About Canstar Blue

“We want to help consumers make the right purchase decisions…”

Andrew Spicer, CANSTAR CEO

Canstar Blue is a customer satisfaction research and ratings business launched in July 2010 with the core purpose of helping consumers make better purchase decisions. Canstar Blue commissions respected professional market research companies, Colmar Brunton and I-view (owned by Ipsos), to ask Australians about their experiences with purchased products or services. These shoppers then rate their satisfaction level with their brand of choice, on a sliding scale (1 to 10). So far, over 90,000 Australians have reviewed their customer satisfaction across more than 100 different categories.

Canstar Blue is focused on product and service excellence and aims to act as the real voice of the consumer (based on quantitative research). More than 60% of Australians are now aware of the Canstar Blue brand* and all the results are freely available to consumers via our website.

Canstar Blue is an initiative of CANSTAR which has been around since 1992. CANSTAR is Australia and New Zealand’s premier research and expert ratings agency working with more than 30,000 products and more than 300 brands in the financial services industry. CANSTAR is focused on education and helping consumers make better financial decisions.
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*Source: Canstar Blue research, conducted by Colmar Brunton, October 2016, n = 2,009