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Review of TransACT broadband and phone plans

Update: TransACT was acquired by iiNet in 2011. As of March 2022, iiNet began switching existing TransACT broadband customers over to iiNet services, with TransACT products no longer available to new customers.

You may not have heard of TransACT, but the company has been around since the year 2000. It has been primarily servicing the ACT – hence the name – in that time but also services regional Victoria. TransACT is a comprehensive telco, offering broadband plans, SIM only mobile phone plans, as well as Pay TV services.

In 2011, TransACT was acquired by iiNet to the sum of $60 million. This acquisition, in lieu with TPG’s acquisition of iiNet, means that the TPG/iiNet group is the second largest telco in Australia – behind Telstra of course. So, while TransACT still offers services to our nation’s capital (that’s Canberra in case you weren’t sure), as well as regional Victoria, its plans are one and the same as iiNet’s. In fact, upon visiting TransACT’s website, any browsing of plans will redirect you to iiNet.

However, TransACT still has its ventures focused on the ACT and regional Victoria. It uses iiNet’s vast network to construct Australia’s “largest public access Wi-Fi network”, giving Canberra residents access to secure and free public Wi-Fi. Think of TransACT like one big internet hotspot provider for the whole of Canberra. Without further ado, let’s see what TransACT offers and how it compares to the competition.

What does TransACT offer?

TransACT’s services are only available in the ACT (Canberra and Queanbeyan), as well as certain areas in regional Victoria. TransACT is also contracted by various government agencies to undertake their huge broadband demands. However, its consumer plans mimic those of iiNet’s, which is demonstrative of iiNet’s large presence in the telco world.

  • TransACT – through iiNet – offers a large variety of NBN, ADSL and Naked DSL plans.
  • TransACT also offers VDSL and cable broadband plans through iiNet. VDSL is like ADSL2+, but faster through more efficient use of copper wires to your home. Cable broadband is much the same, with promised higher speeds, but is only available in select locations.

How does TransACT compare to other providers?

TransACT has an expansive range of broadband and mobile phone plans all run through iiNet’s expansive network. As such, it compares quite well to the competition. Plans in both the broadband and mobile sectors are well-suited to take on the competition, with relatively low prices and generous inclusions.

Is TransACT a good choice?

TransACT is one of the few companies left in Australia still offering localised broadband services. While it mostly operates as a ‘white label’ for iiNet products, its service to the ACT and regional Victoria is noble. If you’re in these areas, expect to see TransACT offering free and secure Wi-Fi, among a lot of other services. In the world of big companies operating on a national scale, it is refreshing to see a company focusing on a particular region where needs might be different.

TransACT’s operation through iiNet ensures it remains good value across all broadband deliveries and mobile phone options, with a few caveats:

  • There are smaller providers offering slightly better value
  • You have to take into account perks like Fetch TV and iiNet’s big network to see the overall picture and value proposition that TransACT provides

All in all, TransACT is another subsidiary of iiNet ensuring great value, but with a localised service. If you’re in these areas, it could make sense to place your transactions with TransACT.

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