Aurora Energy Review and Rates

Aurora Energy is a Tasmanian government-owned electricity and natural gas retailer. Aurora Energy retails electricity to both homes and businesses, and until recently was the only choice for residential customers (1st Energy has also now entered the market). Aurora is also only one of two natural gas retailers, supplying gas to all types of customers across the gas networks. In this article, Canstar Blue takes a detailed look at Aurora Energy’s products, prices and services.

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About Aurora Energy

Aurora Energy was founded in 1988 after the Tasmanian Hydroelectric Commission (which was then charged with all aspects of energy), was broken up into separate divisions – generation, transmission, distribution and retail. Aurora Energy assumed responsibility for the distribution and retail divisions while Hydro Tasmania took over the generation role.

Aurora Energy is government-owned and will remain that way for the foreseeable future, despite occasional rumours of privatisation. Aurora says it prides itself on accountability and claims it strives to build a relationship of trust with its customers. The company says it is active in the community, supporting a number of local community events.

Aurora Electricity

Aurora Energy’s electricity service is relatively straightforward with no significant discounts or gimmicks. It has five residential tariffs listed below:

Tariff Type Supply charge Usage charge
Standard residential tariff
Tariff 31 Light and power 95.193 ¢/day 26.587 ¢/kWh
Tariff 41 Heating and hot water 17.750 ¢/day 17.265 ¢/kWh
Tariff 93 Time of use 105.750 ¢/day Peak: 32.137 ¢/kWh

Off-Peak: 14.963 ¢/kWh

Controlled Load
Tariff 61 Off-peak w/afternoon boost 21.937 ¢/day 13.900 ¢/kWh
Tariff 62 Off-peak (night only) 20.969 ¢/day 13.092 ¢/kWh

Prices as of July 2020.

Residential customers who pay their bills by direct debit may receive a discount of 5.5 cents per day over the billing period. That works out to be about a $5 saving over one billing quarter. It’s not much of a saving, but better in your pocket than your energy company’s, right?

See how Aurora Energy compares on price to 1st Energy here.

As for business customers, the rates charged depend on whether the business is regarded as a small or large business. Businesses are generally considered ‘small’ if it consumes less than 150 mWh or about $30,000 of electricity per year.

Where does Aurora Energy operate?

If you’re wondering what services Aurora Energy is offering in your state, look no further than the table below. We summarise what you can expect to find from Aurora Energy in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, ACT and WA.

State Electricity? Gas?

Aurora Gas

While Aurora Energy is the only electricity retailer in Tasmania, it’s not the only gas retailer. That means customers can shop around for the best deal. Aurora Energy claims to have the lowest natural gas prices in the state and customers can benefit from the convenience of having both their electricity and gas with the one retailer. If you don’t already have a gas connection to your property, Aurora Energy may be able to set it up for a fee, provided your street is on the gas mains network. Alternatively, Aurora Energy also sells gas in LPG cylinders.

Aurora Gas Rates

Customer type Daily Supply charge Usage charge
Residential 55.00 ¢/day 34.0203 ¢/MJ

Prices as of July 2020.


Aurora is a GreenPower-accredited energy retailer. This means Aurora customers have the option to have some, or all, of their electricity sourced from renewable sources at an additional cost. This additional cost is added to your normal electricity bills. The rates are as follows:

% of GreenPower Price
10% 0.602 cents/kWh
20% 1.205 cents/kWh
50% 3.012 cents/kWh
75% 4.517 cents/kWh
100% 6.023 cents/kWh

You can use the AuroraGreen cost calculator to find out how much AuroraGreen will cost you and what your green energy can do. To sign up for AuroraGreen, you will have to complete an application form on the Aurora website.

Aurora Online

Aurora Online is the retailer’s online energy portal, free to all Aurora customers. With Aurora Online, you can:

  • Manage their account
  • Compare electricity usage
  • Receive bill predictions
  • Check meter read dates
  • Pay bills online
  • Organise connections and disconnections

Aurora Energy Billing

Aurora Energy has a range of billing options available, including:

  • Pay Online: You can pay using VISA or Master card using Aurora Energy’s website.
  • Direct Debit: Have Aurora Energy automatically deduct your bill payment from your nominated account.
  • EasyPay: Aurora Energy average out your energy usage over 12 months. Customers then make the same regular payment all year round, so you won’t get hit with a large winter bill.
  • By Phone or mail: Mail a cheque or money order to Aurora or call up and pay using Mastercard, Visa or a debit account.
  • In person: You can pay by cash, cheque of EFTPOS at any Australia Post office or Service Tasmania agency.

Want to know more?

If you want to learn more about Aurora Energy, there’s plenty more information available on its website. If you’d like to know more about Tasmanian energy in general, then see our Tasmanian energy guide using the link below.

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Aurora Energy Facts

Aurora Energy was the first and only company retailing electricity in Tasmania in the nineties. Since then, only one other company has sprung up as competition in the state. Here are some things you should know about Aurora Energy:

About Aurora Energy

Aurora Energy was founded in 1998 when the state government owned Hydro-Electric Commission split into three companies: Hydro Tasmania, which generates electricity, Transend Networks (now TasNetworks), an electricity transmitter and, of course, Aurora Energy, the distributor and retailer. Aurora remains government owned, with its headquarters based in Hobart, Tasmania.

Aurora Energy generation

Aurora Energy has investments in a few areas of renewable energy generation within Tasmania. They are:

  • Rooftop solar
  • Large-scale solar farms
  • Wind power

Aurora Energy Services

Aurora Energy offers a few different services to Tasmanian’s. These products are available to both residential and business customers.

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Solar
  • GreenPower

More Aurora Energy Services

Service Does Aurora Energy offer it?
Online chat functionality
24 hour call centre
Energy saving tips on website
Green energy options
Notifications when bill is available ?
Multiple billing options

Aurora Energy: Recent Key Dates

2005 | Aurora Energy launches ‘Pay As You Go’, its prepaid electricity product in Adelaide.

2014 | TasNetworks arises after a merger between the non-retail part of Aurora Energy and Transend Networks.

2016 | Aurora trials a new mobile phone app allowing customers real-time tracking of their energy consumption.