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Compare male deodorants from Norsca, Brut, Nivea, Dove, Rexona, Lynx and Adidas on effectiveness, smell, packaging, value for money and overall satisfaction.

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Most Satisfied Customers | Norsca

Norsca has taken the lead in Canstar Blue’s customer satisfaction ratings for male deodorants. It earned five-star reviews for most categories, including overall satisfaction.

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Norsca sniffs out top spot in male deodorant ratings

Deodorant can be one of those things you don’t take much notice of ─ until you’re trying to subtly sniff out whether you’re the culprit of bad BO on a packed train during summer. It may be something of a running joke for men to find deodorant under the Christmas tree, but it’s better to be loaded up than to have none at all.

While some of us may turn our noses up at some brands, a good deodorant can prove the difference between smelling like a rose, and smelling like something a little less favourable. To find out which brands the lads can trust to keep them fresh, we asked nearly 1,000 men about the deodorant(s) they purchased and used in the last three months. Respondents rated brands on effectiveness, smell, packaging, value for money and overall satisfaction. Those which received at least 30 responses are compared in our report.

Our latest ratings saw Norsca score five-star reviews for most categories, including overall satisfaction, making it the best-rated men’s deodorant for 2020.

Best Men’s Deodorants

best men's deodorant reviews

Here are the best brands of men’s deodorant in Australia, as rated by consumers in Canstar Blue’s latest review:

  1. Norsca
  2. Brut
  3. Nivea
  4. Dove
  5. Rexona
  6. Lynx
  7. Adidas

Norsca rolled into first place, after it was rated five stars for effectiveness, smell, value for money and overall satisfaction. The majority of other brands scrubbed up on four stars for overall customer satisfaction, except for Adidas which rounded up the scores on three stars overall.

Although if you’re looking for value, it seems Aussies are in luck. Many of the brands compared in this year’s report achieved a five-star review for bang for your buck. These include Norsca, Brut, Nivea and Dove. It’s also worth mentioning that Brut, Nivea, and Dove managed to beat the winner of our ratings on packaging.

Male Deodorant Brands


Norsca male's deodorant

Operating under the Pharmacare brand, Norsca may not offer the same range as other brands, but provides a number of deodorants and 2-in-1 options for consumers to pick from. This includes the Adrenalin range for sporty types, as well as the ‘Forest Fresh’ range for those looking for that natural smell. Its roll-ons are typically available in 50g packages, with aerosols available in 245ml, both sold at selected supermarkets and pharmacies.

  • Norsca was rated five stars in majority of the categories, such as smell, value for money and overall satisfaction. The only exception was packaging, where it got three stars.



Brut men's deodorant reviews

First launched in the 1960s, Brut is a global brand, offering plenty of deodorant options, as well as other bathroom products such as shower gels and shaving lotions. Readily available in both supermarkets and pharmacies, the PharmaCare-owned label has roll-on and aerosol deodorants, plus 2-in-1 antiperspirants for those looking for more protection on warm days.

Easily spotted with its distinctive green packaging, Brut offers regular deodorants, as well as long-lasting and sports varieties, with aerosols commonly sold in 150g canisters. Roll-ons are commonly found in 50ml containers.

  • Brut earned five-star reviews for value for money and packaging, and four stars everywhere else.


Nivea men's deodorant reviews

A big player in the personal hygiene space, German brand Nivea offers a number of deodorant products, including roll-ons and aerosols. As with most brands in this list, Nivea’s products are primarily available as either a 2-in-1 deodorant or antiperspirant. But there are also several products offering additional benefits such as stain protection and antibacterial benefits, along with deodorants suitable for sensitive skin. Nivea’s deodorants for men are available to buy from your local supermarket and pharmacy. Roll-ons generally come in 50ml sizes, while sprays are typically sold in 250ml canisters.

  • Nivea achieved five stars for value for money and packaging, and four stars for effectiveness and overall satisfaction. It got three stars for smell.



Dove men's deodorant reviews

A global personal hygiene brand, Dove’s Men+Care range offers plenty of products for Aussie men’s grooming and toiletry needs. Steering away from deodorant or antiperspirant-only products, Dove instead goes down the 2-in-1 path, aiming to give consumers the best of both worlds. Roll-ons and aerosols can be found in supermarkets and pharmacies, making it an easy brand to find. Selected Dove products include moisturiser properties, with sports and invisible varieties additionally available.

  • Dove scored five-star reviews for value for money and packaging, and four stars in the remaining categories.


Rexona men's deodorant reviews

Another brand that focuses on the 2-in-1 deodorant and antiperspirant options, Rexona is an Australian name now owned by global consumer goods company Unilever. Whether you’re looking for a standard day-to-day deodorant, or something to help keep you smelling like a daisy on the sports field, Rexona is likely to have you covered. Available at supermarkets and pharmacies, Rexona’s aerosols come in 250ml canisters, while roll-ons are available in 50ml packages, making them handy for when you’re travelling. Other Rexona varieties include sensitive skin, antibacterial and stain-free options.

  • Rexona was rated four stars in most categories, including overall satisfaction, and three stars for smell.


