has a capacity of 1.7L and is likely to set you back around $70. It possesses a 2200W element that is certain to heat your water quickly. This fast boiling kettle also features a quick release button, blue LED lighting, insulated dual walls and a concealed stainless steel heating element. This fast boil model is also made from handy temperature resistant glass.

Philips fast boil kettle

Philips fast boil kettle

Philips offer a range of rapid boil kettles that will work to heat your water with haste. Most Philips fast boil models cost between $100 and $120. The majority of these appliances are equipped with 360° pirouette bases, easy fill lids and boil dry protection.

The Philips Eco Conscious Kettle is sustainably designed using bio-based plastics. This model will boil your water quickly with 2200W of power and is likely to cost around $100. It features easy read water level indicators, a concealed stainless steel heating element, an anti-limescale filter and a cordless 360° pirouette base.

De’Longhi fast boil kettle

De'Longhi fast boil kettle

De’Longhi offer a range of fast boil kettles that differ in price from around $90 to $200. The majority of De’Longhi kettles are handily equipped with anti-scale filters, 360° swivel bases and water level indicators.

The De’Longhi Icona Capitals Kettle has a capacity of 1.7L and hosts a 2000W heating element. This model is packed with a bunch of handy features including a concealed stainless steel heating element, auto-shut off capability, a cordless jug, non-slip feet and an anti-scale filter. This rapid boil model will cost you roughly $160.

Are fast boil kettles more expensive than regular kettles?

Fast boil kettles are generally a little bit more expensive than traditional kettles, primarily because they pack a bigger punch to heat the water quicker. Most fast boil kettles can cost between $80 to over $200, whereas you can get a basic kettle for well under $50 if you’re not in that much of a hurry to get a cuppa.

Is it worth buying a fast boil kettle?

Fast boiling kettles are the most effective way to make a cup of tea or coffee in a dash however, they do come at a premium. As a general rule, the higher the wattage of the kettle, the more you’ll have to pay. Additionally, most of these quick boiling kettles come with handy additional features that can hike the price up even further. As a result, a fast boil kettle may cost you around $80 more than a regular electric version.

So, if you want to save yourself some precious time, head out and grab yourself a fast boiling kettle. Alternatively, if you decide that a regular model suits you best, check out some of Canstar Blue’s best rated kettles.

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