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Ride the heatwave with our air conditioners award winner: Panasonic

Panasonic: Our 2014 Air Conditioners Award WinnerMore than 150 temperature records were broken during the 2013/14 Australian summer, according to a recent Climate Council publication. If you can’t stand the heat, investing in a good air conditioner can help combat the rising mercury at the push of a button.

We have once again surveyed air conditioner owners from across the nation, asking them to review their purchase experience. Not only did Panasonic accrue five star ratings in nearly all our criteria, they also received our Most Satisfied Customers Award – Air Conditioners, 2014.

Many popular appliance brands were also rated in this survey: Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu General, Daikin, Samsung, LG and Kelvinator. Both Fujitsu General and Daikin quietly excelled, having received five star ratings for how little noise their air conditioners make.

Australians turn to air conditioners for summer comfort

Given the soaring temperatures of Australia’s most recent summer, it’s no shock that roughly two thirds of respondents to our survey primarily rely on air conditioning to keep their house cool.

During the summer season, half our survey respondents use their air conditioners every day, while more than a third operate theirs weekly. Respondents from Victoria are most likely to use their air conditioner weekly (51%), while South and Western Australian residents are most likely to extend their use to every day (57%).

According to the aforementioned Climate Council report, we experienced:

  • 11 days above 42°C in Adelaide,
  • the driest summer for 45 locales in QLD, and 38 in NSW,
  • Sydney’s driest summer in 27 years, and
  • 20 days above 35°C in Canberra.

Source: ABC News

During winter, a still significant one in five respondents use their air conditioner each week. That said, one third of respondents confess they do not use their air conditioner at all during Australia’s coldest season.

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  • Nathan Zamprogno

    All I can add to this discussion is that we had a 8kW Panasonic system which ceased to work properly after 9 years.
    The system needed a small printed circuit board to fix it worth about $150, but Panasonic informed us they no longer supplied parts for it. We had to buy a brand new system at a cost of ~$3K.

    This is a disappointing policy. Surely we were entitled to expect at least a decade of service from such an expensive purpose, and surely we were entitled to expect that Panasonic as a large company should keep parts available for all their models.

    Planned obsolescence at its worst, and one that backfired on Panasonic. Needless to say, we have not bought another Panasonic air-conditioner.

  • Young Barry

    If Panasonic is the winner of your survey why isn’t it included in the above comparison list?