Dyson vs Hoover Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson and Hoover enter the ring as two of the biggest names in the vacuuming space. Both pack a punch with high tech features and innovative designs, but which one offers the best vacuum and the best value for money? We list all the specs you need to know about the different types of models to help you decide.

Dyson vs Hoover: Handstick Vacuums

Say goodbye to tripping over a long cable and needing to re-plug your vacuum when switching from one room to another. A cordless handstick combines the compact and lightweight design of a handheld vacuum, with the reach and power of a canister vacuum.

Aside from the cordless feature, the ability to easily convert a handstick into a handheld vacuum is what makes stick vacuums a popular pick for many households. The additional accessories add even more versatility, allowing you to manoeuvre around edges and different hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. 

Here’s a list of models currently available from Dyson and Hoover:

Dyson Hoover
Dyson V7 Cord-Free Vacuum: $599* Hoover i-Vac X10 Stick Vacuum: $99*
Dyson V7 Motorhead Vacuum: $599* Hoover Optim Cordless Stick Vacuum: $149*
Dyson V8 Origin Vacuum: $749* Hoover Ultra Light Stick Vacuum: $199*
Dyson V8 Animal Extra Vacuum: $799* Hoover Ultra Performer Stick Vacuum: $199*
Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal+ Vacuum: $999* Hoover Heritage Stick Vacuum: $199*
Dyson V11 Absolute Extra Vacuum: $1,199* Hoover Cordless Plus Stick Vacuum: $249*
Dyson V11 Complete Pro Vacuum: $1,249* Hoover Magicstick Vacuum: $299*
Dyson V11 Outsize Vacuum: $1,299* Hoover Quickstick Stick Vacuum: $299*
Dyson V11 Outsize Pro Vacuum: $1,349* Hoover Ultra Power Stick Vacuum: $299*
Hoover Zenith Stick Vacuum: $399*
Hoover Vortex Pro Stick Vacuum: $599*

Source: Prices taken from Dyson and Godfreys, correct as of July 2020.

Dyson cordless handsticks

Dyson V7 Motorhead stick vacuum

Dyson stick vacuums are suitable for both carpet and hard floors. In addition to their no-touch bin, each model has a whole-machine filtration system claimed to trap allergens and expel cleaner air. Current ranges include:

  • Dyson V7: $599*
  • Dyson V8: $749-$799*
  • Dyson V10: $999*
  • Dyson V11: $1,199-$1,349*

The V10 and V11 cord-free vacuums are described as Dyson’s fastest and most powerful cordless stick vacuums. The maximum total runtime for both series is 60 minutes, but this only applies when using the powerful suction mode with a non-motorised tool attached. So, you’re likely to get less cleaning time with the more powerful boost mode. This also applies to Dyson’s other handsticks.

Dyson vacuums’  bin capacity is additionally pretty large, starting from 540ml for the V7 and V8 lines, or 760ml for the V10 and V11 collections. The Dyson V11 Outsize and the V11 Outsize Pro alternatively offer a 1.8L bin.

Most models weigh around the 2.6kg mark, with the older Dyson V7 and V8 stick vacs being the most lightweight. The newer Dyson V11 range is a bit heavier, weighing between 3.09kg and 3.56kg. However, majority of Dyson stick vacuums carry a high-end price tag around the $1,000 mark. Some Dyson vacuum accessories include:

  • Crevice tool: reaches into narrow gaps and cleans along edges.
  • Mini motorised tool: a brush bar designed to capture pet hair and ground-in dirt, such as in furniture and car seats.
  • Soft dusting brush: a vacuum-powered dust brush which can clean screens, keyboards and other surfaces.
  • Low reach adaptor: features an adjustable wand that can bend to 90◦ to clean under low furniture.
  • Docking station: a power base that stores and recharges your vacuum between uses. 

