Review of Samsung Air Conditioners

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Samsung may be best known for its flash new smartphones, but you’ll never be too far away from one of the brand’s impressive home appliances either, including its air conditioners. Comprised of four different kinds of air conditioning systems, there’s bound to be something in there for everyone, and every budget – so we’ve had a look at the various air conditioning units offered by Samsung, and the innovative bits and bobs that each one brings to the table.

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Samsung’s wall-mounted air conditioners

These air conditioning units are best suited to apartments and small rooms, and come with features such as the EZ Filter for easy cleaning, and Smart Efficient Control, which allows the air conditioner to automatically change its settings to better suit, among other things, current weather conditions and the number of people in the room.

Samsung’s range of wall-mounted air conditioners Is rather small, however it’s nothing if not comprehensive; there isn’t a huge difference between units in terms of features or appearance, however Samsung offers units in practically any wattage and cooling capacity you could ever want, meaning that there really is a unit for everyone within this range.

Samsung’s cassette air conditioners

Ideal for rooms or spaces with limited space, Samsung’s cassette air conditioners are the perfect solution if you don’t have the wall room for a wall mounted unit, or just want a less visually obtrusive cooling unit. Equipped with features including a Smart Inverter Compressor and customisable air flow, these air conditioners will do a great job of cooling any space.

Samsung’s range is rather limited, consisting of only four units, and those four units differing only in their cooling capacity and wattage. However, cassette air conditioners are less popular than the standard wall-mounted or ducted systems, so Samsung’s small range isn’t out of the ordinary.

Samsung’s ducted air conditioners

The ultimate in space-saving air conditioning units, ducted air conditioners can’t even be spotted after installation, so if you’re after an air conditioner that leaves your space unmarred by appliances, ducted might be the way to go. Samsung’s ducted air conditioners come with Smart Inverters, which allow the unit to maintain a comfortable temperature without constantly switching the compressor on and off as many other units are wont to do. They’re also incredibly resilient, being able to cool in 50°C heat, and being able to heat in -20°C chill.

Samsung’s range of ducted air conditioners consists of six units varying in wattage and cooling capacity. They all offer the same features, so at the end of the day your choice will depend on the size of the space you need cooling.

Samsung’s free joint multi systems

If you can’t decide which type of air conditioner you want and have several rooms or spaces that need cooling, a Samsung Free Joint Multi system might be the thing for you. It allows you to set up air conditioning in as many rooms as you want, but gives you the flexibility of picking what cooling unit you want in each separate room. Samsung offers their wall mounted, cassette, and ducted air conditioning units for use in their multi split systems, in various wattages and outputs.

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In summary

Samsung appears to have a solid range of air conditioner offerings. The manufacturer provides a number of different types to suit various household environments, with each type available in a variety of wattages and outputs, meaning that there’s a unit for every house and space.