Monika Gudova

Monika Gudova Monika Gudova is a freelance content writer and editor who has spent several years focused on energy topics, both at Canstar Blue and elsewhere in the comparison industry. With a Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies from the University of Wollongong and experience in writing on a range of non-energy topics, Monika’s also well placed to know the most engaging ways to present in-depth information on electricity, gas and solar, while her personal investment in renewables and green energy mean that brings real passion to energy content. You can follow Monika on LinkedIn.

Solar panels on roof

Net metering: What is it and how does it work?

Posted by June 18th 2024

As we aim for a cleaner, greener future, switching to solar energy has fast become a lifeline for Australians, especially as rising power prices tear holes in household budgets. With so many jumping on board …

Piggy bank, light bulb and solar panel flat lay

Does solar increase property value?

Posted by June 18th 2024

Considering an energy-efficient upgrade and wondering if solar panels add value to your home? Installing solar energy systems on residential properties is becoming a no-brainer among homeowners looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint …


What is a virtual power plant (VPP)?

Posted by June 18th 2024

With more than three million Aussie rooftops now sporting solar panels, it’s clear that the sunburnt nation loves its solar energy. But solar energy isn’t always sunshine and rainbows for those looking to utilise it. …

Hobart skyline

Solar Power Tasmania: Solar Panel Installers & Costs

Posted by March 18th 2024

For those Tasmanian households considering installing solar panels, there may be concerns about price, rebates and solar feed-in tariffs. At Canstar Blue, we endeavour to answer these questions and more in our guide to solar …

evaporative cooler in room

How much do evaporative coolers cost to run?

Posted by November 6th 2023

At some point, we’ve all experienced ‘end of summer’ power bill shock, making reaching for the air con remote less and less appealing as the years go by. But when the temperature reaches sweltering and …

Propane cylinder connected to barbecue

What is propane gas?

Posted by December 22nd 2023

We’ve all been there — parked up at the servo, waiting for your mum/dad/friend to fill up their car, staring out the window at a stack of grey cylinders in a cage. To some households, …

Closeup of gas bottles with regulator

What is an LPG gas regulator?

Posted by February 29th 2024

In Australia, where the weather is ripe for barbequing, gas bottles are a common household fixture. But while most of us are familiar with gas bottles, LPG system components are another story. We’ll take a …

EV being charged at home

Electric vehicle home charging stations

Posted by September 26th 2023

In the push for a sustainable future, more and more Australians are choosing electric vehicles (EVs). With petrol prices on the rise, plug-in cars look more attractive than ever. If you’re considering going electric, you …

Dirt road in Darwin with car speeding past.

Understanding the NT Electricity Market

Posted by September 15th 2023

Home to iconic natural treasures, rich Aboriginal history and stunning rugged landscapes — there’s nowhere quite like the Northern Territory. But the territory's idiosyncrasies don’t stop there. The NT energy market presents some unique challenges, …