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What the average Aussie gym-goer spends on membership

Staying fit may be good for your health but it’s not always good for your bank balance. Canstar Blue’s latest survey on gym and fitness clubs has revealed that Aussies spend more than $700 per year on membership fees in a bid to stay healthy. 

So how do your gym fees compare and are you getting the best value for money? 

Canstar Blue asked close to 1,000 gym and fitness club members across the country about their gym habits, how much they spend, and how often they go to the gym. Read on to find out what we discovered.

  • Aussies spend an average of $62 per month on gym memberships, or $744 per year – down from $81 per month in 2022.
  • Adults in their 70s spend the most on keeping fit ($69 per month) while those aged in their 20s have the lowest gym costs ($55 per month).

Are gym memberships worth the money?

The average Aussie with a gym membership spends more than $700 a year on fees, but not all gym goers are getting the same value for money. Canstar Blue’s 2023 customer satisfaction ratings for gyms and fitness clubs found only three brands were rated five stars for value for money, while the majority were rated four stars, indicating there’s room for improvement across the gym industry.

Additional insights we found about Aussie gym goers included:

  • 23% don’t use their membership as much as they thought they would, down from 27% last year.
  • 33% have tried more than one gym chain in an effort to find a place they really like, down from 39% last year.
  • 50% report feeling healthier for having a gym membership and regularly going to the gym, down from 56% last year.

How to save money on gym costs

  • Check your health insurance: some health insurance companies will offer a subsidy on gym payments if you have extras cover or a diagnosed medical condition. 
  • Ask your workplace: some companies offer salary sacrifice options for health-related costs. 
  • Look on discount sites: browse websites like Groupon for cheap gym access, personal training sessions or fitness classes. 
  • Go local: often local or community gyms have cheaper weekly rates compared to national gym chains. 

What motivates Aussies to hit the gym

We asked Aussies about their key reasons for hitting the gym and received a variety of responses. While the majority wanted to maintain good health, others said they went to socialise with friends or deal with an injury.

Here are the main reasons Aussies visit the gym: 

  • 37% want to improve their general fitness
  • 23% go to lose weight
  • 16% go to build muscle
  • 15% go for their mental wellbeing
  • For the rest, it’s a mix of being a social activity, rehabilitation, or specific sports training.

Our research shows that 44% of gym members attend the gym three to five days per week. A quarter (24%) go once or twice a week, while 20% hit the gym five or six times per week.

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What is the most popular time to work out?

Canstar Blue’s survey found mornings are the most popular time of day to hit the gym (30%), followed by evenings (27%) and afternoons (20%). Eight per cent try to fit the gym in at lunchtime, while the rest go whenever they can find time for a workout.

Most popular gym work outs

We also asked survey respondents what type of workout they do at the gym, with respondents stating the following:

  • 41% focused on weights
  • 24% mainly did cardio workouts 
  • 16% attended group fitness classes
  • Remaining respondents did a mix of cycling, swimming, boxing and other activities.

Which gym you go to, and how much value you get from it, will depend on your preferences, as well as how often you go. With so much competition in the market, it pays to shop around to make sure you’re getting the best price, equipment, classes and resources you want from a gym. Many gyms have sales on membership and sign-ups during the middle and end of the year, so keep an eye out for discounts and don’t be afraid to negotiate for a better deal. 

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