Hoover cordless handsticks

Hoover Sauber Advance Cordless Stick Vacuum

On the Hoover side of town, there are a couple of extra options to choose from and at more budget-friendly prices. There are three different lines available:

  • Hoover Stick Vacuum Cleaner: $199-$599*
  • Hoover i-Vac Handstick Vacuum Cleaner: $99*
  • Hoover Sauber Stick Vacuum Cleaner: $549*

Most Hoover cordless stick vacuums provide high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration to reduce dust and other types of allergens that can act as triggers for people with asthma and allergies. The Hoover Cordless Plus Stick Vacuum ($249 RRP) and Hoover Heritage Stick Vacuum ($199 RRP) additionally have bagless cyclonic technology, which is stated to help improve air quality.

One of the main features which makes Hoover stand out is the built-in LED lights in the power-head, which are designed to help you see under furniture and other dark or hard-to-reach areas. Certain models also contain a handle which can fold down for easy storage. And like with all stick vacs, all Hoover handsticks offer the same 2-in-1 functionality of a full-sized cordless vacuum and a handheld alternative.

Hoover handsticks can clean between 20-45 minutes, depending on which model you get. But most models offer a maximum runtime of 20 minutes. The Hoover Ultra Power Stick Vacuum ($299 RRP) is the most long lasting, capable of surviving up to 45 minutes on a single charge. Hoover stick vacs can be used on both hard floors and carpet. Some accessories in Hoover handstick vacuums include:

  • Upholstery tool
  • Dusting brush
  • Crevice tool

Dyson vs Hoover: Upright Vacuums

Upright vacuums are similar to stick vacuums, but not quite the same. They’re a combination of a barrel vacuum and a handstick, but instead of pushing a canister around behind you, you’d push the whole vac in front of you. To compensate for the weight, upright vacuums typically come with wheels. The latest models available from Dyson and Hoover include:

Dyson Hoover
Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor+ Vacuum: $599* Hoover Essential Upright Vacuum: $199*
Hoover Complete Upright Bagless Vacuum: $299*
Hoover Zoom Cordless Upright Vacuum: $499*

Source: Prices taken from Dyson and Godfreys, correct as of July 2020.

Dyson upright vacuums

Dyson Light Multi Floor+ Vacuum

Dyson currently only has one upright vacuum available ─ the Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor+ Vacuum. It shares a few similarities to the handstick range, such as the brand’s ‘budget’ price of $599. Other common features include the one-click bin emptying system, and the Radical Cyclone technology which is stated to collect more dust, allergens and animal hair by preserving air pressure and reducing turbulence. The feature has been accredited by the Australian National Asthma Council.

Similar to Dyson’s barrel vacuum range, this upright model has a self-adjusting cleaner head suitable for carpets and hard floors. Typically, cleaner heads need to be manually adjusted for different floor types. If it isn’t switched between floors, it creates a gap between the cleaner head and the floor and in turn, loses suction. However, the Dyson model is stated to have an active base plate that automatically raises or lowers depending on the floor type and is claimed to maintain close contact with the floor at all times.

The Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor+ Vacuum is said to advertised to reach up to 12m and weighs 6.33kg. It also comes with a 1.6L bin capacity and the following accessories:

  • Stair tool
  • Carbon fibre dusting brush
  • Combination tool

Hoover upright vacuums

Hoover Essential Upright Vacuum

Hoover has a number of upright vacuums available, including:

  • Hoover Essential Upright Vacuum: $199*
  • Hoover Complete Upright Bagless Vacuum: $299*
  • Hoover Zoom Cordless Upright Vacuum: $499*

Most models are suited for medium or large  homes, mainly thanks to the generous 7.5L dust bag capacity.  The low to mid-price range doesn’t hurt either, especially when a number of upright vacuums on the market retail around the $300 mark.

The Hoover Zoom Cordless Upright Vacuum ($499 RRP) is the brand’s latest shiny new toy, claimed to work ‘faster, longer and more effectively’. It features a wide powerbrush for more surface coverage, and offers a maximum runtime of 52 minutes on a single charge. The model also has a LED light to help you see under furniture. This Hoover upright vacuum is suitable for carpets, hard floors and tiles.

For those still keen on the versatility of handsticks, but not so much on the price, the Hoover Complete Upright Bagless Vacuum ($299 RRP) seems to be the closest fit from the manufacturer. It includes a detachable wand with a 2.4m flexible hose to allow top-to-bottom cleaning, plus a motorised powerhead to provide the extra level of suction needed to grab pet hair and dust on carpets. The Hoover vacuum also comes with a mini hand turbo tool to clean upholstery.

