Miele Clothes Dryers Review & Guide

Anyone who has moved out of home knows having fresh clean clothes can be an unexpected luxury. And when the rainy season hits, clothes dryers quickly become laundry essentials. Thankfully, Miele offers a range of clothes dryers and washer-dryer to suit a variety of households, provided you’re able and willing to pay top dollar.

German brand Miele has provided different types of domestic and commercial appliances around the world for more than 100 years. With a motto like “immer besser”, which translates to “forever better”, the company claims to ‘set the standards’ for durability, performance, ease of use, energy-efficiency, design and service. Unsurprisingly, many of its clothes dryers tend to come with a high-end price tag ranging between $1,399 and $4,499. It’s a similar story with Miele’s washing machines, but if you want the ‘best’ as Miele suggests, you’ll have to pay for it!

Some of the common features found in most Miele clothes dryers include:

  • EcoDry: uses the Miele filter system and maintenance-free heat exchanger to use less energy and keep drying times short
  • Maintenance-free heat exchanger
  • Enameled front: scratch-proof and corrosion-proof coating claimed to be resistant to acids
  • MultiLingua: change the language on the digital interface to suit you

Miele Heat Pump Dryers

Miele TDB130WP Eco

Miele TDB130WP Eco

For people living in small apartments, the Miele T1 Classic heat pump tumble dryer might be an option to consider buying. The ‘TDB130WP Eco’ model is claimed to be an ideal entry-level clothes dryer stated to protect your room and furniture from condensation by apparently losing 50% less moisture usually required for similar products.

The machine is suitable to dry loads of up to 7kg and includes a number of different drying programs like ‘outdoor’, ‘denim’, ‘reproofing’ and ‘express’. Similar to other Miele clothes dryers, this model comes with a ‘convenient fluff filter’ to separate fluff from your laundry. This heat pump dryer is also said to provide anti-crease action by ensuring the items are regularly tumbled to loosen the laundry.

Other key features include:

  • EcoDry technology
  • Enamelled front
  • Maintenance-free heat exchanger

RRP: $1,799

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Miele TMV 840 WP SFinish&Eco XL Tronic AU

Miele TMV 840 WP SFinish&Eco XL Tronic AU

If doing the laundry isn’t one of your strong skills, the Miele T1 heat pump tumble dryer contains a number of user-friendly features like a touch screen display as well as time-saving programs to help lighten the load.

One of the machine’s key features is SteamCare, a function claimed to apply heat and steam to smooth your clothes inside the dryer. This is said to offer a potentially quicker alternative to ironing. Like many Miele clothes dryers, the Miele TMV 840 WP SFinish&Eco XL Tronic AU also comes with a choice of five different fragrances that can be added to the laundry as part of the FragranceDos feature.

The Miele T1 Heat Pump Tumble Dryer is stated to have a 9kg load capacity. It includes a number of drying programs to suit different types of loads such as pillows, sportswear, denim, delicates, silks and shirts.

RRP:  $4,499

Miele Condenser Dryers

Miele TDA150C

Miele TDA150C

Miele claims calcium affects ‘residual moisture sensing’, which ultimately impacts how well dryers dry. This is why the brand claims its PerfectDry System makes dryers like the Miele TDA150C good options to consider. The Perfect Dry function is claimed to use mineral sensors to measure the amount of calcium in the water and adjust the drying process accordingly.

The T Classic condenser tumble dryer also has intelligent fluff filter which is stated to catch any fluff, which can be removed from the filter located at the front of the machine. The filter itself is claimed to be easy to clean due to the smooth screen surface.

Other features include:

  • Anti-crease action
  • Maintenance-free heat exchanger
  • Multi-Lingua

If you’re worried about what you can put in a clothes dryer, the T Classic condenser tumble dryer is said to be suitable for all types of textiles.

RRP: $1,399

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Miele Washer Dryers

WTH130 WPM PWash 2.0 & TDos

WTH130 WPM PWash 2.0 & TDos

For people looking for an everyday clothes dryer, the Miele WTH130 WPM PWash 2.0 & TDos is stated to wash up to a 7kg load and dry up to 4kg worth of laundry.

With a 4-star energy rating and 4-star water rating, the brand describes all Miele washer dryers as energy efficient. Featuring Flowmeter, the model is said to measure and control water intake to make sure the appliance only uses the exact amount of water and electricity needed. The ProfiEco motor is similarly stated to perform quietly and consume less electricity. The brand also claims the motor ensures the appliance does not require any maintenance, apparently making the WT1 washer-dryer durable for years to come.

Some key features include:

  • CapDosing: uses capsules with specific portions to add special detergents, fabric conditions and additives
  • TwinDos: automatically dispenses ‘off-the-shelf’ liquid detergents as well as Miele’s own unique 2-phase system liquid detergents
  • Waterproof Metal System (WPM): offers protection from flooding and water damage
  • AutoClean: rinses any detergent residue to ensure the detergent drawer is clean
  • QuickPower: time-saving mode claimed to quickly wash and dry laundry. Miele WTH130 WPM PWash 2.0 & TDos

The Miele WT1 Washer Dryer includes a variety of tailored washing programs for items like trainers, sportswear, pillows, curtains, and wool and dark clothes. Similar drying programs are also available.

If you want a washer dryer with a larger capacity, an XL version of the WT1 washer-dryer is available for $3,999.

RRP: $3,499

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Should I buy a Miele clothes dryer?

If you’re hung up about finding the best clothes dryer for you, Miele has a number of options to choose from. The unique structure of the drum in each Miele clothes dryer is claimed to help produce even results as the drum apparently lifts the laundry higher and allows your load to linger in the warm air longer, creating air pockets and softening the fall of the laundry. The gentle treatment is also said to help prevent your clothes from developing creases. Products like the Miele TDB130WP Eco and Miele TDA 150C might be especially useful for people with busy schedules and don’t have time to iron or take out clothes once the program immediately ends.

For easy maintenance, many of the Miele dryers are designed with an enameled front to ensure the appliance is easy to clean as well as scratch-proof and corrosion-proof. Certain dryers – like the Miele WTH130 WPM PWash 2.0 & TDos – also include a number of automatic functions, including the TwinDos system and AutoClean to help make them convenient and easy to use.

If you’re worried about finding an appliance that will last for years, Miele claims dryers like the WT1 Washer Dryer and Miele T1 Classic heat pump clothes dryer have been tested to run for up to 20 years. This test is said to be based on conditions where the dryers are operated five times per week, with an average run time of 1.5 hours.

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