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Miele Fridges Review & Guide

When it comes to fitting out the kitchen, the fridge is often the centerpiece. A hub for the household, the fridge is often the most essential, and most expensive, appliance you’re likely to buy. With plenty of brands available, as well as many styles, capacities and finishes, finding the fridge that will perfectly suit your household, in both practicality and style, can be a tough ask. Thankfully for consumers, brands like Miele have enough options for all household types.

With a heritage that stretches back into the 19th century, Miele caters for household needs in every room of the house, but it’s in the kitchen that the German brand really shows its class. Known for high quality goods, Miele is now a leading manufacturer of fridges, freezers and wine coolers. Check out the brand’s range of models below and decide for yourself whether its appliances are worth the investment. Given the often high prices, investment is probably the right word. But when it comes to appliances, you really do get what you pay for.

Miele Fridges

Miele Integrated Models

Miele Integrated Fridges

Integrated fridges, otherwise known as built-in fridges, are handy for kitchens that may not have a lot of space, or for those that are after a certain aesthetic for their kitchen. Made to fit seamlessly into the fridge space, as well as look like your other drawers and cupboards, integrated models have become increasingly popular over recent years. While more expensive than other fridge models, they may be worth the money if you’re big on looks.

Miele’s two primary integrated models, the KS 37422 iD and KS 37472 iD, include a variety of similar functions, and will set you back similar amounts. Both models feature FlexiLight – LED lighting on individual shelves to help see what goodies are stocked in the fridge, as well as DynaCool, Miele’s dynamic cooling system which allows for air circulation and ventilation. Both models also come with SoftClose technology, meaning you can make those late night trips to the fridge without waking the household.

The main difference between the two models is their shelving and drawer configurations, with the 37472 model swapping out a shelf for an additional crisper drawer. With a minimum of six shelves in each model, which you decide to go with could depend of what types of food your family usually eats. Both models also include multiple door shelves and door racks for bottles, as well as a chrome-plated metal bottle rack for wines.

  • Miele features can be set by TouchControl, helping you set the ideal temperature for your fruit and veggies
  • The door shelves can be cleaned in the dishwasher thanks to Miele’s ComfortClean technology
  • Additional extras include a butter dish and an egg tray, handy for storage

Priced around $3,500, Miele’s integrated models might be more expensive than some brands, but may be well worth the investment.

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Miele Integrated MasterCool

Miele Integrated MasterCool

The most expensive option available from Miele, the MasterCool integrated fridge has plenty of features to offset the large price tag. Features such as Miele’s DynaCool humidity function and the TouchControl system are included, as well as multiple drawers and crispers to ensure fruits and vegetables stay fresh for longer.

For door storage, the MasterCool model contains Drop-and-Lock technology, allowing for the shelves to be moved around for personalised storage preferences. There are two full-width door shelves, along with three standard fridge shelves. Other storage options include two crisper drawers, as well as an additional vegetable drawer.

  • The MasterCool also contains door alarms to help keep wandering fingers out of the fridge
  • Standing at over two metres tall, you’ll have to make sure you have enough space in your kitchen before you purchase the MasterCool
  • Miele offers a 2 year warranty with the MasterCool

If you’re after the top of the line and have a spare $15,000 lying around, the MasterCool would be right up your alley.

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Miele Freestanding Fridges

Miele Freestanding Fridges

For those after a more traditional style of fridge, or something that isn’t as expensive as the integrated style, than a freestanding fridge may be the option for you. Miele offers three models to choose from in this space, all with different capacities to suit all household sizes.

All models come with ComfortClean shelving, as well as DynaCool technology to ensure that your food is kept fresh through the correct humidity and ventilation. Each model also contains LED lighting, as well as multiple shelves, drawers and door racks for storage.

The more expensive models also come with a few extras, including dividable shelves for more storage, as well as compartments for butter and cheese. Additional features include compartments that can be individually turned off to help you save on your energy bill, as well as SoftClose technology and Active AirClean filter for optimal food conditions.

  • Miele’s freestanding models are side-by-side enabled with selected freezers, allowing for better accessibility and an overall kitchen aesthetic
  • All models are available in white, with select models also available in stainless steel to suit your kitchen

Ranging between $2,000 and $3,000, Miele offers plenty of features to offset the price tag.

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Miele Fridges & Freezers

>Miele Fridges & Freezers

In addition to its singular models, Miele also offers more traditional fridge-and-freezer models, with built-in and freestanding styles available. While it depends on which model you ultimately choose, as with the singular models, choosing a freestanding model should generally be cheaper than the built-in models.

