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Best Beard Oils Australia

While it may be news to some; the origins of beard oil can be traced back to Ancient Babylon and it has been used throughout history by the Greeks, Romans, and Vikings. So, whether you’re ditching the razor for the first time or you’re sporting a yeard (12 months of beard growth), you’ll want to keep your bristles feeling and looking their best. One sure-fire way of keeping facial fuzz under control is by regularly using beard oil, which can help maintain hairs while keeping the skin underneath properly nourished and healthy.

If you’re new to beards or you’re searching for a product to help reach optimal beard health, then our guide on the best beard oils in Australia is for you. It’s important to note, however, that these recommendations are only general in nature. Consider your personal grooming needs and budget before making any purchase decisions. To see some of the best beard oils on the market, check out our list below.

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Here are some of the best beard oils available to gents in Australia:

Keep in mind there are loads of beard companies out there so be sure to do your research or talk to your bearded mates about any products they’d recommend.

Best Cheap Beard Oil: Bulldog

Bulldog logo

British brand Bulldog has made a name for itself among men’s skincare products, and its beard oil is arguably king for value. Bulldog Original Beard Oil packs ingredients like aloe vera, camelina oil, green tea, jojoba oil, sunflower oil and sweet almond oil to name only a few.

This oil is hailed as fast-absorbing, non-greasy and one that’ll increase the overall shine of your beard. Available to purchase at participating pharmacies, Woolworths and Amazon, Bulldog Original Beard Oil is extremely affordable, and can usually be picked up for about $12 for a 30ml bottle – which is much cheaper than other brands.

What’s good about Bulldog Original:

  • Value for money
  • Pleasant natural scent and vegan friendly
  • Sells beard balm and wash, as well as face scrub and moisturiser

Things to consider:

  • Oil only available in 30ml bottle
  • No choice of alternative scents
  • May be better suited to men starting out their beard journey

Best Premium Beard Oil: Jericho Australia

Jericho Australia logo

Veteran-owned Jericho Australia is relatively new to the beard grooming scene but has forged a reputation as a one-stop shop for all the hairy men out there. Ingredients found in Jericho’s beard oils include almond oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, hemp seed oil, while its premium oils also throw in organic pomegranate oil and safflower oil.

Jericho Australia offers a wide range of beard oil scents, such as coconut cream, espresso martini, fruit fusion, the godfather, lumberjack, peppermint, salted caramel, suits & cigars and vanilla liquor. It also has an unscented oil while its two premium beard oils are cologne-like scented. Expect to pay $32 for its standard 50ml oils and $38 for its premium oils.

What’s good about Jericho Australia:

  • Two premium oils – Panther and Leo – have more than 200 five-star reviews
  • Long-lasting scents that keep gents smelling their best all day
  • Sells a wide range of beard balms, butters, moustache waxes, washes, scrubs and apparel

Things to consider:

  • Have to spend over $90 to get free shipping
  • Stronger scent profiles which may be overpowering for some
  • Premium oils may clash with colognes

Best Conditioning Beard Oil: Melbourne Beard Oil

Melbourne Beard Oil logo

Born in Brunswick, Melbourne Beard Oil is one of Australia’s premier beard grooming brands, known for its quality ingredients that keep facial whiskers looking and feeling their best. With ingredients such as macadamia oil, almond oil, coconut oil, and emu oil, beards (and the skin underneath) are in for a real conditioning treat.

Scents available include apple crumble, alpine oak & vetiver, citrus & bush mint, coconut lime, dark amber & cardamom, fresh woods, sandalwood, vanilla bourbon, warm coffee and wild west. Melbourne Beard Oil claims these oils will help remove dandruff, make beards softer and smell great, while keeping hairs thoroughly hydrated. Prices start at $8.95.

What’s good about Melbourne Beard Oil:

  • Comes in 10ml, 25ml or 50ml bottles
  • Premium edition oils available in 30ml bottles
  • Sells beard balms, brushes, combs, moustache waxes, washes, and gift packs

Things to consider:

  • Free shipping for purchases over $50
  • Doesn’t sell beard butters
  • Larger beard oil bottles and premium editions come with higher price tag

Best Organic Beard Oil: Milkman Grooming Co

Milkman Grooming Co logo

Headquartered in Sunshine Coast’s Maroochydore, Milkman Grooming Co claims it’s all about ‘helping guys look stylish in record time’. With a beard (and bathroom) arsenal to rival some major skincare brands out there, it’s easy to see why Milkman is a popular choice for men seeking to tame their manes.

Milkman Grooming Co beard oils are packed with nourishing ingredients like argan oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, MCT oil and aloe vera extract, to name only a few. Its ‘Ten Trees’ beard oil range is certified organic with funds from sales donated to Landcare for Conservation. Expect to pay $40 for a 50ml bottle of Ten Trees.

What’s good about Milkman Grooming Co:

  • Subscribe and save money off orders
  • Huge range of male grooming products, including hair pomade, shaving gel and body washes
  • Products featured on Men’s Fitness, The Sydney Morning Herald and GQ

Things to consider:

  • Free shipping on orders over $69
  • Ten Trees organic beard oil comes at a higher price than its standard beard oils
  • Organic oil only available in one scent – a fragrance of sandalwood, buddhawood and lemon myrtle

Best Australian-Made Beard Oil: The Bearded Chap

The Bearded Chap logo

Hailed as the ‘OG’ of beard grooming, The Bearded Chap started in Brisbane and is now one of the leading brands across Australia. The Bearded Chap concentrates on high-quality 100 per cent natural oils that are hand crafted with ingredients such as grape seed oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and more.

