Monika Gudova

Monika Gudova Monika Gudova is one of Canstar Blue’s resident energy journalists, covering everything from retail affairs to renewables and industry news. With plenty of experience writing about energy, she’s equipped with the tools necessary to help everyday Aussies better understand everything from where their power is coming from, to the fine print on their electricity bills. Monika’s interest and investment in power generation outside of normal working hours is one of her greatest assets, bringing her background knowledge to help consumers make cleaner, greener decisions.

woman shopping flybuys rewards

Origin Everyday Rewards vs AGL flybuys

Posted by November 4th 2020

Competition between energy retailers has always been fierce, and as far as we know, AGL and Origin have been battling it out since Benjamin Franklin flew that famous kite. Not really. It is true, however, …

average solar bills

What is the average solar bill?

Posted by November 10th 2020

While there are many good reasons for installing solar, it’s safe to say that most people look forward to saving money on their power bills. With so many factors coming into play, from the size …

Prepaid Energy plans

Prepaid Energy Plans Explained

Posted by November 17th 2020

Prepaid electricity plans are here to eliminate ‘bill shock’ and help with your budgeting goals. Compare options from AGL, Powershop and more at Canstar Blue.

Red Energy vs AGL: Electricity Cost Comparison

Red Energy vs AGL: Electricity Cost Comparison

Posted by December 1st 2020

Red Energy goes up against AGL in a bid to see who’s the cheapest energy provider in each state. Find out which retailer comes out on top at Canstar Blue.

solar power in Queensland

A guide to solar power in Queensland

Posted by November 23rd 2020

What is the price of solar in Queensland and should you buy? Canstar Blue looks at what Queenslanders need to know about solar.

Tasmanian energy market Compared

Understanding the Tasmanian energy market

Posted by November 18th 2020

Everything you need to know about electricity and gas in Tasmania. From retailers to tariffs and prices, Canstar Blue has it covered.

Powershop vs AGL: Electricity Cost Comparison

Posted by December 1st 2020

It’s Powershop vs AGL in a battle of which is the cheapest electricity retailer. With nothing in common, how will they stack up against each other? Find out on Canstar Blue.