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After a long, hard day, there’s nothing better than sitting down with a hot cuppa. Unless, of course, your kettle is on the fritz, which would leave many of us at boiling-point. While it may not seem like a kitchen without it, the humble kettle is often underrated within the modern day kitchen, with appliances such as smart fridges and dishwashers often taking the spot light. Despite this, many of us still turn to the kettle for either a relaxing cup of tea, or an energising cup of coffee, making it an invaluable appliance in many households.

While purchasing a kettle might not seem like a big financial investment, finding one that works for your needs, as well as fits in with your kitchen aesthetic, warrants enough thought so that you don’t just grab the first one you find. With traditional plastic, stainless steel and glass kettles available, consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to preparing their next cup of tea. Read on to find out just what brands have to offer in this Canstar Blue review.

Top Kettles


With plenty of kitchen appliances available, it’s no surprise that Breville has a wide variety of kettles to choose from. Whether you’re after a simple model, a stainless steel model or a kettle with a tea infuser built in, Breville likely has you covered.

Breville’s basic models includes the popular Soft Top model, with the classic design coming with a 1.7L capacity, as well as a removable scale filter and plastic housing that reduces noise while heating, handy for those early morning starts. If you’re after something a bit fancier, Breville also provides glass kettles, including the Crystal Clear model, which is built with DURAGlass for extra safety. The Crystal Clear model comes with auto shut off with boil dry protection to limit the risk of burns.

For those after the latest in kettle technology, Breville also offers the ‘Smart Kettle’. Constructed with stainless steel and BPA free materials, the Smart Kettle uses five pre-programmed temperatures to tell users which temperature setting to use for certain types of hot drinks. The Smart Kettle also preserves the hot water for up to 20 minutes, which can help save that cup of tea that you forgot.

Another kettle that will excite tea drinkers is the Breville Smart Tea Infuser, which includes a range of features to help you make a perfect cup of tea. The Smart Tea Infuser has a timer to ensure that you steep your tea for the correct amount of time, with temperature controls to ensure perfect drinking temperature. The Smart Tea Infuser has settings for Green, White, Oolong, Herbal and Black teas, with adjustable steep times for mild or strong tea, perfect for a variety of drinkers. As a bonus, the stainless steel tea basket can be removed and is machine washable, making cleaning easy.

  • Breville kettles all come with a 12 month warranty

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Another veteran of the kitchen appliance market, Kambrook offers a variety of kettles for all budgets, with a range of glass and stainless steel models available. Kambrook’s most basic model, the Aquarius, is made of tritan plastic and is BPA free, with a concealed element for easy cleaning. With a removable and washable mesh filter, the kettle provides a 1.7L capacity with 220-240 Volts for quick boiling, making it a handy addition in any kitchen.

Kambrook’s stainless steel kettle range, which will set you back around $50, has a 1.7L capacity with a cord-free multi-directional heater, handy for the modern kitchen. The model also comes with boil dry protection, along with removable and washable filters to ensure your kettle is easy to clean. For those after something a bit bigger, Kambrook also offer a 1.8L kettle, which also comes with similar features.

If you’re after a glass kettle, Kambrook also offers a 1.5L model, with rapid boil settings through a 220-240 voltage. BPA free and with boil dry protection, the glass model will keep you safe from germs and burns, as well as help satisfy your tea cravings.

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Russell Hobbs

Offering a variety of modern style kettles, as well as vintage style kettles for those after an old school aesthetic, Russell Hobbs is another well-known brand in the kitchen appliance market. Russell Hobbs provides a number of kettle series, giving you plenty of options of what to add to your kitchen.

The Lunar series, the Russell Hobbs introductory model, is available in a variety of colours to suit your kitchen aesthetic, with a 1.7L capacity with water gauge for easy use. The Lunar series also has quiet boil technology and a blue interior illumination feature, making those late night drinks easier to make. With a push button lid and removable and washable anti-scale filter, the Lunar series will be suitable for many households, regardless of their hot drink preferences. If you’re after a stainless steel model, then Russell Hobbs offers its Lunar Ombre range, with similar features.

If you want a certain look for your kitchen, Russell Hobbs’ Vintage range may be the kettle for you, with the stainless steel kettle available in copper, charcoal, red, white and black to suit any kitchen aesthetic. The Vintage range has a capacity of 1.8L, making it ideal for when you have guests over, with the kettle also coming with a 360-degree base with cord storage. The Vintage range also has auto cut off boil dry technology, with a pull off lid for easy cleaning.

  • Russell Hobbs kettles are available for purchase at your local appliance retailer

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With one of the largest ranges available, Sunbeam has households sorted when it comes to hot drinks. Regardless of your needs or your budget, Sunbeam will have a model for you, ranging from traditional models to stainless steel and glass models, perfect for any kitchen.

The Gallerie Collection, available in a range of colours, comes with a stainless steel finish to blend in with your whole kitchen. With a cordless base for easy use, the Gallerie kettle has a 1.7L capacity and a water window to keep an eye on the water level, and is powered by 2200W for quick boiling.