For those on the fence, The Bearded Chap offers a satisfaction guarantee, meaning customers will receive a 110 per cent refund on their purchase within 30 days (excluding shipping costs). Bearded gents may also notice this oil being used and sold by barbers far and wide. Prices are $39.95 for 30ml and $89.95 for 89ml.

What’s good about The Bearded Chap:

  • Free shipping Australia-wide on orders over $70
  • Body, hair, apparel and beard tools also on sale
  • Festive and special release beard oils, like candy cane

Things to consider:

  • Festive and special release beard oils come with a premium price
  • Beard oil comes in a pour bottle with a drip stopper, not a traditional dropper
  • Standard beard oil comes in one scent, described as ‘subtle forest, citric and spice aroma’

Best Overseas Beard Oil: Honest Amish

Honest Amish logo

If there’s a group that knows a thing or two about beards, it’s the Amish. Originating in western Pennsylvania, Honest Amish take a ‘hands on’ approach to men’s grooming products, and take pride in using 100 per cent organic and sustainable ingredients. Some of the oils include avocado oil, virgin pumpkin seed oil, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil and more.

Available to purchase through third-party sellers like Viking Beard Australia, Amazon and eBay, Honest Amish are a trusted brand worldwide for bearded folk. Honest Amish beard oils come in large 60ml bottles and are priced at around $49.95 or $59.95 for its premium beard oil.

What’s good about Honest Amish?

  • Oils packed full of vitamins and minerals for optimal beard health
  • Standard beard oils are vegan friendly
  • Sells beard balms, beard & body soaps, combs, waxes and lip balms

Things to consider:

  • Will need to purchase through a third-party seller
  • Beard oils come in either woody scents or unscented
  • Classic beard oil has achieved a 4.5-star rating out of 5 from 17,000+ reviews on Amazon

How do we define the ‘best’?

We had our resident bearded chaps at Canstar Blue take a look at all things beard products. They searched far and wide for the best, whether it was available at the chemist, through a third-party seller, or directly online. The ‘best’ beard product will depend on personal circumstances, such as your facial hair goals, skin type, rate of growth, and budget.

What is beard oil and what should you be looking for?

Beard oil is full of conditioning ingredients that moisturise the skin and soften facial hair, making beards healthier and easier to maintain or style. We asked an industry expert on what separates good beard oils from the rest, as well as what ingredients men should be looking for in a product. Co-owner and founder of Jericho Australia Josh Koitka explained that beard oil isn’t just for facial locks.

“Always look for natural quality carrier oils that actually benefit your skin and hair,” he said. “Remember, beard oils are more for your skin than your hair. You want oils that naturally moisturise, hydrate and condition your skin, which in turn will keep your beard healthy.”

7 things to consider before buying beard oils

Man with beard and tattoos

There isn’t a right or wrong answer here, especially if you’ve found a product you couldn’t live without, but there are a few companies going the extra mile for their customers. Some factors to consider the next time you’re shopping around for a new beard oil or grooming product are:

  1. Does the company offer free shipping over a certain spend?
  2. Can you get a discount off your first order?
  3. Are their products tested on animals?
  4. What are the main carrier oils or ingredients?
  5. What’s customer service like?
  6. Does the company or product have verified reviews from paying customers?
  7. Do they donate a portion of their profits to charity?

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FAQs about Beard Oil

When is the best time to use beard oil?

Beard oil is normally applied to a towel-dried face after a shower in the morning. It can also be used throughout the day if the beard becomes unmanageable or dry, and some may apply beard oil before bed at night.

How to apply beard oil

The best way to apply beard oil will depend on the type of bottle you are using and how much hair you have on your face. Here’s a general guide on using beard oil:

  • Place a few drops of beard oil in your palms and rub together, ensuring the fingertips are covered.
  • Massage the beard oil onto face and beard, while getting underneath to the skin with your fingertips.
  • Use a beard brush or comb to ensure an even coverage of oil.
  • Either leave in as is or add beard balm or butter for styling purposes.

What’s the difference between beard oil and beard balm?

Beard oil is primarily used to moisturise the skin underneath a beard, which in turn keeps hairs healthy and properly conditioned. Beard balm is normally applied to longer beards to help maintain fly-away hairs due to its heavier ingredients, like bees wax.

Do you have to use beard oil on facial hair?

The purpose of beard oil is that it emulates the natural oils on your face, such as sebum, which nourishes beard hairs. In a nutshell, the longer a beard gets, the harder it is for your beard to receive sebum and other natural oils from the skin underneath. Beard oil is usually made up of natural carrier oils for conditioning, while essential oils typically make up the scent profile.

What companies sell beard oils in Australia?

If you’re on the hunt for your next beard oil or you’re looking to give that special someone a gift that’ll keep their face fur in line, then here is a list of some companies and suppliers in Australia:

  • Beard and Blade
  • Beard House
  • The Beard Nod
  • The Bearded Chap
  • The Beard Struggle
  • The Bearded Stag
  • Cowells
  • The Groomed Man Co.
  • Gunners Blend
  • Hairyman Beard Care
  • Imperial Beard Co
  • Jericho Australia
  • Legendary Aussie
  • Melbourne Beard Oil
  • Milkman Grooming Co
  • Ozman Beard Co
  • The Pomade Shop
  • Scruffy Fella
  • Skol Beard Co
  • Slick Byron Bay
  • Viking Beard Australia

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