Vacuum Cleaner Reviews & Ratings

Black Appliances Buying Guide

Black is the New White in Appliances

Posted by June 4th 2019

Forget boring white and stainless steel – the newest trend for appliances is black. The sophisticated new look goes well with other black appliances and can even serve as a great talking point that draws …

LG A9 Reviewed

LG A9 Handstick Vacuum Review

Posted by October 23rd 2019

Cordless handstick vacuums are the future of vacuuming and make the dreaded household chore an easier task, with LG one of the brands leading the revolution. Along with Dyson, LG is putting an end to corded vacuum cleaners …

Dyson V10 Reviewed

Dyson Cyclone V10 Vacuum Review

Posted by May 16th 2019

Just like corded phones, corded vacuums are now a thing of the past. Dyson is a pioneer in vacuum cleaners – first creating the bagless vacuum and now putting an end to corded vacuums forever. …

Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide

A guide to wet & dry vacuum cleaners

Posted by October 23rd 2019

A handy tool for any workshop is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. It’s essentially a vacuum at heart, but with additional functionality and capacity for more environments both indoor and out. Whether you’ll need …

Consumers urged to stop using kettle over scalding fears

Posted by February 23rd 2018

American appliance brand KitchenAid has announced a recall of one of its products, citing potential burn risks to consumers. The brand’s 1.7L stainless steel electric kettle, which retailed at over $200AUD, has been recalled over concerns …

Humidifier Buying Guide

Humidifiers Buying Guide

Posted by August 4th 2020

While they’re more commonly used in winter, the air-conditioning can also take its toll on your skin and immune system in summer. Follow our guide to find the right humidifier for you.

Car Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

Good vacuum cleaners for your car

Posted by October 24th 2019

Instead of lugging around a barrel vacuum and getting the extension cords out to clean your car, review car vacuums with Canstar Blue.

Cheap Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide

Do cheap vacuum cleaners really suck?

Posted by October 23rd 2019

The cheapest vacuum cleaner can be found for under $30, but will they really do the job? Compare cheap vacuum cleaners at Canstar Blue.

Miele Artline Appliances Reviewed

Miele ArtLine Kitchen Appliances Review

Posted by May 16th 2019

Sleek and functional appliances designed to integrate fully into your kitchen, the ArtLine range by Miele combines tech and trend.