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Review of Westinghouse ovens

Westinghouse is a wholly owned subsidiary of Electrolux and enjoys a solid tradition for producing high-quality and reasonably-priced home appliances. One of its main product categories is ovens. This article will conduct a thorough review of each of the ovens Westinghouse has on offer to help you determine if they are worth your hard earned money. This will be done by separating the ovens into different categories and examining the price and special features of each.

What ovens does Westinghouse offer?

Westinghouse has a total of 36 ovens available, which will be separate into four different categories:

  • Single pyrolytic ovens
  • Single steam ovens
  • Double ovens
  • Traditional single ovens

While some of these categories only have a few products in them (or in some cases one), there are some like single ovens that have more than a dozen. For these larger categories, we have simply chosen a select few appliances which best represent what Westinghouse has to offer, in order to give you a fairly good idea of what they have in store. We’ll begin by looking at the single pyrolytic ovens.

Westinghouse single pyrolytic ovens

Westinghouse single pyrolytic ovens
Westinghouse has three different pyrolytic ovens. Pyrolytic ovens are ovens that come with a self-cleaning mechanism, super-heating the inside of the oven to turn leftover food and grease into dust. They are much more convenient than regular ovens, but are more expensive as a result.

Westinghouse’s pyrolytic ovens come with the following features, depending on which model you buy:

  • PyroClean
  • FamilySafe cool doors: multi-layer glazed doors that that reduces heat and improves safety
  • Family sized 80+ litre capacity: the impressive width makes it super easy to get things in and out of the oven
  • Touch-on-glass controls: an LED display that looks great and comes with a child lock
  • Programmable timer: gives you the ability to plan your start and finish cooking time to the minute
  • Fingerprint resistant stainless steel: makes keeping your oven’s exterior clean incredibly easy
  • 10 different oven functions: allows you to use different programs depending on what you want to cook

The first oven in this category is the WVEP618W White Multi-function PyroClean oven (pictured, above). This oven comes with 11 different multi-functions, touch controls, a fully programmable timer and a quadruple glazed, family-safe door. This oven is relatively cheap, costing about $1,600.

The second pyrolytic oven from Westinghouse is the WVEP618S Stainless steel Multi-function PyroClean. This will cost you roughly $2,170, coming with some handy features to help justify its price. This stainless steel oven has 10 different cooking functions, touch controls, a large 80L capacity and a quadruple glazed family-safe door.

The final oven in this category – the WVEP615W White Multi-function PyroClean oven – is also the cheapest, costing just $1,350. This one comes with the same features as the others minus the stainless steel exterior, and also has rotary knob controls rather than touch-buttons.

Are Westinghouse pyrolytic ovens worth it?

Westinghouse’s pyrolytic ovens are quite a bit cheaper than most pyrolytic ovens from other providers. You can expect these kinds of ovens to easily go for over $2,000, but two out of the three here are much less than that. This is mainly due to the lack of additional features these ovens come with, as they lack the innovation of other ovens and instead focus on basic features and programs.

Despite the lack of price, these ovens have been reviewed very well by Westinghouse customers. Most of them focus on their ease of use, as well as the aesthetic appeal. They seem to offer reasonably value.

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Westinghouse single steam ovens

Westinghouse single steam ovens
Westinghouse has two steam ovens available. Steam ovens are useful for cooking delicious, restaurant quality food by locking in the meal’s moisture, ensuring it doesn’t dry out. Westinghouse steam ovens come with the following features:

  • Ultimate family roast: helps create the perfect roast every time
  • Steam reheat/assist: reheats your leftovers in a moist environment so you don’t need a microwave
  • FamilySafe cool doors
  • Fingerprint resistant stainless steel
  • Touch-on-glass controls
  • Programmable timer
  • Telescopic runners: allow oven trays to be removed at will

The first Westinghouse oven in this category is the WVE617S Stainless Steel Multi-function Steam Assist oven (pictured). This model, which costs approximately $1,750, is a 60cm multifunction oven with a total of 13 different cooking functions, including steam cooking. It has a capacity of 80L, and also comes with the ultimate family roast feature, steam reheat, FamilySafe cool doors, touch-on-glass controls, a programmable timer, telescopic runners and fingerprint resistant stainless steel.

Westinghouse also has a steam oven costing over $2,000, the WVE617W Electric Multi-function Steam Assist Oven. This 60cm also comes with 13 different functions, including quick heat and steam cooking. In terms of features, it has steam reheat, a programmable timer, fingerprint–resistant stainless steel, touch-on-glass controls and multi-layer glazed FamilySafe doors.

