Samsung wind free air con review

Samsung’s ‘wind free’ air conditioner may well blow you away

Samsung’s new ‘wind free’ air conditioner doesn’t blow – and we mean that literary. The electronics giant’s next-generation GEO Wind-Free (AR9500) model has been designed to cool your home without the blast. Additionally, the brand claims its new brainchild features an energy-saving technology that can reduce your air con energy consumption by half. Here’s everything else you need to know below.

Samsung’s Wind-Free Air conditioner Range

Samsung’s new air con range comprises of two reserve-cycle models, both featuring a host of smart functions designed to make the units more autonomous. Here’s an overview of the specs.

GEO AR5500 GEO Wind-Free AR9500
X Wind-Free Cooling
X AI Auto Cooling
X Wind-Free Good Sleep
X SmartThings Wi-Fi Embed
X Tri-Care Filter
Fast Cooling Fast Cooling
On Unit Display (temperature/usage/off) On Unit Display (temperature/usage/off)
Easy Filter Plus Easy Filter Plus
Auto Clean Auto Clean

Source: Samsung, November 2020.

Wind-Free Cooling

Samsung wind free cooling air con

Samsung’s Wind-Free air conditioner (GEO AR9500) features – as the name suggests – a wind-free system, the likes of which we haven’t seen much of in the Australian market. So, how does it work? Well, switching the Wind-Free mode will close the bottom air vent and activate ambient cooling through 23,000 micro air holes in the front panel instead.

This is meant to eliminate air movement in the room, in short − that typical air con blast. While this can sometimes be harsh on the skin and cause dryness, many people find that cold air con breeze to be quite pleasant, especially if you live in a home with little ventilation or a humid climate. Whether you find this feature appealing will really depend on where you live in Australia and your preferences.

AI Auto Cooling & Wi-Fi Embed

Samsung wind free air con wi-fi embed

The new Wind-Free air con model also features an AI Auto Cooling function that analyses the room you’re in and adjusts the temperature according to the room’s conditions, outside temperature and your previous usage patterns. This function essentially customises your temperature settings based on how you use your air con.

The (AR9500M) is also Wi-Fi-enabled, allowing you to manage and monitor the appliance even when you’re not home, through Samsung’s SmartThings app. This offers the ability to remotely regulate inside temperature, adjust settings, receive real time updates about performance and daily energy usage, as well as troubleshoot issues when required. This is a great energy saver too, as it allows you to turn your air con on during off-peak electricity times and potentially save a few bucks on your electricity bill.

Fast Cooling

The Samsung Wind-Free climate system has an automatic two-step cooling mode. It starts by cooling your space ‘quickly’ thanks to its extra-wide inlet and larger fan blades, using the Fast Cooling mode (with 84mm cooling range), before automatically switching to Wind-Free Mode to maintain that ambient temperature without you needing to touch the settings. It also uses motion sensors to detect when people enter and leave a room and adjusts the unit’s settings accordingly. This feature is particularly handy if you like to set your air con once and forget.

Sleep Mode

Samsung wind free air con sleep mode

Both models in Samsung’s Wind-Free range feature a Good Sleep Mode which works to maintain your ideal body temperature throughout the three main stages of your sleep − when you fall asleep, in deep sleep and when you wake up. This feature additionally includes a Dry Mode and Humidity Sensor which can monitor and adjust the temperature and humidity in your bedroom to maintain your optimal body temperature as you catch some z’s. This could be a godsend for those who suffer from insomnia and light sleepers generally.

Tri-Care Filters

The Wind-Free (AR9500) model boasts a Tri-Care filter claimed to eliminate up to 98.8% of inactivate bacteria in the air. The filter is made up of three layers, including a high-density filter designed to help remove large dust particles, fibres and even pet hair. It also has an ionizer said to capture fine dust, and reduce certain potentially dangerous airborne viruses, bacteria and allergens. This is arguably a must-have for asthma and allergy sufferers, households with pets and families with small infants.

Auto Clean Function

Samsung wind free air con auto clean function

The Auto Clean function will automatically run the fan inside the appliance on low speed (after you turn your AC unit off) to help dry off moisture within the heat exchanger of the indoor unit. This is stated to help keep the unit dry and minimise the growth of bacteria.

Reduced energy consumption

Samsung’s new air con range features Digital Inverter Boost technology. This is designed to maintain the ideal temperature in a room with less fluctuation. Inverter technology is always more energy efficient than a fixed-speed compressor, as it slows down the revolutions per minute (RPM), once the desired temperature in a room is reached and then only speeds up slightly once the temperature goes up again. According to the brand, this reduces energy consumption by up to 73%, compared to traditional fixed-speed air conditioners.

Samsung’s Wind-Free air conditioner prices

GEO Wind-Free AR9500

kW capacity Room size RRP
2.5kW 9-28m2 $1,099
3.5kW 25-38m2 $1,299
5kW 35-55m2 $1,799
7kW 48-72m2 $1,999
8kW 55-85m2 $2,499

General guide only

GEO AR5500

kW capacity Room size RRP
2.5kW 9-28m2 $999
3.5kW 25-38m2 $1,199
5kW 35-55m2 $1,599
6.8kW 48-72m2 $1,899
8kW 55-85m2 $2,299

General guide only

Is Samsung’s Wind-Free air conditioner range worth it?

Price wise, Samsung’s range is on par with models from brands including Mitsubishi Electric and LG. Both models also offer better energy-efficiency than most other conventional air conditioners, so there are energy savings to be made in the long term. The range is an overall great option to consider for busy households and modern families who want a smart ‘set and forget’ cooling solution that a) can be controlled remotely and b) that automatically customises settings based on your individual needs and usage. The range additionally comes with a five-year parts and labour manufacturer’s warranty for extra peace of mind. What more could you want?

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Picture credits: Samsung.

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