The combined models come with all the standard features, including the ComfortClean shelving, the SoftClose doors as well as the DynaCool circulation system. Additional features include the NoFrost technology, which allow food in the crisper to be kept fresher through cooler air flows, as well as the VarioRoom adjustable storage system, which allows bulkier items to be stored more easily without having to play Tetris with your food.

  • On select models, households can be treated to self-closing drawers with Miele’s SelfClose function, which will be handy for when you have your hands full
  • Some models will also include ice makers and water dispensers

Features for the freezer include SuperFreeze, which allows food to be frozen quickly for those hot days, as well as independent temperature regulation for individual zones throughout the unit. The freezer can also be turned off for those who are often going away for the weekend or for long holidays, helping you save on your electricity bill. For those after the top of the line, the MasterCool model is also available with a freezer, with plenty of features and space to suit large households.

  • Additional extras across all models include butter dishes, egg trays and ice packs

Depending on which model type you go with, a Miele Fridge & Freezer model will cost you between $2,500 and $5,000.

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Miele Integrated Freezers

Miele Integrated Freezers

As with most Miele products, freezers are available as standalone units, or can be integrated into your kitchen, depending on your personal preferences and available space. Similarly to the fridge models, the integrated options will cost you more, but may be worth the price tag depending on what you want in a freezer.

Miele’s integrated freezer models include a standard model, as well as a MasterCool model. The standard model, labelled as the FNS 37402, includes features such as LED lighting, convertible door hinging to better suit the space available in your kitchen, as well as SoftClose doors.

Operating with TouchControl for better climate and temperature control, Miele also includes NoFrost and SuperFreeze technology to allow food to be properly stored. The FNS model also comes equipped with height-adjustable tempered glass shelves, as well as eight baskets to allow you to easily sort and store your groceries.

  • Additional accessories include ice packs and ice cube trays, perfect for those hot days and entertaining

The MasterCool model includes many of the same features as the FNS model, including the NoFrost and SuperFreeze functions, along with a few extras, such as Drop-and-Lock shelving and an ice maker. The MasterCool freezer also features through-the-door water dispenser, as well as a number of removable wire baskets for storage.

  • To use the water dispenser, you’ll have to connect the freezer to a water line, so it’s best to contact a plumbing professional for the job

The integrated freezer will cost you over $3,000, whereas the MasterCool freezer model will cost you almost $13,000.

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Miele Freestanding Freezers

Miele Freestanding Freezers

Miele offers three freestanding freezers, with the primary differences coming down to the features and functions, meaning if you’re after a standard freezer, the cheapest option may be your best bet.

If you’re keen of your features however, it may be better to go for the higher-end models, with Miele offering functions such as SoftClose doors, TouchControl operating system as well as LED lighting. The stainless steel finish is only available on Miele’s more expensive models, with the traditional white finish available on all models.

All Miele freestanding freezers have a number of drawers for easy storage and accessibility, with the VarioRoom feature allowing the shelves to be moved around for those bulkier items.

  • Additional accessories include ice trays
  • All models include NoFrost technology, allowing food to be stored properly without ruining

The cheapest option will cost you around $2,000, with the priciest option costing almost $4,000.

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Miele Wine Coolers

Miele Wine Coolers

For those looking to safely store their wines, or just looking for some extra space in the fridge, a wine cooler – otherwise known as a wine fridge – may be a suitable option. Miele offers a few options from small 34 bottle units to larger 100 bottle units.

Miele’s smaller unit, the 6321 UG, comes with a glass door and LED lighting so you can keep an eye on how much stock you have, as well as TouchControl to alter the settings and temperature. The unit also has a lock function and door alarm to ensure your wine collection stays safe, with the dual temperature zones ensuring that both your reds and whites remained properly chilled and stored.

The larger unit, the 6831 SG, is capable of storing plenty of bottles, making it suitable for those who like to entertain, or those that are looking to start collecting. Similarly stacked with features, the larger wine cooler features Active AirClean filters to ensure the wine is properly stored, as well as stability through the FlexiFrame.

  • Additional racks and storage are also available for purchase

Costing between $4,000 and $9,000, keeping your wine properly stored and chilled won’t come cheap.

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Is a Miele Fridge Worth the Money?

As essential as it is, purchasing a fridge can still prove a long process, especially when the decision relies on how your household uses it. How much food your family eats will determine the size and capacity of the basic unit, whereas the type of food will also have an influence on which features and extras will be worth considering. While it initially may prove overwhelming, Miele has plenty of options and models on hand to make the decision easier – provided you can afford them!

Before you step into an appliance retailer, however, it’s best to do your own research before you set your heart on a model. By looking at features such as energy efficiency, as well as simply measuring the space you have in your kitchen for a fridge to fit, will give you a better idea as to what model you should walk out the door with. Then it comes down to the fancy features you need and want – and are happy to pay for.

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