Hoover upright vacuums come with a two-year warranty.

Dyson vs Hoover: Barrel Vacuums

Generally, the two common types of vacs you’ll come across include the barrel and cylinder vacuums. These come with a canister attached to the unit, adding extra weight. But while these tend to be bulky, the power cable means you won’t need to wait several hours for the appliance to recharge if it runs out of battery mid clean ─ something which may happen when using a cordless stick vacuum.

Here are the models you can expect from Dyson and Hoover:

Dyson Hoover
Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Original Vacuum: $499* Hoover Performer Bagged Vacuum Cleaner: $99*
Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Multi Floor Extra Vacuum: $599* Hoover Smart Bagged Vacuum: $199*
Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal+ Vacuum: $749* Hoover Action Pet Vacuum Cleaner: $479*
Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Absolute Vacuum: $849* Hoover Allergy Bagged Vacuum Cleaner: $699*
  Hoover Regal Bagged Vacuum Cleaner: $999*

Source: Prices taken from Dyson and Godfreys, correct as of July 2020.

Dyson barrel vacuums

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Vacuum

Dyson’s range of barrel vacuums features the brand’s ball design, allowing the appliance to get back up whenever it accidentally topples over, as well as to easily steer around corners. The wand handle on each model can also rotate to 360°, with the option to set it in three directions.

The filters in Dyson barrel vacuums apparently don’t need to be washed or replaced. Instead, you can empty the collected dust and debris using the same no-touch bin design featured in the brand’s other models.

Dyson’s barrel vacuums have a 6.6m cord, providing a maximum reach of 10.75m. Each unit weighs 7.64kg. Some accessories include:

  • Carbon fibre turbine cleaner head (picks up fine dust with stiff nylon bristles to help remove ground-in dirt)
  • Tangle-free turbine tool (suitable for pet hair)
  • Swivel hard floor tool
  • Stair tool
  • Groom tool

Hoover barrel vacuums

Hoover Regal vacuum cleaner

If you’re looking for a vacuum designed to specifically help tackle triggers of asthma and allergies, Hoover offers a few options approved by the Sensitive Choice program (National Council Asthma Council Australia). These include the Hoover Action Pet Vacuum Cleaner ($479 RRP), Hoover Allergy Bagged Vacuum Cleaner ($699 RRP) and the Hoover Regal Bagged Vacuum Cleaner ($999 RRP).

Unlike Dyson, Hoover’s range of barrel vacuums have varying cord lengths. So, you’ll need to suss out your space before picking a model. For small areas, the Hoover Performer Bagged Vacuum Cleaner ($99 RRP) has the shortest cord length of 4m. If you need to clean larger areas, both the Hoover Allergy Bagged Vacuum Cleaner and Hoover Regal Bagged Vacuum Cleaner can give a greater reach with a 10m cord.

These Hoover vacuums are said to work on carpet, hard floors, stairs and tiles. Depending on the model, the dust bin capacity ranges between 2L and 2.5L. Additionally, most Hoover vacuums have a two-year warranty. The only exception is the Regal model, which has an additional three-year motor warranty.

Some accessories included with certain Hoover barrel vacuums include:

  • Dusting Brush
  • Flexible Brush
  • Hand Tool
  • Long Flexible Crevice Tool
  • Upholstery Tool

Dyson vs Hoover: Handheld Vacuums

Handheld vacuums are designed for the small cleaning tasks around the home, like cleaning up spilled cereal from the kitchen floor or sucking up sand from the car after a beach trip. However, these typically have shorter running times compared to other types of vacuums.

Here’s a list of the Dyson and Hoover handheld vacuums currently available:

Dyson Hoover
Dyson V7 Trigger: $299* Hoover Car Hand Vacuum: $49*
  Hoover Cordless Hand Vacuum: $59*
  Hoover Wet & Dry Cordless Hand Vacuum: $79*
  Hoover Cordless Wet & Dry Hand Vacuum: $119*
  Hoover Pets Plus Hand Vacuum: $149*

Source: Prices taken from Dyson and Godfreys, correct as of July 2020.

