Amaysim Mobile Phone Plans Review

Amaysim has a reputation for providing great-value phone plans, quality customer service, plus nifty bonuses like free next-day SIM card delivery, or even same-day delivery if you live in certain parts of Sydney or Melbourne. You can also get going with Amaysim by picking up a SIM card in your local Coles supermarket.

Amaysim is one of Australia’s strongest mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). The orange telco provides mobile services on the Optus 4G network. As it stands, all of its plans come on a SIM-only basis, with plans offered on both prepaid and postpaid payment methods. This is a handy feature, as it means customers who prefer one method over another don’t get left in the dark. Another handy feature with Amaysim plans is the ability to choose your own mobile phone number with its custom number builder.

It’s also worth knowing that Amaysim has recently launched NBN internet plans. It stands to reason that you’ll find some reasonable ‘double up’ deals in future. Similarly, Amaysim recently acquired electricity and gas provider Click Energy, while also launching its own energy brand called Amaysim Energy. Expect some cross-promotions! Read on for our review of Amaysim phone plans, or jump straight into our plan comparison tool to find a great deal.

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Amaysim Mobile Phone Plans

Amaysim has five standard mobile phone plans starting from $10. All of them come with unlimited calls and texts as standard. There is also a basic PAYG option. With Amaysim, it’s all about no contracts and great value. But there are some things to be aware of:

  • All except for the PAYG $10 plan come with a 28-day expiry period – this is important to know as many providers have 30 day expiries.
  • If you want some extra data, data is auto-added if you’re on a postpaid plan at the rate of $10 a GB. If you’re on a prepaid plan, and have some credit to spare, data is charged at 7.2c per MB.

All customers can handle their phone plan through the Amaysim mobile phone app and online. There are no set-up or postage fees, either. This is how the plans line up:

Amaysim Phone Plans Price
1GB data $10
2.5GB data $20
5GB data $30
15GB data, 300 minutes to 22 countries $40
20GB data, 300 minutes to 22 countries $50

International Calls

Most Amaysim plans have international calling allowances attached, with unlimited calls to 10 countries often included. These 10 countries include:

  • China, India, New Zealand, South Korea, UK, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, USA

The two dearest plans also include 300 minutes to an additional 22 countries, which is seriously handy if you’re an expat or if you have loved ones overseas. The countries include:

  • Austria, Cambodia, Chile, France, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Netherlands, Philippines, South Arica, Turkey, Bangladesh, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Pakistan, Poland, Taiwan, Vietnam

Beyond just international calls, let’s see how the plans look in more detail.

Amaysim PAYG Plans

As a longstanding member of Amaysim’s phone plan range, this pay as you go – or ‘PAYG’ – plans come with a long expiry of 365 days. It also comes with cheap rates and $10 of credit to get you started. The rates are as follows:

  • 15c per minute for standard mobile or landline calls
  • 15c per standard SMS
  • 49c per standard MMS
  • 15.4c/MB data

If you’re a light user, you could feasibly get a fair bit of mileage out of this plan with its cheap call and text rates. Having a plan that doesn’t expire for a year is also pretty handy. $10, $20, $30, $40 and $50 recharges are available.

Amaysim $10 Plan

Great for the budget conscious, this $10 plan packs a lot in. You’ll get unlimited calls & texts as standard, plus 1GB of data to use over 28-days. This is the first of the 28-day plans and for a tenner you can’t really go wrong. With no lock-in contract, you are free to move, and this suits those who feel like they need a smartphone for some social media and perhaps Google Maps but who don’t need to stream or spend their entire day glued to their phone. 1GB is about 36MB a day and one hour of Facebook uses about 20MB.

Amaysim $20 Plan

For $20 you can’t expect the earth, but Amaysim sure does pack quite a bit in. Here you’ll get unlimited calls & texts as standard and not just 2GB, but 2.5GB. This steps it up quite a bit and with this much data on board you can obviously afford to be tethered to your smartphone a lot more, and even watch the odd cat video or two. This will make short work of shorter bus commutes but may struggle to see you through on longer ones.

Amaysim $30 Plan

For a mere $5 extra, Amaysim packs a lot more in for $30. With this you get a big data boost to 5GB, which is a good amount for a relatively tiny price. 5GB would be enough for more intense browsing, some YouTube videos and even the odd standard definition Netflix show or two. Once again you also get unlimited calls to 10 countries.

Amaysim $40 Plan

For $10 extra you stand to receive triple the data allowance, upping the total limit to a massive 15GB. This is also the first Amaysim plan to include 300 minutes of calling to an additional 22 countries. 15GB data is a massive amount, and would be good for a few Netflix shows while on the bus or train to work, podcasts and of course Facebook and Instagram.

