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Our Editorial Team

Canstar Blue has a talented team of content producers and journalists, dedicated to bringing you in-depth guides on a range of consumer-related topics, in addition to the latest consumer news on matters that affect you. If you want to know more about what we do, check out our Editorial Code. And see here for our editorial Fact Checking policy.

Tara Donnelly
Telco Editor
Tech expert, covering all things 5G, mobile, internet and NBN.
Emma Bradstock
Telco Specialist
Specialises in mobile, internet and streaming.
Zac Kelly
Telco Content Producer
Specialises in mobile, internet and streaming.
Jared Mullane
Energy Editor
Resident energy expert, covering industry news and trends.
Megan Birot
Home & Lifestyle Editor
Focusing on home & lifestyle, appliances and all things retail.
Dean Heckscher
Content Projects Lead
Covers all things health, fitness, streaming and automotive.
Tahnee Lopez-Vito
Content Producer
Focusing on home & lifestyle, appliances and all things retail.
Kelseigh Wrigley
Energy Content Producer
Retail energy expert, breaking news on electricity, gas and solar.
Tom Fleming
Casual Content Producer
Reporting on the sporting world and all things sports-streaming.
Luciana Lawe Davies
Casual Content Producer
 Covering all things streaming and consumer industry news.