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Canstar Blue’s latest kettle review has seen Kambrook, Breville, De’Longhi, Philips, Russel Hobbs, Kmart, Target, Sunbeam and Bellini compared on their boiling performance, functions & features, quietness, ease of use, design, value for money and overall satisfaction.

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Most Satisfied Customers | Kambrook

Kambrook was the hot favourite in Canstar Blue’s kettle review, rating five stars for boiling performance, ease of use, design and overall satisfaction.

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Kambrook rated the hot pick in kettles review

After a long, hard day, there’s nothing better than sitting down with a nice hot cuppa. Unless, of course, your kettle is on the fritz, which would leave many of us at boiling point. While it won’t seem like a kitchen without one, the humble kettle is often underrated in the modem home, with appliances such as smart fridges and dishwashers taking the spotlight. Despite this, many of us still turn to the kettle for either a relaxing cup of tea or an energising cup of coffee when we need it most.

While purchasing a kettle isn’t a big financial decision, finding one that works for your needs, and kitchen aesthetics, warrants enough thought so that you don’t just grab the first one you find. So, which brand has ticked all the boxes for Aussie consumers? To find out, we surveyed more than 900 consumers on the new electric kettle(s) they’ve bought and used in the last two years. Brands were rated on ease of use, boiling performance, functions & features, quietness, design, value for money and overall satisfaction. Those that received the minimum sample size (30 responses) are featured in our report.

Kambrook topped our ratings to become the best-rated brand for overall satisfaction in Canstar Blue’s 2021 kettle review. It also scored full marks for ease of use, boiling performance and design.

Best Kettles

Best kettles reviews

Here are the best kettles in Australia, as rated by consumers in Canstar Blue’s latest review:

  1. Kambrook
  2. Breville
  3. De’Longhi
  4. Philips
  5. Russell Hobbs
  6. Kmart
  7. Target
  8. Sunbeam
  9. Bellini

Kambrook was the hot pick in our kettle ratings, achieving the only five-star review for overall satisfaction. Most other brands landed on four stars overall, with the exception of Bellini which got three stars overall.

Meanwhile, Kmart got the edge when it came to value for money and received the only five-star rating for that category. Russell Hobbs saw the same result for quietness, while Philips took the lead for functions & features and scored additional full marks for ease of use.

Read on to find out what each brand has to offer, plus some general buying tips if you’re on the lookout for your next kettle.

Top-Rated Kettles


Kambrook kettle review

A veteran of the kitchen appliance market, Kambrook offers a variety of kettles for all budgets, with a range of glass and stainless-steel models available. Kambrook’s most basic and cheapest kettle is the Pour With Ease model. It has a 1.7L capacity and, like all other Kambrook kettles, is BPA-free. The model includes features such as Dual Water Windows, a removable scale filter, a one-touch pop-up lid, illuminated power light and a multi-directional swivel base.

The most expensive kettle from Kambrook includes many of these same features, plus more. Although it has slightly less capacity at 1.5L, despite costing more than double the price. The Glass Kettle is cord-free and contains a removable and washable filter to reduce impurities. It also has a concealed element for easy cleaning and boil dry protection.

Kambrook’s kettle range includes:

  • Kambrook Pour With Ease (KKE280WHT): $39.95 RRP*
  • Kambrook 1.7L BPA-Free Kettle (KKE380GRY): $49.95 RRP*
  • Kambrook Purely Perfect 1.7L BPA-Free Kettle (KKE630BSS): $59.95 RRP*
  • Kambrook Scandi Chic 1.7L BPA-Free Stainless-Steel Kettle (KKE690MTW): $74.95 RRP*
  • Kambrook 1.5L BPA-Free Glass Kettle (KKE760CLR): $94.95 RRP*

Prices for Kambrook kettles start from $39.95 and reach up to $94.95, with various models available to suit different budgets.

  • Kambrook was rated best for boiling performance, design and overall satisfaction. It also received five stars for ease of use and four stars everywhere else.


Breville kettles review

With plenty of kitchen appliances available, it’s no surprise that Breville has a wide variety of kettles to choose from. Whether you’re after a simple model, a stainless-steel model or a kettle with a tea infuser built in, Breville likely has you covered.

Breville’s basic models include the popular Soft Top model, boasting a classic design and 1.7L capacity, as well as a removable scale filter and plastic housing that supposedly reduces noise while heating, handy for those early morning starts. If you’re after something a bit fancier, Breville also provides glass kettles, including the Crystal Clear kettle, built with DURAGlass for safety. The Crystal Clear comes with auto shut-off with boil-dry protection to limit the risk of burns.

