Bruce Pitchers

Bruce Pitchers the Content Manager at Canstar New Zealand. Bruce has three decades’ experience as a journalist and has worked for major media companies in Australia, the UK and New Zealand, including ACP, Are Media, Bauer Media Group, Fairfax, Pacific Magazines, News Corp and TVNZ. Bruce started his career as an entertainment journalist before turning his pen to sport and fitness content, working for some of Australia’s leading sports magazines. Bruce then moved his focus to the world of finance and worked as a freelance writer and editor for The Australian Financial Review, the NZ Financial Markets Authority and major banks and investment companies on both sides of the Tasman. Away from his desk at Canstar, when not standing on the sidelines at his two daughters’ sports games, Bruce spends many hours creating and editing puzzles for magazine and newspaper titles in the USA and Australasia. To that end, he is the co-writer of the murder-mystery puzzle book 5 Minute Murder.

ADSL vs NBN. Woman in blue sweater using laptop

ADSL vs NBN: What is the difference?

Posted by May 16th 2024

Just a decade ago, ADSL technology was the speediest way to access the internet at home, but since then it has been superseded by the ultra-fast fibre of the National Broadband Network (NBN). But what …

aussie mailbox

Which energy companies charge paper bill fees?

Posted by May 16th 2024

If you receive a paper bill from your electricity retailer, you might be paying extra for the privilege. By opting to receive your power bill digitally, you could save paying a paper bill fee, giving …

What is an NMI number?

Posted by May 7th 2024

Almost all households and businesses in Australia have a National Meter Identifier, or NMI. But what is it – and what does it matter? Canstar Blue explains.

Bird's eye view of homes with solar panels

AGL virtual power plant (VPP) explained

Posted by May 8th 2024

If your home has solar panels on its roof connected to a solar battery, you could be eligible to join AGL’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP). By combining with other solar battery owners, you can earn …