Monika Gudova

Monika Gudova Monika Gudova is one of Canstar Blue’s resident energy journalists, covering everything from retail affairs to renewables and industry news. With plenty of experience writing about energy, she’s equipped with the tools necessary to help everyday Aussies better understand everything from where their power is coming from, to the fine print on their electricity bills. Monika’s interest and investment in power generation outside of normal working hours is one of her greatest assets, bringing her background knowledge to help consumers make cleaner, greener decisions.

Green piggybank

OVO Energy launches new bargain power deal for Queenslanders

Posted by March 31st 2020

Just when it’s needed most, Queenslanders are being given the opportunity to sign up to a new bargain energy deal from a British retailer that’s just moved Down Under. Having only just launched in New South …

Energy keyboard

Online-Only Energy Plans Explained

Posted by March 25th 2020

The internet is a weird place, and if it’s not something you grew up with, navigating it can be tricky. And while most of us are around the concept of online shopping, what many may …

aussie mailbox

Which energy companies charge paper bill fees?

Posted by March 23rd 2020

As a general rule of thumb, receiving a birthday letter/card with a cheeky $50 from nan = good mail, and an envelope marked with the logo of your energy company = bad mail. There’s really …

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Tesla Energy Plan Explained

Posted by March 19th 2020

It may come as a shock to some, but Tesla isn’t just a luxury electric car brand – it’s also a household name for solar energy supporters everywhere. Tesla manufactures high-end battery storage systems to …

Working home light

What is the best energy plan when you’re working from home?

Posted by March 20th 2020

Whether international pandemic, physical logistics, or simply annoying colleagues, there’s bound to be some point at which you’ll need to work from home (WFH). Your very first points of action should rightfully be checking your …

Energy Switching Deals & Promotions

Energy Switching Deals & Promotions

Posted by March 12th 2020

Canstar Blue reviews energy offers from retailers including AGL, EnergyAustralia, Simply Energy, Powershop, Click Energy & Red Energy.