For those after the latest in kettle technology, Breville offers the Smart Kettle which uses five pre-programmed temperature settings to help households make certain types of drinks. It’s also said to keep water hot for up to 20 minutes, and features a BPA-free and stainless-steel design.

Some Breville kettles include:

  • Breville The Soft Top (BKE625WHT2JAN1): $74.95 RRP*
  • Breville The Compact Kettle (BKE395): $99.95 RRP*
  • Breville The Temp Select (BKE720BSS): $179.95 RRP*
  • Breville The Smart Kettle (BKE825BSS): $219 RRP*
  • Breville The Smart Kettle Luxe (BKE845BSS2JAN1): $299 RRP*

Prices usually range between $74.95 and $299.

  • Breville achieved a solid four stars across the board, including for boiling performance, value for money and overall satisfaction.


Delonghi kettle review

Italian brand D’eLonghi has a range of kettles to suit your household style and size, with plenty of kettles to choose from. Many of De’Longhi’s kettles fit in with modern and vintage aesthetics, making the brand a viable option for many households.

The Brillante Exclusive Kettle collection might be worth considering if you’re shopping for a kettle with a different aesthetic (pictured). Available in silver or black, the Brillante Exclusive Kettle provides a 1.7L capacity and a detachable base for cord-free convenience. It also contains three-level safety protection, which includes auto shut-off once water starts to boil, thermal cut-off, and auto shut-off when the body is lifted from the base.

The biggest series in the De’Longhi range, Icona, offers a larger variety of styles to choose from and usually contains the same 1.7L capacity across all models. Different models from the Icona series include Icona Vintage, Icona Capitals and Icona Metallics. These are typically priced between $79 and $139, with the Icona Kettle being the cheapest option. This comes with a detachable base, removable anti-scale filter and a three-level safety protection system.

De’Longhi usually offers a 12-month warranty on all kettles. Some products include:

  • De’Longhi Icona Vintage Kettle (KBOV2001.AZ): $79 RRP*
  • De’Longhi Brillante Exclusive Kettle (KBJX2001.W): $99 RRP*
  • De’Longhi Icona Metallics (KBOT2001.BG): $139 RRP*
  • De’Longhi Distinta Moments Kettle (KBIN2001.W): $148.98 RRP*
  • De’Longhi Livenza Kettle Stainless-Steel (KBI2001.M): $169 RRP*

De’Longhi kettles typically cost between $79 and $170.

  • De’Longhi earned a five-star review for ease of use and functions & features, before landing on four stars for overall satisfaction and in the remaining categories.


Philips kettle review

Major appliance brand Philips has a small selection of electric kettles, most of which have a brushed metal or aluminium design. One of the options is the Philips Kettle (HD4664/20), which holds up to 1.7L of water and features a ‘one-cup indicator’ to help you boil just what you need. Other features include a flat heating element for apparently faster heating, anti-calc filter and a multi-safety system.

Some kettles available from Philips include:

  • Philips Kettle (HD4664/20): $59.95 RRP*
  • Philips Kettle (HD4670/20): $89.95 RRP*

Philips’ kettle range offers various capacities including 1.5L, 1.6L and 1.7L.

  • Philips maintained four stars in all categories, such as value for money and overall satisfaction.

Russell Hobbs

Russell Hobbs kettle review

Offering a variety of modern-style kettles, as well as vintage-style kettles for those after that ‘old school’ aesthetic, Russell Hobbs is a well-known brand in the kitchen appliance market. It has a number of kettle series, giving you plenty of options to consider.

Available in a variety of designs, some kettles in the Russell Hobbs range include:

  • Russell Hobbs Carlton Kettle (RHK82BRU): $49.95 RRP*
  • Russell Hobbs Paddington Kettle (18941WHIAU): $59.95 RRP*
  • Russell Hobbs Legacy Kettle (RHK122GRN): $99.95 RRP*
  • Russell Hobbs Brooklyn Glass Kettle (RHK172): $99.95 RRP*
  • Russell Hobbs Geo Steel Kettle (RHK402BLK): $149.95 RRP*

If you want a certain look for your kitchen, Russell Hobbs’ Brooklyn range might be an option to pour over. It offers two models with copper accents to bring elements of warmth to your kitchen, with a 1.7L capacity perfect for when you have guests over. The Brooklyn Glass kettle line is alternatively available if you’re wanting a clear look into your appliance.