Are Westinghouse steam ovens worth it?

Westinghouse’s steam ovens have more features than the pyrolytic ovens, which helps to make a purchase more worthwhile. They are also quite cheap for steam ovens – other brands such as Blanco have steam ovens costing much more. If you’re in the market for a steam over, you could probably do much worse.

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Westinghouse double ovens

Westinghouse double ovens

Double ovens are best suited to people who need to feed large numbers of people at once, as they have two different compartments in which you can cook two (or more) different dishes at the same time. According to its website, Westinghouse has seven different double and separate grill ovens for you to choose from. We will have a look at three of them here. Features that are common among Westinghouse double ovens are:

  • FamilySafe cool doors
  • FamilySized 80+ litre capacity
  • Fingerprint resistant stainless steel
  • Anti-spatter grill inserts: drains away the fats from food for healthier cooking
  • Programmable timer
  • Dual cavity
  • Multi-functions

The first Westinghouse oven to be reviewed is the WVE636S Stainless Steel Multi-Function double oven – a 1081mm tall, 60cm wide model. Despite being a double oven, it has a capacity of just 80L, making it no better than a single oven in that regard. This oven has eight different cooking functions, and in terms of features has FamilySafe cool doors, fingerprint resistant stainless steel, anti-splatter grill inserts and a programmable timer. All of this will set you back $2,358.

The most expensive Westinghouse double oven is the WVE636W 600mm/60cm Electric Wall Oven, costing almost $3,000. This model also doubles up as a pyrolytic oven, and has the same capacity and dimensions as the previous one. It is a multi-function oven with eight different cooking options, and in terms of features, it has anti-splatter grill inserts, fingerprint resistant stainless steel, and a programmable timer with multiple different options.

Finally, the cheapest double oven at Westinghouse’s disposal is the WVE626S Electric Multi-function Duo Wall Oven. This one costs just $1,423, and also has a small capacity of just 80 litres. When it comes to additional features, this model has fingerprint resistant stainless steel, FamilySafe cool doors, multi-layer glazed safe doors, anti-splatter grill inserts and a programmable timer.

Are Westinghouse double ovens worth it?

This is a difficult question. Double ovens are very common, and their prices can vary drastically from brand to brand, so it is hard to gauge how Westinghouse’s models stack up here. However, you can see quite easily that its double ovens lack the capacity you would expect, as 80 litres is no larger than most standard single ovens.

In addition, they seem to lack the amount of features and innovation other double models possess as, like other Westinghouse designs, they focus on ease of use rather than being fancy. This would be fine, if most of them weren’t so expensive. Therefore, it is hard to justify the high prices of Westinghouse’s double ovens.

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Westinghouse traditional single ovens

Westinghouse traditional single ovens
The final category of Westinghouse ovens is the single oven range, which is home to no less than 17 different appliances. We won’t be going into detail on all of them, but instead will just have a look at a handful, to demonstrate difference price points and how they differ.

Westinghouse single ovens are cheap, ranging in price from $599 to $2,263. The WVES613S Stainless steel fan forced side opening oven is worth $876, and as the name suggests, comes with a side opening door rather than the standard outwards opening one. Extra features include FamilySafe cool door, fingerprint resistant stainless steel, knob control and a 2 hour auto-off oven timer, which turns the oven off when your cooking is done. It is the standard size and capacity.

The next oven to be reviewed is the WVG615W White Multi-Function oven, a 60cm and 80L capacity single oven that costs roughly $1,150. Features include multiple cooking functions, a programmable timer, FamilySafe cool doors, fingerprint resistant stainless steel and knob control. Unlike the others mentioned here, this single oven uses gas, not electricity, so you’ll need to bare this in mind before purchasing.

Finally, the WVG613S Stainless steel fan forced oven has a gross 80L capacity and costs under $1,000. This oven (which is also gas-powered) has FamilySafe doors, Fingerprint resistant stainless steel, knob control and three separate oven functions.

Are Westinghouse single ovens worth it?

If you’re looking at the single ovens that are about $1,000+ (and even $2,000+), then you may struggle to see much value in them. They very much lack any sort of innovative design features that make them stand out from competitors, and there are simply better options available from other providers in the same price range as a result. However, if you’re shopping on a budget, then the cheaper Westinghouse models could definitely be worthwhile purchases. They are very basic, but for under $1,000 they seem to represent good value for money.

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