What’s the deal with Telstra and Foxtel?


Starting as a joint venture between News Corporation (now known as News Corp) and Telstra back in 1995, Foxtel – which gets half its name from ‘Tel’stra – has long been mainstay within the Australian entertainment industry. While it’s had to fight hard to keep pace with the recent influx of streaming services now available, Foxtel still has lots to offer sports fans, movie fanatics and those trying to keep up with the latest TV shows from the States. But what does Foxtel offer Telstra customers?

Foxtel vs. Foxtel From Telstra

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When you search online for Foxtel, you’ll come across something called ‘Foxtel From Telstra’, but what is it, and how is it different from just regular old Foxtel? Well, Foxtel From Telstra is separate from Foxtel itself, although you’d be forgiven for thinking they are the same thing, especially when you take a closer look.

Essentially, the main difference between the two is that Foxtel From Telstra allows you to add a Telstra broadband plan to the same bill as your Foxtel subscription, meaning that you’ll only have to deal with one bill each month, rather than multiple bills. While that may not entice some, Foxtel From Telstra has often competed with Foxtel on pricing, with discounts offered at intervals to get new customers to sign up. At most times through, there is no difference in the pricing of Foxtel’s packages, as seen in the table below.

Plan Foxtel Foxtel From Telstra
Foxtel Plus $49 $49
Movies HD $69 $69
Sports HD $74 $74
Premium $99 $99
Platinum Plus $139 $139

Source: Respective websites, February 2020. Based on monthly contracts with no discounts or promotions.

In addition to potentially saving on your Foxtel bundle (depending on when you sign up), signing up to Foxtel From Telstra allows you to cash in on Telstra Plus Rewards. Telstra Plus allows you to earn points for every dollar you spend, meaning you’ll be able to use these points to purchase things further down the line, or take advantage of the Telstra Plus membership tiers for additional benefits and discounts.

Do Telstra customers get a discount on Foxtel?

Currently, neither Telstra or Foxtel offer discounts for signing up to the other party, although it’s always worth keeping an eye out for potential deals if you’re looking to sign up, as you may just save yourself a few bucks.

Is signing up to both Foxtel and Telstra worth it?

With Telstra and Foxtel both prominent figures in the Australian entertainment market, there are plenty of benefits to signing with these big players. But is it better to sign up to them separately, or have them under the one bill? Realistically, this will come down to your individual circumstances, as you might be looking to get the most bang for your buck with Telstra Plus, or you may have found a promotional deal with one provider separately, saving you some dosh in the short term. However, keeping an eye on how much you’re paying, as well as what’s out there, will help you save in the long run, meaning offers like Foxtel From Telstra could be worth signing up for.

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