  • Russell Hobbs was rated best for quietness, earning five stars, before scoring four stars in the remaining categories such as boiling performance, value for money and overall satisfaction.


Kmart kettle review

Kmart offers many cheap and cheerful kettles, with almost 20 models on offer at the time of writing. The range features different types of kettles, including everything from classic enamel kettles to modern smart kettles packed with multiple temperature options. The style range is just as wide, with a variety of clear, matte, ombre and stainless-steel designs to pick from.

Its most basic and cheapest model, the 1.7L Cordless Kettle, has a maximum power of 2200W and is designed with an external water level indicator. Pricier models, such as the 1.7L Stainless-Steel Kettle, comes in multiple colours and has extra features including dry-boil protection, 360-degree rotation and a concealed heating element.

Some kettles from Kmart’s range include:

  • Kmart 1.7L Cordless Kettle: $7.50 RRP*
  • Kmart 2.4L Enamel Kettle: $11 RRP*
  • Kmart 1.7L Ombre Kettle: $39 RRP*
  • Kmart 1.7L Stainless-Steel Pyramid Kettle: $39 RRP*
  • Kmart Variable Temperature Tea Kettle: $49 RRP*

Prices start from $7.50 for the 1.7L cordless white kettle and max out at about $65 for the more modern Kmart 1.7L Smart Variable Temperature Kettle. Kmart offers a 12-month warranty on most kettles.

  • Kmart received five stars for value for money and four stars for boiling performance, ease of use and overall satisfaction. It got three stars everywhere else.


Target kettle review

When it comes to variety, Target hits the spot with a wide range of options from different brands such as Bellini, Breville, De’Longhi, Russell Hobbs and Sunbeam. The department chain also has its own affordable range of kettles, with nothing costing more than $30.

For a stylish design without the hefty price tag, you might want to pop into your local store to check out the 1.7L Adela Kettle. Similar to pricier models from other brands, this model comes with boil-dry protection, overheat protection, water gauge and a 360-degree rotational concealed heating plate. It also has a removable water filter. Otherwise, there’s Target’s 1.7L Stainless-Steel Kettle. This particular model also comes with a 360-degree rotational concealed heating plate and is available in silver or red.

Target’s range of kettles currently includes:

  • Target 1.7L Adela Kettle: $25 RRP*
  • Target 1.7L Stainless-Steel Kettle: $29 RRP*

Despite having a small number of its own brand of kettles to choose from, Target still stocks a variety of other brands and styles to choose from, including traditional gooseneck kettles, an option some major brands may not offer.

  • Target scored four stars in most areas, including ease of use, quietness, value for money and overall satisfaction. It got three stars in all other categories.


Sunbeam kettle review

With one of the largest ranges available, Sunbeam has households sorted when it comes to hot drinks. Regardless of your needs or budget, Sunbeam will have a model for you, ranging from traditional models to stainless-steel and glass models.

Sunbeam’s Gallerie Collection, available in a range of colours, comes with a stainless-steel finish to blend in with your whole kitchen. With a cordless base for easy use, the Gallerie Kettle has a 1.7L capacity and a water window to keep an eye on the water level, and is powered by 2200W for supposedly quick boiling.

For those after glass kettles, Sunbeam has a number of designs and models available, such as the Maestro, Perfectly Pure and Black Classics Glass models, all retailing for under $100. These have a 1.7L capacity and share functions like quiet boil technology and have what’s claimed to be heat resistant glass for better safety. Some models also have a matching toaster available, perfect for those fitting out a kitchen.

Some models in Sunbeam’s wide range of kettles include:

  • Sunbeam Quantum Plus Kettle (KE2360): $24.95 RRP*
  • Sunbeam Capris Glass Kettle (KE6150): $59.95 RRP*
  • Sunbeam Maestro Quiet Shield (KE6451): $99.95 RRP*
  • Sunbeam Café Series QT Quiet Shield Kettle (KE9650): $159 RRP*
  • Sunbeam New York Collection Pot Kettle (KE4410KB): $169 RRP*

Sunbeam’s kettle prices start from $24.95 and reach up to $169.

  • Sunbeam achieved four stars across most of the board, such as for boiling performance, design, value for money and overall satisfaction. It got three stars for quietness.


Bellini kettle review

Bellini is another budget brand that’s been gaining popularity for its affordable alternatives and unique styling. One of its cheaper models is the Bellini 1.7L Textured Kettle, which boasts a chrome and diamond textured design. It features a spout filter, overheat protection function and a 360-degree concealed heating element. For a few more dollars, you can alternatively get the Bellini 1.7L Digital Base Kettle. This comes with adjustable temperature settings, a removable filter and automatic lid-opening structure.

