Woolies launch Woolworths Bricks

Woolworths reveals when new ‘green’ Lego-style collectables will be available

Mark your calendars friends! Woolworths has announced its new Lego-style collectables − Woolworths Bricks − will be available in stores from September 8.

Woolies’ new sustainable collectables will launch a bit later in New South Wales and the ACT, from September 22. The supermarket said the promo launch had to be delayed in those states to prioritise food supply and everyday essentials through Woolworths’ NSW distribution network.

What’s included in Woolworths Bricks?

Woolworths new green collectables

Woolworths Bricks will allow customers to build their own mini version of a Woolies supermarket, which includes free fruit for kids baskets, checkout registers, fridges, trolleys, and more. Shoppers will be able to collect a Woolworths Bricks pack with every $30 spent in-store or online. A total of 40 Woolworths Bricks are available in the promo.

Customers will first need to purchase starter kits, including a baseboard and front doors, with the choice of a Basic Kit for $6, or a Deluxe Kit for $10, to begin building their replica of a Woolies supermarket.

Woolworths says the collection is made from at least 80% recycled materials and has been certified to meet GECA’s (Good Environmental Choice Australia) Recycled Product standard. Woolworths also renewed its partnership with TerraCycle which will allow customers to drop pre-loved Woolworths Bricks to any Woolworths store for recycling.

Woolies says going green is the new black

Woolworths collectables with kids

Woolworths Chief Marketing Officer, Andrew Hicks, said the new campaign was part of the supermarket giant’s commitment to a greener future.

“Woolworths Bricks is a fun and interactive way of learning at home that can spark conversations within families about sustainability; whether that’s how materials like plastic or refrigerators can be given a second life, or how solar panels and electric car chargers are making a positive impact on the environment at their local Woolies,” he said.

“All customers who would like to collect Woolworths Bricks will have the opportunity to do so. The delayed start in NSW and ACT means our team can continue to focus on ensuring they meet the needs of the community, particularly across Greater Sydney, where there continues to be elevated demand for food and everyday essentials.”

Woolworths says NSW and ACT’s allocation of Woolworths Bricks will be kept separate from the national supply to ensure customers in those states have the same opportunity to participate in the campaign as the rest of Australia.

Woolworths Bricks will be available for customers across Victoria, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, and Tasmania online and in-store, from September 8.

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