Another series available in plenty of styles and colours, the London Collection has a 1.5L capacity, which is enough for six standard cups of tea. The London model uses 2400W for boiling, with the heating mechanism concealed in the kettle base to reduce scale build up. If you’re after a bigger model, the London range also comes in a more traditional 1.7L design, with similar features and safety functions.

If you’re not looking for the top of the line, or looking to score a bargain, Sunbeam’s Diamond range may fit your needs, usually retailing at under $50. With a 1.7L capacity running on 2200W for quick boiling, the Diamond collection has a diamond textured trim in a soft palette for a trendy look, with the range also coming with multiple safety features and a cordless base.

For those after glass kettles, Sunbeam has a number of different designs and models available, including the Capri, Maestro and Cool Blue models, all retailing for under $100. All operating between 2200W and 2400W with a 1.7L capacity, the glass models contain quiet boil technology, in addition to heat resistant glass for better safety.

  • Some models also have a matching toaster available, perfect for those fitting out a kitchen

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While not the most expansive brand, Westinghouse has been a mainstay in the Australian appliance market. With traditional and stainless steel kettles available, consumers have a few options to choose from when it comes to fitting out their kitchen.

All Westinghouse kettles have a 1.7L capacity, with all models also containing an auto off switch for increased safety measures. With a push button lid release, Westinghouse allows for easy use, with detachable filters for easy washing. With colours including black, white, blue and red, households have plenty of choice when it comes to matching the colour scheme.

  • Westinghouse kettles also come with a 12 month warranty

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A heavyweight in the home appliance industry, Italian brand DeLonghi has a range of kettles to suit your household style and size, with plenty of kettles models to choose from. Many of DeLonghi’s kettles fit in with modern and vintage aesthetics, making the brand a viable option for many households.

The Distinta Flair range, which comes in silver, blue, green or red varieties, has a 1.7L capacity and an independent base for cordless operation. With a removable anti-scale filter, the Distinita range has a three-level safety protection feature, which includes an auto shut off for when the water is boiled, a thermal cut off and another auto cut off when the kettle is removed from the base for consumer safety.

The Scultura may be the option for those after a kettle with a different aesthetic, with the stainless steel model covered in a sculpted resin for a design ‘with a difference’. The Scultura range comes with a 1.5L capacity, with a detachable base for cord-free convenience, in addition to an anti-scale filter. Along with the three-level safety feature, the Scultura range also includes non-slip feet for increased safety.

For a cheaper option, DeLonghi offers the Flora range, which comes in a variety of colours, as well as a swivel base and water level indicator for easy use. The Flora range also has a 1.7L capacity, along with a high tactile finish with chromed details, making the stainless steel model look flashy in any kitchen.

The biggest series in the DeLonghi range, the Icona kettle comes in a multitude of varieties, with a colour scheme and design for any kitchen. Priced at over $100, the Icona range may not be ideal for those on a budget, but may be worth it for those looking for variety. With a 1.7L capacity with a 220-240 voltage, the Icona range comes with a detachable lid and a removable pouring filter for easy cleaning.

  • DeLonghi offers a 12 month warranty on all kettles

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Kmart offers a wide number of cheap and cheerful kettles with 15 options on offer at the time of writting. It boasts quality, value and contemporary designs across its full range. As with all Kmart kitchen appliances, Kmart kettles are stated to be tested to applicable Australian electrical safety standards and certified as compliant. Durability and performance testing are also carried out prior to QA approval.

Expect 1.7L capacity and a range of colours from stainless steel and black to mint and red. It’s 1.7L Retro Kettle (pictured) is designed with an external water level indicator, dry boil protection and 2200W of maximum power. It comes in both an almond or mint colour variation.

Prices start from $7.50 for its 1.7L cordless white kettle and max out at $59 for a more advanced 1.7L kettle with variable temperature. In between this price range, you’ll find some of its popular retro style kettles.

  • Kmart offers a 12 month warranty on most kettles

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ALDI has seen a number of different kettles appear throughout the year for its Special Buys, one of which is a 1.5L kettle. It’s availble in two colour options – white or black (pictured). Its design features include a concealed heating element, push-button lid, water level indicato and a 360° cordless base with cord storage. As with most ALDI Special Buys, this kettle retails at a low of  $39.99.

Another kettle that has also appeared in its Special Buys is a 1.7L Digital Kettle for $49.99. It is boasted for a digital base with four pre-set temperature settings, a keep warm function and a concealed heating element. It features a stainless steel look with a black handle.

  • ALDI offers a three year warranty on the above kettles

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Which kettle should I look at buying?

While a kitchen essential, finding a kettle that suits your lifestyle and your drink preferences can be tricky, with plenty of options available, making it difficult to narrow down. While most popular brands have similar capacities, additional features such as auto shut off, cord storage and quick boil functions are all factors you will have to be aware of when browsing the shelves.

With plenty of options available, it’s always best to do your research before reaching for your wallet, as some brands or styles may fit your personal preference or household better than others, with a reliable kettle just as good as a cup of tea.

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