Monika Gudova

Monika Gudova Monika Gudova is a freelance content writer and editor who has spent several years focused on energy topics, both at Canstar Blue and elsewhere in the comparison industry. With a Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies from the University of Wollongong and experience in writing on a range of non-energy topics, Monika’s also well placed to know the most engaging ways to present in-depth information on electricity, gas and solar, while her personal investment in renewables and green energy mean that brings real passion to energy content. You can follow Monika on LinkedIn.

Solar panels being made

What are solar panels made of?

Posted by June 9th 2022

Not only will we explore what solar panels are made of, we’ll also cover how and where they’re made, along with other helpful information. Find out everything you need to know about what goes into …

Aerial view of Darwin

A guide to solar power in Darwin, NT

Posted by June 2nd 2022

Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, as a big upfront investment, going solar isn’t always an easy choice. Here at Canstar Blue, our goal is to answer all of your burning questions on Darwin solar and equip …

Hobart skyline

A guide to solar power in Tasmania

Posted by May 31st 2022

To a Tasmanian household considering installing solar, questions of price, rebates and feed-in tariffs may spring to mind. At Canstar Blue, we endeavour to answer these questions and more in our guide to solar power …

girl texting housemates

A share house guide to electricity

Posted by June 17th 2022

You and a mate you’ve known since high school have decided to start a share house together. You’ve found a random stranger on Facebook to take the worst room, and are now spending half of …

ebike riders

E-Bike Brands in Australia

Posted by April 21st 2022

Say it with us now: Owning an e-bike doesn’t make you lazy. In fact, some may say they’re there to motivate you to hop on your bicycle even more often. It’s better than driving, no? …

Working home light

What is the best energy plan when you’re working from home?

Posted by March 10th 2022

Whether international pandemic, physical logistics, or simply annoying colleagues, there’s bound to be some point at which you’ll need to work from home (WFH). Your very first points of action should rightfully be checking your …

Click Energy Solar Review & Guide

Posted by November 15th 2021

CLICK ENERGY IS NO LONGER PUBLICLY AVAILABLE. Details below should be treated as historical information only.   If you’ve got solar panels, there’s a decent chance you’ve got your head around the limited solar-specific electricity plans that are …

evaporative cooler in room

How much do evaporative coolers cost to run?

Posted by March 10th 2022

At some point, we’ve all experienced ‘end of summer’ power bill shock, making reaching for the air con remote less and less appealing as the years go by. But when the temperature reaches sweltering and …