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OVO mobile customers now being moved to new Amaysim service

In early June 2020, prepaid mobile and energy provider, Amaysim, purchased yet another smaller telco to boost its customer base. Prepaid mobile provider, OVO Mobile, has now had its subscribers snatched up by Amaysim. Late in 2019, Amaysim had purchased postpaid provider Jeenee Mobile and transitioned customers over to its postpaid phone plan provider, Vaya (which Amaysim had purchased several years ago). This most recent purchase of OVO Mobile is cementing Amaysim as a serious force in the smaller telco space, now with a total of 1.17 million subscribers.

When the announcement was first made, it was said that the transition of existing OVO customers to a service with Amaysim would happen over four months. Now that customers have started to transition over to Amaysim, we’ll break down what this means for you and what changes you can expect to your prepaid mobile plan.

What happens to existing OVO mobile customers?

New customers can no longer sign up to a plan with OVO Mobile. As for existing customers, the transition to a new Amaysim plan has now begun. Email notifications were sent to existing customers between June 24 and June 30 with details on the transition — check your emails to make sure you received this notice. The actual transition process is occurring between July 7 and August 19, where you’ll receive a confirmation email and SMS from Amaysim outlining your new plan details once your service has been switched over.

The transition from OVO to Amaysim service should be seamless, as both of these MVNOs operate on the Optus mobile network. During this transfer, you shouldn’t experience any service disruptions and you will also not be required to do anything — your SIM card will not need to be replaced and your phone number will not change. While this transition should be smooth and quick, if you do experience any problems, it is suggested that – unless you’ve received notification from Amaysim that your service has been transferred over – you continue to contact OVO if you have any problems or service related questions. Once you’ve received confirmation that your service has moved over to Amaysim, you’ll need to contact Amaysim for any questions regarding your plan or account.

Amaysim doesn’t support the payment options that OVO does, so you’ll need to nominate one payment method (credit or debit card) for your Amaysim service. OVO vouchers won’t be usable with an Amaysim service. It’s also worth noting that inactive and eligible OVO plans will also be transferred over to a service with Amaysim, so if you have an old OVO SIM card lying around that you haven’t used or recharged for a while, your service will be switched but you’ll need to recharge your plan in order to access it.

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Amaysim Prepaid Phone Plans

Curious about what you’ll get from Amaysim’s prepaid phone plans? The following table includes Amaysim’s 28-day prepaid phone plans on Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of cost, from the lowest to highest. Use our comparison tool to compare phone plans from a range of other providers. This is a selection of products with links to a referral partner.

Which Amaysim plan will I be switched to?

Existing OVO customers will be switched to an Amaysim plan of equal or greater value plan to the one you’re currently on with OVO. These new Amaysim plans are tailored to your OVO plan’s price and inclusions and will keep the 30-day expiry period. The transition from your OVO plan to your new Amaysim plan should be smooth, with all the hard work of switching over already taken care of for you.

For this transition period, the plan you’re swapped to has been customised with a 30-day expiry period, and customers won’t be switched onto a 28-day expiry without your permission. If you’re unhappy with the Amaysim plan you’ve been swapped to, but are happy to stay with Amaysim for your phone plan, you can swap to any Amaysim plan on offer by logging into your account and simply switching plans. However, this means you will no longer have the 30-day expiry period included in your tailored plan, and will be switched to a 28-day plan.

Your plan renewal date will not change, and if you currently don’t have auto recharge setup with OVO, auto renewal should also be switched off on your Amaysim account. If you have recently requested a plan change with OVO, your transfer to Amaysim is set to happen after your plan changes at the next recharge.

How do OVO and Amaysim compare?

While OVO and Amaysim both offer prepaid phone plans, there are a few differences between these providers. If you’re curious as to how these telcos compare, we’ll outline the differences between OVO’s previously offered plans and Amaysim’s current suite of prepaid plans below.

The cheapest OVO mobile plan was $9.95 for 2GB of data and 500 minutes of standard national calls and unlimited standard national SMS, over a 30-day expiry period. The cheapest Amaysim plan is $10 for 1GB of data, unlimited standard national calls and SMS over a 28-day expiry period. While it’s only a 5 cent price change, the expiry period is perhaps where the biggest difference lies. On a 30-day plan, you might have only recharged a minimum 12 times per year, however with Amaysim’s 28-day expiry you’ll have to recharge a minimum of 13 times per year.

While OVO Mobile offered six prepaid plans, Amaysim offers five plans. OVO had offered a $14.95 plan with 5GB of data, along with a $19.95 plan with 10GB of data. Amaysim’s next step up from the $10 plan is its $20 plan, with 5GB of data as standard. OVO’s $29.95 plan with 30GB of data is perhaps the simplest comparison to Amaysim’s $30 plan with 30GB of data. Where Amaysim starts to show more value for money is on it’s higher-end plans. Comparing OVO’s $34.95 plan with 35GB of data to Amaysim’s $40 plan with 45GB of data, and OVO’s $49.95 plan with 40GB to Amaysim’s $50 plan with 60GB of data — Amaysim does offer plenty of data for your money.

Amaysim also offers unlimited international calls and SMS to 28 countries (and a further 300 minutes to an additional 14 countries) on the $40 and $50 plans, compared to the limited international minutes on OVO’s plans if you’re making calls to those 28 countries.

What about OVO’s extras?

One thing that set OVO apart from its prepaid competitors was the inclusion of extras, such as OVO Play and online security service, Family Zone. With Amaysim’s purchase of OVO’s subscriber base, the telco will still continue to exist as a separate business focusing on its OVO Play assets.

As an existing OVO customer, you’ll still be able to access your OVO Play account — simply log on with the same information. You’ll also have access to your Fan Pass, and if you have any OVO Fan First points left as part of your OVO Fans First Club membership, you will still have access to your eligible credit when you’ve transferred to Amaysim, which can be redeemed by getting in touch with Amaysim.

If you had access to Family Zone cyber security through your OVO account, you’ll still be able to use your existing Family Zone account, which will be connected to your service as usual and at no extra cost.

What about OVO Mobile Broadband plans?

If you were signed up to a mobile broadband (data-only) plan with OVO, you will be transferred to a tailored data-only plan with Amaysim, just as with prepaid mobile plans. While OVO and Amaysim both offer three data-only plans, OVO had much more data on offer than Amaysim, with 50GB, 100GB and 250GB plans available with prices starting at $49.95 and going up to $79.95. However, Amaysim’s data-only plans are still good value — $15 will get you 7GB of data, $40 includes 50GB of data and the $60 plan includes 90GB of data.

OVO’s mobile broadband customers, like its prepaid customers, will be switched to a plan with equal or greater value as the plan they were on with OVO, ensuring a seamless transition between providers.

Amaysim Mobile Broadband Plans

The following table shows a selection of  published Amaysim mobile broadband plans on Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of cost, from the lowest to highest and then by data allowance, largest to smallest. This is a selection of products with links to referral partners.

Brand Features Max Data**/billing period Advertised Cost^^/billing period
Amaysim Logo

Sim Only 7GB

  • SIM Only

min. cost $15 over 28 day billing period

7GBMax Data**/billing period $15Advertised Cost^^/billing period Go to Site
Amaysim Logo

Sim Only 50GB

  • SIM Only

min. cost $40 over 28 day billing period

50GBMax Data**/billing period $40Advertised Cost^^/billing period Go to Site
Amaysim Logo

Sim Only 90GB

  • SIM Only

min. cost $60 over 28 day billing period

90GBMax Data**/billing period $60Advertised Cost^^/billing period Go to Site
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