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LG Microwave Ovens Review

LG is an electronics brand known for producing a huge range of products, from smartphones to washing machines, refrigerators and dishwashers. As well as big ticket items like these, it’s also a leading brand of many small kitchen appliances, including microwave ovens, which this article will focus on.

This review will cover the price, power and features of a select few of LG’s microwaves in order to help you determine if they are worth the money.

What microwave ovens does LG have?

LG has a grand total of 28 different microwaves available, which is a very healthy range indeed. Rather than going through all of them, we will instead have a look at just a few of the key ones at each end of the price spectrum.

The cheapest:


  • 20L black microwave oven – $159
  • NeoChef 25L smart inverter microwave oven – $199
  • 30L white microwave oven with i-wave – $219

The cheapest LG microwave is the 20L black model (pictured), which has a power output of 700W. So not too powerful, but it is nice and compact as well as light, making it easy to manoeuvre and position in your kitchen. For $159, this microwave comes with a good array of extra features, which are:

  • I-wave: utilises an interior echo reflection design to defrost and reheat more evenly
  • EasyClean coating: grease resistant coating that makes cleaning quick and easy
  • Rounded corner cavity for easy cleaning
  • Echo reflection design: optimised wave direction for more even heating
  • Quick start button
  • 11 power levels
  • 3 different auto-defrost modes

The second cheapest LG microwave is the 25L NeoChef microwave oven at $199. This microwave has a sleek and minimalist design that gives off a modern, stylish appearance, and it has an above-average power output of 1000W. In terms of extra features, this class of microwave is quite different to the previous one, as it has the following:

  • Anti-bacterial interior coating, which eliminates 99% of harmful bacteria
  • Stable turntable: has six support points which prevents items from spilling and tipping.
  • Even defrosting: enables more precise temperature control to avoid overcooked and unthawed areas
  • Even heating: delivers a more satisfying finish by evenly distrusting heat
  • Versatile cooking: various different cooking modes
  • Bright internal lighting: three times brighter and more energy efficient that other LG microwaves

The third cheapest LG model is the 30L i-wave microwave oven. As the name suggests, it has i-wave technology, which allows it to reheat and defrost more evenly. It has a large overall volume of 30L and a power output of 1100W, so you can cook large amounts of food in it, which might be ideal for you. This microwave also has a huge catalogue of auto-cook menus, with 32 different options giving you a large degree of flexibility. Other key features include:

  • EasyClean coating
  • Echo reflection design
  • Quick start mode
  • 10 different power levels



  • 30L: stainless steel microwave oven with i-wave – $289
  • NeoChef 42L smart inverter microwave oven – $319
  • 40L stainless steel cavity microwave oven – $349

The cheapest of LG’s mid-range options is the 30L stainless steel microwave (pictured). This 1100W microwave has a stainless steel exterior and will cost you about $290, which is slightly below the average price of microwaves in Australia. Features include:

  • EasyClean coating
  • 32 auto cook menus
  • I-wave technology
  • Echo reflection design
  • Quick start button and child safety lock
  • 10 power levels

The NeoChef smart inverter microwave oven is the second cheapest in this category, going for approximately $320. This is a fast-cooking microwave with an impressive 1200W of power, which is higher than most traditional microwaves. The increased power leads to a 33% increase in cooking time, so if you’re an impatient cooker who hates waiting then this could be perfect for you! Other key features of this model are:

  • Anti-bacterial coating
  • Stable turntable
  • Even defrosting and even heating
  • Bright internal lighting
  • Easy touch controls
  • 32 cooking modes

Third is the stainless steel rounded cavity microwave oven, which has a massive 40L capacity. Combining this large capacity with its 1100W output means you can cook large quantities of food quickly, perfect for those needing to feed a group of people (say, those with families). In addition to the rounded corner cavity, this appliance has the following special features:

  • I-wave technology
  • EasyClean coating
  • Rounded corner cavity
  • Echo reflection design
  • Touch buttons
  • Child lock and quick start options
  • 10 power levels
  • 30+ cooking modes

The most expensive:


  • 39L NeoChef smart inverter convection oven – $709
  • 42 Convection oven healthy fry 7 crispy reheat – $899

The second most expensive microwave that LG sells is the NeoChef smart inverter model (pictured), which has a huge 39L capacity. It has a main power output of1100W with 950W for the grill mode. This sleek, minimalist design microwave will look good in any kitchen, and it backs its price up with the following features:

  • EasyTouch controls and a tempered glass door
  • Healthy fry: reduces residual fat in fried food by up to 72%
  • Anti-bacterial coating
  • Stable turntable
  • Even defrosting and heating
  • Bright internal lighting
  • Quick start button
  • 10 power levels and auto-sensor cooking
  • 30+ cooking modes

The final LG microwave we’ll examine is the most expensive: the 42L convection microwave. Given that it has convection capabilities (fans that evenly distribute hot air to cook food perfectly), this fan has a massive power output of 2150W in convection mode, as well as 1350W in grill mode and 900W normally. At $899, it is one of the most costly microwaves available in Australia, but this price is easily warranted given that is a 3-in-1 appliance, with convection, grill and microwave modes. Additional features also include:

  • Healthy fry
  • Auto sensor cooking, which automatically measures vapour and adjusts the cooking time and power accordingly
  • Crispy reheat: maintains the crispiness of the food when it gets reheated
  • Stainless steel finish
  • 5 power levels
  • 20+ cooking modes

Now that we’ve gone over some of LG’s key microwave oven models, we need to address they key question: are they worth your time and money?

Are LG microwave ovens worth the money?


LG’s cheapest microwaves go for about $150-$250, which is quite common for microwaves in Australia. Microwaves at this price range tend to be fairly basic, but this is not the case with LG’s models. With advanced features like even heat/defrosting, easy clean coating and I-wave as well as 10+ different cooking modes, these microwaves have far more flexibility and power than you’d expect a microwave of these prices to have. So LG’s cheapest microwaves certainly seem to offer good value.

It is also very easy to see value in its mid-range options, which go for around $250-$350. Immediately obvious is the fact that they all have 1000+W of power, but what really sets them apart is the fact they have an insane 32 cooking modes, meaning you can easily pre-select cooking conditions for just about any food on the planet. For roughly $300 this is excellent value, and the presence of features like anti-bacterial coating and easy touch controls make this a no-brainer.

Finally we have LG’s most expensive microwaves, which can cost as much as $900. This is right up there with some of the most expensive appliances around, so are the prices justified? Possibly not. The $900 option (pictured) actually has less power and fewer cooking functions than some cheaper microwaves, and it is unclear if the presence of the healthy fry and crispy reheat functions make up for these.

However, the $700 LG microwave looks far more enticing, as it has these functions in addition to being a 3-in-1 appliance with a huge capacity and 32+ cooking modes. You’d be hard pressed to find a microwave that can do more than this for less, so that particular model is definitely looking like good value.

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What do customers think about LG Microwaves?

In 2017, Australian customers gave LG 4 out of 5 stars for Overall Customer Satisfaction for Microwaves.

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