Dyson handheld vacuums

Dyson V7 Trigger Handheld Vacuum

Dyson currently has only one handheld vacuum ─ the Dyson V7 Trigger Handheld Vacuum. It comes with many of the same features you can find in the full-sized units, such as two-power modes, whole-machine filtration and the no-touch bin emptying design. This Dyson handheld vacuum also offers up to 30 minutes fade-free suction in a single charge, provided you’re using the powerful mode and a non-motorised tool. Expect less cleaning time if you want higher suction power (max power mode). The recharge time is 3.5 hours.

Weighing 1.71kg, this model additionally features the usual 2 Tier Radial cyclones system used in other Dyson vacuums. This apparently helps increase airflow and capture fine dust. The Dyson V7 Trigger Handheld Vacuum comes with two accessories:

  • Combination tool
  • Crevice tool

Hoover handheld vacuums

Hoover Pets Plus Hand Vacuum

Hoover has a pretty budget-friendly handheld vacuum range, starting from just under $50. But compared to Dyson, there’s a very noticeable difference. The run times are significantly lower, ranging between 10-15 minutes, depending on the model. However, it does offer a couple of models which allow for wet and dry pick-up functionality. This allows you to clean kitchen surfaces and windows, in addition to carpet, hard floors and tiles.

The brand also sells the Hoover Car Hand Vacuum, which is designed to plug into your car for a convenient clean on-the-go. This also includes five attachments, such as a dusting brush, crevice tool and extension nozzle.

Some accessories in Hoover handheld vacuums include:

  • Extension nozzle
  • Crevice tool
  • Dusting brush
  • Head floor tool
  • Window squeegee (wet & dry models)

Dyson vs Hoover: Who offers the best value for money?

To see what kind of ‘bang’ you can get for your buck, we’ve compared the specs of two similarly priced items from Dyson and Hoover.

Dyson V7 Motorhead Hoover Vortex Pro
Price (RRP) $599* $599*
Runtime (minutes) Up to 30 minutes Up to 28 minutes
Charge time 3.5 hours 4 hours
Bin capacity 54oml 350ml
Weight 2.5kg 3.66kg
Can convert into stick vacuum Yes Yes
Can convert into hand vacuum Yes Yes
Floor types Tiles and carpets Carpet, hard floors, stairs, tiles
Warranty 2 years 2 years

But, whether you choose a Dyson or a Hoover vacuum all depends on a variety of factors, including:

  1. Your budget
  2. Vacuum design preference
  3. Additional accessories


Need a cheap vacuum? If price is a deal breaker, then it might be worth considering getting your hands on a Hoover vacuum. These are generally much more affordable compared to Dyson’s high-end vacs. Let’s look at stick vacs, for example. Hoover offers options ranging between $99 and $599. This is a big drop compared to Dyson, which starts from $599 and reaches up to $1,349 for the latest model. To put this in perspective, Dyson’s cheapest cordless vacuum is six times the price of Hoover’s most expensive unit.

But that’s not to say Dyson doesn’t have any affordable models. The high-end brand offers the Dyson V7 Trigger for under $300 and a range of barrel vacuums between $499-$849, making it a decent rival against Hoover.

Features and design

When it comes to vacuum design, the weight, bin capacity and type of vacuum you choose heavily depends on space and surface you’re planning on cleaning. For Dyson vacuums, the weight and dust bin capacity is usually consistent (or a least fairly similar). You can see these with barrel vacuums, for example, which each have a 6.6m cord and a maximum reach of 10.75m. What mostly separates each model is price and accessories, especially since many of the same functions and technologies often appear. For cordless vacuums, the difference in runtime is one of the major aspects to consider.

Hoover similarly shares many features between its vacuums, although price definitely plays a part in what you get. The inexpensive units are usually designed to clean small spaces, which is why these typically have shorter cables, smaller bin capacities or less runtime. Alternatively, the pricier products are more likely to give you bonus accessories for extra versatility. ‘Anti-allergy’ features such as HEPA filters also seem to be more common among the brand’s high-end models.

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