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How to save up to 22c a litre on your fuel at Coles Express

You can now save up to 22c per litre on fuel at Coles Express service stations, thanks to a new deal that should help ease the pain of filling up at the bowser. Shoppers can score the hefty fuel discount with a minimum spend and additional offers. 

Supermarket giant Coles has bumped up its fuel discount to 14c per litre (from 10c per litre) until May 25, in partnership with Viva Energy (Coles Express’ fuel provider). The discount is redeemable when you fill up at participating Shell Coles Express service stations AND spend $20 or more on other products. 

Coles Shell Express station

How you can score a 22c per litre discount on fuel

Coles’ latest 14c fuel discount can be used in conjunction with a Coles supermarket shopper docket deal for an extra 4c off per litre (when you spend $30 or more in participating Coles supermarkets) − bringing the total fuel discount to 18c per litre.

You can also get an extra 4c per litre discount if you have a toll Linkt account. The Linkt app lets you get that discount once a day.

You can alternatively get an extra 4c per litre discount if you have the AFL Live Official App. This also lets you get a discount once a day.

Unfortunately, you can’t combine the Linkt and AFL offer together, but use one or the other on top of the 18c discount already earned and you’ve now got a discount of 22c per litre.

Here’s a summary of fuel discounts available at Coles Express:  

Coles supermarket shopper docket 4cpl
$20 in-store purchase at Shell Coles Express stores 14cpl
AFL LIVE App fuel discount offer 4cpl
Total discount available 22cpl

General guide only 

This comes after the Federal Government cut the fuel excise by 22.1c per litre for six months in a bid to reduce skyrocketing petrol prices. When combined with the Federal Government’s fuel excise saving, motorists could save up to 44c per litre.

Coles’ latest fuel discount has a maximum fuel purchase limit of 150 litres, and excludes gift cards, car wash, tobacco products, and other specified products. It’s also not available in the Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia, and Queanbeyan (NSW). See T&Cs here. 

Reducing petrol prices in Australia

Coles Express Executive General Manager, Michael Courtney, said the company wanted to do its bit to ease cost-of-living pressures facing Australians. 

“We have a great partnership with Viva Energy and by working together, we have come up with a really compelling way for our customers to save more at the bowser, at a time they need it most including by Viva Energy passing on the full fuel excise cut of 22c per litre as quickly as possible,” he said. 

 “We want to go further and get the message out there that it’s very easy to take advantage of the additional offers. Coles Express has an incredible range of essential items like toilet paper, milk, bread, gas bottles, firewood, ice, and convenience meals at great prices. The $20 in-store spend to qualify for the 14c per litre discount on fuel can be easily achieved with a grocery top-up when you’ve run out or forgotten to pick up the essentials or in a convenient pit-stop when you’re hungry and thirsty on the road.”

Coles supermarkets grocery aisle

Compare prices to score REAL savings on fuel & groceries

If you’re looking to maximise your savings, it’s important to check that products you buy in conjunction with your fuel discount are worth the spend. 

For example, a popular item often displayed in Coles service stations is a 20-roll pack of a particular brand of toilet paper.

These packs used to cost $10 each. So, you’d buy two packs and reach that $20 purchase to get your discount.

But the 20-roll toilet pack now costs $10.50, yet Coles is still selling the same toilet paper brand in its supermarkets for $10.

The 50c price increase means that buying two packs at the service station would now cost you $21 or $1 more than if you buy it at the supermarket.

So, you’d need to fill up with at least 25 litres of fuel (25 litres x 4c = $1) to benefit from any discount savings.

Be sure to compare the prices of products you buy at service stations before you fill up.

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 Additional reporting by Michael Lund


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