Woolworths to ditch ALL reusable plastic bags for good

Woolworths to ditch ALL reusable plastic bags nationwide

Woolworths will stop selling its 15-cent reusable plastic shopping bags nationwide over the next year. It’s the first supermarket to pledge to remove all plastic shopping bags for good.

The reusable plastic shopping bags will be phased out gradually state-by-state from Woolies supermarkets (including Metro stores), and online orders. Woolworths says all 15-cent reusable plastic shopping bags should be gone from all its stores nationwide by June 2023. The 20-cent paper bags will still be available from checkouts.

BIG W which is part of the Woolworths Group will also phase out its 15-cent and 45-cent reusable plastic bags from stores by the end of June next year. The retailer is set to offer additional bag options to substitute the change.

Woolies to phase out plastic bags

Woolies to slowly ditch reusable plastic bags

Woolworths in Western Australia has already ditched all shopping plastic bags ahead of a statewide ban. Woolworths stores in South Australia and the Northern Territory will be next to phase out plastic bags, with the transition set to begin by September this year. Other states will follow suit.

Managing Director of Woolworths Supermarkets, Natalie Davis, said: “The reusable plastic bags have played their part and now it’s time to do away with selling plastic shopping bags at our checkouts for good,” she said.

“Bringing your own bags is the very best outcome for the environment, and we encourage our customers to keep up the great work. Paper bags will continue to be available for those who forget to bring their own, but ultimately, we want to sell fewer bags altogether.

“We know the change may be an adjustment for some customers and that’s why we’re phasing this change in over the coming year.”

Woolworths and BIG W will help shoppers prepare for the upcoming change by providing notice in each state ahead of time. Plastic bags in the fruit and veg sections will still be available.

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