Redback Solar Battery System Review

Redback Technologies incorporates smart technology into its Redback System, comprising a Smart Hybrid Inverter and Smart Hybrid Battery Enclosure, designed to provide households greater control over energy consumption.

Founded in 2015 and based in Brisbane, Redback describes itself as “a technology company focused on the development of advanced, low-cost solar solutions for residential and commercial users”.

Redback, which is supported by the Microsoft Innovation Centre and which has established alliances with partners including Sonepar and The University of Queensland, states that its hybrid inverter system “is aesthetically pleasing and high-performing”.

“The Redback Smart Hybrid Inverter System has intelligent technology that gives you the power to store, monitor and manage your home’s solar energy all in a compact, elegantly designed unit, mounted either inside or outside your home,” Redback states. “Now you can make the most of your energy while saving money and reducing your carbon footprint. This system gives you the control of your home’s energy now and in the future.”

What technology does the Redback System use?

“The system offers hybrid capability, offering an uninterrupted power supply and backup power all in one,” Redback states. “The system’s advanced software allows you to store, monitor and manage your home’s solar energy, maximising your self-consumption and providing market-leading return on investment.”

Redback states the system intelligently converts “battery and solar power into usable power for your home”, sensing when there is excess power and automatically redirecting it to recharge batteries, which, when full, allows power to be sold back to the grid.

Smart software

Smart software is a major component of the Redback System, which comes with a smartphone app, available for Android and iOS devices, and internet-based software, providing for users to monitor and manage the energy they create.

Redback states that, providing “the ability to analyse and control energy generation and consumption in real time” it “affords consumers the ability to reduce energy costs, without sacrificing comfort”.

“This system has the intelligence to understand what is best for your family’s power needs,” Redback states. “It can help manage smart home appliances such as air conditioners, lighting systems and more.

“You will be able to control devices such as pool pumps, and it gives you the ability to run them at off-peak times to help save time and energy – and the best part? You no longer have to worry about what will happen with excess energy. The Redback System allows you to use, save or sell your energy back to the grid.”

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The Redback System, which is constructed from high-grade aluminium, can be installed inside or outside (with an IP65 environmental rating for the inverter and an IP54 rating for the battery enclosure).

It can be floor or wall-mounted, while the modular design of the battery enclosure provides the option for additional storage.

The inverter measures in at 516 x 950 x 278 mm and weighs 40 kg, with the battery enclosure measuring 535 x 1,146 x 280 mm (with feet), and weighing in at 32 kg (empty) and 130 kg (typical weight with batteries).

The inverter comes with a five-year warranty and the battery enclosure a one-year warranty.

Where to buy?

Further information on the Redback System can be found via Redback’s website, with consumers able to contact their local installer or Redback directly. Redback can be contacted via phone and email, or via a contact form at its website.

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