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Orange Power is Australian made and owned, and endorsed by Planet Ark Environmental Foundation, an Australian not-for-profit organisation. It began its journey after discovering a use for orange oil from discarded peels in cleaning products. It’s aimed to offer products with orange oil for a natural fragrance and no harsh fumes. Orange Power products are stocked in most major retailers and online.

From an eco-angle, Orange Power declares itself proudly palm oil and palm oil derivative free to reduce deforestation that harms its animal inhabitants, including orangutans. Orange Power products are stated to also be grey water and septic safe as well as readily biodegradable. It does not test on animals. Let’s have a look at the range and see how the products compare.

Orange Power Shower Bath Tile

Orange Power Bathroom Cleaner

For bathroom solutions, Orange Power offers its Shower, Bath & Tile spray. It’s formulated with orange oil and fruit acids. It’s said to not contain bleach, caustic, chlorine, phthalates or phosphates. Standard size is a 750ml recyclable spray bottle.

Orange Power Floor Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning floors, Orange Power offers its Spray & Mop Floor Cleaner in a 750ml recyclable spray bottle. It is formulated to be applied directly to floors for spot cleaning without water. Orange Power Spray & Mop Floor Cleaner does not contain bleach, ammonia and chlorine. It is stated be suitable for all floor types including tiles, sealed timber, vinyl, linoleum, ceramic, cork, sealed slate and concrete.

Orange Power Dishwash Concentrate

Orange Power Dishwashing Liquid

Orange Power offers one dishwashing liquid option to help with the difficult job of getting dishes done – Orange Power Dishwash Concentrate – with a standard size of a 500ml bottle. Similarly to other Orange Power products, it comes in a fresh citrus fragrance and also claims to clean without compromising the environment or your health.

Orange Power Carpet Cleaner

For carpets there is the Orange Power Floor Carpet Cleaner, which comes in a 500ml spray bottle. It aims to aims to dissolve old and new stains on carpet and upholstery as well as deodorise carpets, lounge suits and other fabric. Surfactants used in Orange Power Floor Carpet Cleaner are biodegradable.  It is stated to be suitable for woollen or synthetic carpets and can be used as carpet shampoo in shampooing machines to clean and leave a natural fresh citrus fragrance.

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Orange Power Laundry Products

Orange Power Stain Remover

Orange Power Pre Wash Stain Remover is designed to dissolve tough fabric stains that a washing machine may struggle with. Orange Power claims it to be safe to use on colours, woollens, permanent press and delicates. Standard size is a 750ml spray bottle.

Orange Power Laundry Liquid

Orange Power 3x Laundry Liquid is suitable for both top and front loaders. Orange Power states its Laundry Liquid has no sensitising agents such as optical brighteners or dyes, so it’s gentle on skin. Orange Power Laundry Liquid contains built-in fabric softener and comes in a 500ml bottle.

Orange Power Laundry Powder

Orange Power Laundry Powder

Orange Power 3x Laundry Powder uses a concentrated formula with no sensitising agents such as optical brighteners or dyes. It also contains natural fabric softener and comes in a 1kg box.

Orange Power Multipurpose Cleaners

As for multipurpose cleaners, Orange Power has several products in its range including:

  • Orange Power Multipurpose Cleaner & Sanitiser: suitable for kitchen benches, sinks, chopping boards, ovens, fridges, and glass and stainless steel surfaces. It is an antibacterial spray fragranced with real orange oil. Standard size is a 750ml spray bottle.
  • Orange Power Furniture Polish & Restore: aims to restore, protect, and nourish dull surfaces. It uses a blend of canola, orange oils and carnauba wax as natural ingredients. Standard size is a 250ml bottle.
  • Orange Power Spot & Goo Remover: designed to remove sticky residue, glue, gum and stains from most surfaces. Standard size is a 110ml bottle.

Orange Power Air Fresheners

Orange Power Air Freshener

An extra line of products that Orange Power produces is its manual spray air fresheners, made from a blend of essential oils. Although not a cleaning product, it aims to neutralises odours to leave a natural scent in the air. There are several fragrances in this range:

  • Orange Oil – orange oil is cold pressed from orange peels
  • Lime & Orange – combining two oils of citrus and lime to give a fresh aroma
  • Lemon Myrtle & Orange – producing lemon ‘bush’ characteristics with oils from cold pressed orange oil and lemon myrtle, a native Australian tree
  • Lavender and Orange Oil – blend of lavender, lavandin and orange essential oils, which is stated to be a favoured fragrance

Orange Power claims its orange aroma is not overpowering compared to other perfumes. It is recommended for kitchens, toilets, common living areas and garbage bins. Orange Power Air Fresheners are claimed to be made from 100% renewable resources and plant derived ingredients. It may adversely affect some materials, in particular when spilt on plastic or painted surfaces.

Standard size is a 125ml pump spray bottle.

Should I use Orange Power cleaning products?

Orange Power is a brand that has a major focus on environmental sustainability. It aims to create cleaning and laundry products without harsh chemicals and palm oil derived ingredients, in order to reduce the environmental impact and to be suitable to use around even the most sensitive family members. Orange Power produces at least one product in most cleaning categories, all with a citrus orange fragrance.

As an environmentally responsible brand, Orange Power tries to stay competitive with its pricing, but you may need to pay a little extra than with some other brands. You may like to have a read of online ratings and reviews, such as ours, to get an insightinto how Orange Power compares to other cleaning products in the eyes of consumers.

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