Lynx men's deodorant reviews

One of the better-known brands when it comes to deodorants, if you’re looking for a variety of different scents, Lynx may well be the one for you. Offering plenty of personal care and grooming products, Lynx’s range includes separate deodorants and antiperspirants, plus cologne-styled fragrances for when you’re looking to mix it up. Easily found in supermarkets and pharmacies the world over, Lynx’s deodorants are usually available in 155ml aerosol cans, with roll-ons additionally on offer.

  • Lynx achieved four stars for overall satisfaction and smell, before landing on three stars everywhere else.


Adidas men's deodorant reviews

If there’s anyone that knows about sweating it out, it’s Adidas. The sports brand has now created its own range of deodorants for men and women, with a formula claimed to be developed by athletes. There are several antiperspirant deodorants available, including the Cool & Dry products which apparently provide up to 72-hour protection against wetness and body odour. This line is also said to contain an Active Freshness System, which apparently gives a cooling sensation on the skin. Adidas antiperspirant sprays are available in 200ml cans, and apparently contain a dermatologically tested formula.

  • Adidas scored a solid three stars across the board, including for smell, value for money and overall satisfaction.

What to consider when buying deodorant

man putting on deodorant

So, what makes Aussie males happy when it comes to finding the best deodorant? Alongside finding out which brands rate best, our research also revealed the following drivers of customer satisfaction:

  • Effectiveness: 33%
  • Value for money: 25%
  • Smell of products: 23%
  • Packaging: 19%

Our survey also revealed:

Types of male deodorant

Deodorants come in all shapes and sizes. The main types you’ll find on supermarket and pharmacy shelves include:

  • Spray/aerosol
  • Roll-on
  • Stick
  • Crystal
  • Powder

According to our survey, 57% of respondents purchase spray/aerosol deodorant, while roll-on came in second with 32%, followed by stick deodorant on 5%, and powder & crystal both on 3%. It typically comes down to preference as to which type you buy, with our ratings including feedback on all of these types.

What’s the difference between deodorants and antiperspirants?

Young couple in grocery store

With 11% of survey respondents unaware of the difference between deodorants and antiperspirants, it seems there might be a number of shoppers buying the wrong product for their needs and are unable to solve problems concerning sweat and body odour.

Odour comes from the reaction between sweat and bacteria, with sweat itself not containing any odour. As a result, deodorants aim to mask odours, while antiperspirants look to prevent sweating. While both achieve the same result – you not creating a stink – they achieve it by attacking the problem from either side.

Most brands advertise a 2-in-1 solution, meaning you’ll be able to get the most protection from sweat and odours. If you’re prone to sweating, antiperspirants should be more effective. But if body odour is a problem, deodorants may give you some respite. With 13% of blokes in our survey admitting they suffer from excessive sweating, knowing the difference between antiperspirants and deodorants could help.

The bottom line on men’s deodorants

So, there you have it – Norsca was rated best in our men’s deodorant ratings, achieving five stars on most variables. This might give you the confidence to put it in your shopping basket when you next stroll down the beauty aisle of the supermarket, or even on your Christmas wish list to ensure you’re stocked up for the year!

Buying deodorant may not be the most exciting purchase but it’s certainly tough to get by without it in the Aussie heat. And if perhaps one brand doesn’t suffice for you, there are plenty of options out there. On that note, we hope our ratings have proved useful in helping you to find a brand to try out next!

About the author of this page

Megan Birot

This report was written by Canstar Blue’s Home & Lifestyle Content Lead, Megan Birot. She’s an expert on household appliances, health & beauty products, as well as all things grocery and shopping. When she’s not writing up our research-based ratings reports, Megan spends her time helping consumers make better purchase decisions, whether it’s at the supermarket, other retailers, or online, highlighting the best deals and flagging anything you need to be aware of.

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More about Male Deodorant

Our male deodorant ratings saw a number of brands rated best in different categories:

  • Best Overall: Norsca was rated best for overall satisfaction, followed by Brut and Nivea.
  • Best for Effectiveness: Norsca was viewed as the most effective, ahead of Nivea and Brut.
  • Best Value: Once again, Norsca was rated best on value. Dove and Nivea came just behind.
  • Best Smell: Norsca was seen to have the best scent, beating Brut and Dove.
  • Best Packaging: Brut was rated best for packaging, followed by Dove and Nivea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Canstar Blue surveyed 3,000 Australian adults across a range of categories to measure and track customer satisfaction, via ISO 26362 accredited research panels managed by Qualtrics. The outcomes reported are the results from male customers within the survey group who have purchased and used deodorant from a supermarket or pharmacy (excluding body spray and perfumes) in the last three months – in this case, 957 people.

Brands must have received at least 30 responses to be included. Results are comparative and it should be noted that brands receiving three stars have still achieved a satisfaction measure of at least six out of 10. Not all brands available in the market have been compared in this survey. The ratings table is first sorted by star ratings and then by mean overall satisfaction. A rated brand may receive a ‘N/A’ (Not Applicable) rating if it does not receive the minimum number of responses for that criteria.