Smeg appliances review

Smeg appliances: are they worth it?

If you think of kitchen appliances with rounded shapes, chrome details, and bright colours, there’s only one brand that comes to mind – Smeg. The Italian premium brand is renowned for its 50s retro-style appliances, but are Smeg products more novelty than quality? Here’s our review.

Smeg appliances review

Are Smeg appliances any good? It depends. Smeg has excellent cooking appliances including ovens and cooktops. The brand also makes decent built-in coffee machines and dishwashers, although these come with a contemporary no-fuss design rather than the vintage design Smeg is known for.

Smeg toasters: are they worth it?

Smeg blue pastel toaster

What our experts say: The short answer is no. Smeg’s two-slot and four-slot toasters do offer a lot in terms of aesthetics with the brand’s signature 50s style and various colours and designs to choose from, but that’s about it.

If you’re just looking for something bright and shiny to add to your benchtop, then a Smeg pastel blue or red toaster should do the trick. Just don’t expect Smeg toasters to impress you with their performance − they have a long toasting time and aren’t great at toasting frozen bread, according to online reviews. All models in the range just come with a lever, stop button, and basic browning controls. There are also modes for browning bagels and crumpets and extra-wide slots for larger bread slices, but you’d get the same features, functions, and retro-style elements from a Kmart toaster for under $100. Prices for Smeg toasters start from $249 RRP*.

Smeg kettles: are they worth it?

Smeg black kettle

What our experts say: Yes, especially if you’re looking for more than just emphasis on design.

Smeg kettles offer both fashion and function, as well as basic features like a 360° swivel base, a water level indicator, an auto switch-off at 100°C, and a safety auto switch-off without water. While some online reviews suggest their overall build quality does not match their premium price tag, consumers tend to agree Smeg’s kettles are quiet, easy to use, and offer superior boiling performance. Prices for Smeg kettles start from $249 RRP*.

Smeg fridges: are they worth it?

Smeg red fridge

What our experts say: Smeg fridges offer a stunning vintage finish to match with the brand’s other kitchen appliances but leave much to be desired when it comes to performance and functionality.

Smeg offers single-door and combined fridge/freezer models priced at the upper end of the market (upwards of 2,000), but only offers standard specs across its refrigerator range, like a multi-flow cooling system and a Life Plus drawer for produce and perishables. Online reviews also suggest issues with ice build-ups and air vents, which means Smeg fridges could be more about style than substance. They also only come with a three-star energy rating. Prices start from $2,490 RRP*.

Smeg mixers: are they worth it?

Smeg mixer mint green

What our experts say: Smeg’s stand mixers feature an ergonomic design that’s easy to use and clean. They also do the job in terms of whisking, beating, and kneading dough, and make easy work of heavy textures like cake batters and pizza dough, according to online reviews.

Smeg mixers use a planetary mixing action for mixing ingredients and come with variable speeds and various attachments including a flat beater, a wire whisk, and a dough hook. Prices for Smeg stand mixers start from $669 RRP* The brand also offers hand mixers with electronic speed controls, a timer, and a turbo function.

Smeg ovens: are they worth it?

Smeg oven contemporary

What our experts say: Yes! Online reviews suggest Smeg’s ovens offer ‘excellent heat performance for all cooking and browning’.

However, the brand’s oven range doesn’t feature Smeg’s iconic 50s retro style, but rather a contemporary design and finish to suit the modern kitchen. These ovens don’t come cheap but they are built to perform and last. Most models feature Smeg’s unique Thermoseal technology that maintains the ideal atmospheric balance within the oven to achieve the best cooking conditions, various oven functions, a Cool Door system, vapour clean, halogen lighting inside as well as timers and alarms. Interiors also feature Smeg’s patented Ever Clean enamel.

Smeg coffee machines: are they worth it?

Smeg coffee machine in cream

What our experts say: Yes! Smeg’s coffee machines strike the right balance between simplicity, functionality and price.

The brand offers drip filter coffee machines, coffee grinders and espresso machines, as well as milk frothers – all of which features Smeg’s vintage style. The range of manual espresso machines features three-button control, an adjustable steam wand and a filter basket. You’ll feel the full autonomy of a barista. Prices for Smeg’s 50s retro-style espresso coffee machine start from $549 RRP*.

Smeg dishwashers: are they worth it?

Smeg dishwasher in black

What our experts say: Smeg’s dishwashers are neither good nor bad.

Some models in the range feature the brand’s 50s style aesthetic, but most come in a contemporary design and sit at the upper end of the price range. In terms of specs and performance, Smeg’s dishwashers offer generous capacities and various wash programs including a super quick and eco mode, as well as handy features like height-adjustable baskets and cutlery holders. Prices start from $1,290 RRP* for Smeg’s contemporary designs.

How do Aussies rate Smeg?

Smeg is rated highly for overall satisfaction for ovens and kettles in Canstar Blue’s consumer ratings, although it tends to rate lower on value for money compared to similar premium brands like Miele or De’Longhi. Note that our consumer reviews are based on overall brand satisfaction and not specific product satisfaction. Be sure to check out online reviews for an indication of consumer sentiment towards a particular product.

Who manufactures Smeg?

Smeg which is an acronym for Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla (in memory of the family company’s roots in metal enamelling), is an Italian luxury home appliances brand and its products are manufactured in Northern Italy. Smeg also has subsidiaries and offices worldwide. Today, the brand is still run by the Bertazzoni family.

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*Prices taken from Smeg, correct as of January 2022.

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