Some models available include:

  • Bellini Stainless-Steel Kettle (BKCA21): $39 RRP*
  • Bellini 1.7L Textured Kettle (BDK21): $39 RRP*
  • Bellini 1.7L Kendall Kettle (BBK19B): $39 RRP*
  • Bellini 1.7L Digital Base Kettle (BDK20B): $49 RRP*

All Bellini kettles sit under the $50 mark and can be purchased from Target.

  • Bellini rounded up the scores on a solid three stars across all categories, including boiling performance, quietness, value for money and overall satisfaction.

What to consider when buying a kettle

How to buy the best kettle

In addition to finding out which brands Aussies love most, we asked survey respondents to tell us about the main purchase decision behind their kettle of choice.

Price was certainly a priority for almost half of survey respondents. On average, Aussies spent $53 on their new kettles. A handful of respondents said they wish they had spent more money on a better kettle (7%), or a kettle with a different water capacity (5%), suggesting most consumers are satisfied with what they got for their money. We also asked how long survey respondents had owned their previous kettle for, with many keeping the same model for six years.

Size and style came in second place in order of importance. Our survey revealed one in three people (35%) opted for a modern cordless kettle, still making the traditional corded alternative the most popular type by far. With traditional plastic, stainless-steel and glass kettles available, consumers are even more spoilt for choice. In addition, making a kettle the statement piece of your kitchen is easy with the abundance of different colour options on offer.

Which kettle should I look at buying?

While a kitchen essential, finding a kettle that suits your lifestyle and your drink preferences can be tricky, with plenty of options available, making it difficult to narrow down. While most popular brands have similar capacities, additional features such as auto shut-off, cord storage and quick boil functions are all factors you will have to be aware of when browsing the shelves.

With plenty of options available, it’s always best to do your research before reaching for your wallet, as some brands or styles may fit your personal preference or household better than others, with a reliable kettle just as good as a cup of tea when you really need it.

About the author of this page

This report was written by Canstar Blue’s home & lifestyle journalist, Tahnee-Jae Lopez-Vito. She’s an expert on household appliances, grooming products and all things grocery and shopping. In addition to translating our expert research into consumer-friendly ratings reports, Tahnee spends her time helping consumers make better-informed purchase decisions on all manner of consumer goods and services, while highlighting the best deals and anything you need to be aware of.

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More about Kettles

Our latest kettle review saw various brands rated best in several categories:

  • Best overall: Kambrook was rated best for overall satisfaction, followed by Breville and De’Longhi.
  • Best value: Kmart was rated best value for money, ahead of Kambrook and Breville.
  • Best boiling performance: Kambrook was also rated best for boiling performance, beating Breville and De’Longhi.
  • Best ease of use: De’Longhi led the way for ease of use, followed by Kambrook and Sunbeam.
  • Best quietness: Russell Hobbs got the edge for quietness while in use, with Philips and De’Longhi behind.
  • Best design: Kambrook was also rated best for design, beating Russell Hobbs and De’Longhi.
  • Best functions and features: De’Longhi took the lead for functions and features, with Philips and Russell Hobbs behind.

List of kettle brands

Here is a list of kettle brands available to buy in Australia:

  • ALDI
  • Breville
  • Bugatti
  • Contempo
  • Cuisinart
  • DeLonghi
  • Dimplex
  • Dualit
  • Kambrook
  • Kenwood
  • KitchenAid
  • Kmart
  • Morphy Richards
  • Philips
  • Smeg
  • Sunbeam
  • Target
  • Westinghouse

Frequently Asked Questions

Canstar Blue surveyed 3,000 Australian adults across a range of categories to measure and track customer satisfaction, via ISO 26362 accredited research panels managed by Qualtrics. The outcomes reported are the results from customers within the survey group who have purchased and used a new electric kettle in the last two years – in this case, 918 people.

Brands must have received at least 30 responses to be included. Results are comparative and it should be noted that brands receiving three stars have still achieved a satisfaction measure of at least six out of 10. Not all brands available in the market have been compared in this survey. The ratings table is first sorted by star ratings and then by mean overall satisfaction. A rated brand may receive a ‘N/A’ (Not Applicable) rating if it does not receive the minimum number of responses for that criteria.

Here are the past winners of Canstar Blue’s kettles ratings:

  • 2020: Russell Hobbs
  • 2019: Russell Hobbs