Amaysim $50 Plan

For the mere price of one pineapple note, Amaysim crams in a whopping 20GB of data, which would be pretty tough to beat. With this plan you also get the 300 minutes of calls to 22 countries, as well as the standard unlimited calls to 10 countries. 20GB is even enough for some HD Netflix streaming while on the move. If you can burn through 20GB in 28 days, then hats off to you.

How does Amaysim compare to other providers?

Amaysim’s unlimited plans are leading the charge for more data, unlimited credit and lower prices – an approach that has seen the telco become hugely popular with consumers as Australia’s ‘biggest little telco’ and a serious challenger to VodafoneOptus and Telstra. However, how does Amaysim stack up compared to the other MVNOs it is competing against?

Amaysim $10 PAYG Plan Compared

Amaysim offers a pretty competitive long-expiry plan, with a minimum spend of just $10 in which you get $10 credit to use. This is where competitive call, text and data rates still matter, and Amaysim’s are pretty comparable to other class leaders such as ALDI Mobile. Vodafone and Optus also provide cheap PAYG plans, but their call rates are still about $1 minute in some cases.

Amaysim $10 Plan Compared

For $10, there really aren’t a whole lot of providers offering 1GB for under $10 so casting your eyes to postpaid plans is also good practice – but keep an eye out for excess data charges! In this segment it really is hard to go past Amaysim as it offers this plan on a no lock-in contract deal. Jeenee offers a similar plan but the best deals are found on 12 month contracts. Moose Mobile and Vaya also provide similar plans with more data, albeit at a higher cost. It’s tough to beat Amaysim here.

Amaysim $20 Plan Compared

At this price point, Amaysim has parachuted into a hotly-contested battlefield of phone plans – both postpaid and prepaid. Amaysim’s strong entry unlimited plan with 2.5GB is a real winner, but there are cheaper providers out there with 2GB, namely Jeenee Mobile, Moose MobileLebara and Yomojo. Keep in mind that Jeenee’s most competitive plans carry a 12 month contract. Moose is on a postpaid basis only, same with Yomojo. Though we suspect it may well worth be spending that extra buck or two to get 500 extra megabytes. Amaysim’s 28-day expiry may also be annoying for some people but the extra data more than makes up for it.

Amaysim $30 Plan Compared

The $30 price point sees the fiercest phone plan competition, and Amaysim is copping it from all angles. What was once a revolutionary telco, Amaysim is still competitive yet other providers are hot on its heels. Here it comes up against the likes of SpinTel, TeleChoice and Lebara. While these telcos are often cheaper, where Amaysim shines through is with its unlimited calling feature to 10 countries. Lebara is also a telco that offers good international allowances, while TeleChoice wants you to sign up for 12 months to take advantage of the 5.5GB data. Amaysim’s plan is ridiculously competitive, but there are a few others trading blows at a lower price.

Amaysim $40 Plan Compared

Once again, while $40 for 15GB sounds like an awesome deal, the fact is if you’re only concerned with how much data you can get for your money, there may be other providers that win out against Amaysim. Amaysim’s 28 day billing period also proves to be a key factor here, as others are billed over a month instead. While a 28 day period may work well for your pay cycle, it could work out to be more expensive over a month. MVNOs to offer plans with 10GB of data or more include Moose Mobile, Jeenee Mobile and Vaya – an Amaysim subsidiary. Though, Amaysim’s generous international allowances come into play, but don’t be surprised to also see this as a standard feature with other providers as well.

Amaysim $50 Plan Compared

When it comes to big data on a no-contract plan, Amaysim really comes into its own. In this space it is one of the leaders of the pack, bringing 20GBs of data for just $50, along with some tidy international call inclusions. However, it is not alone. Think Mobile, TPG and Jeenee all give you something to think about if you’re a big data user, albeit with the hottest offers usually on a 12 month contract. This one could come down to personal preference.

Is an Amaysim phone plan an Amayzing deal?

When all is said and done, Amaysim continues to be one of the most popular and innovative MVNOs in the market. Providing both easy to understand and value-packed plans, allied with reputable customer service, it’s hard to beat Amaysim for the all-round package. However, it’s also worth keeping an eye on some of its low-cost rivals, which as you have seen, are up for the fight. New MVNOs seemingly pop up every month, offering to beat the world and include more data for more competitive prices.

Only a couple of years ago you’d be laughed out of a room for suggesting that you could one day get over 10GB of data for $40, but these days it’s commonplace and Amaysim will need to keep up with the pace. In this competitive environment, Amaysim is a safe and popular choice, but with a bit of digging you can find several other providers that offer more for less. However, it could also be worth considering other cost-saving opportunities presented through Amaysim’s NBN plans, or energy deals.

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In 2017, Australian customers gave Amaysim 5 out of 5 stars for Overall Customer Satisfaction for postpaid mobile plans.

Amaysim earned five stars for sign up and activation process, customer service, billing information, plan flexibility, value for money and overall satisfaction.

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