Emma Bradstock

Emma Bradstock Emma Bradstock is a telco specialist at Canstar Blue, covering news in the telco industry, from the latest phone launches to what is going on in the world of NBN and 5G. With a background in magazine publishing and digital marketing, Emma is passionate about providing easy-to-understand and quality information to consumers to help them make informed decisions on phone and internet plans. With a keen interest in streaming and gaming, Emma enjoys combining her hobbies with writing content on the ever-evolving digital entertainment industry.

White Samsung phone

What is the best Android phone in Australia?

Posted by June 22nd 2022

There are so many different brands, types and models of phones out there that it’s difficult to get your bearings and know what’s what - especially when prices range between $100 and $2,000! Luckily, most …

Woman holding iPhone against white background

What is AppleCare+ and is it worth getting for your iPhone?

Posted by March 30th 2022

Having access to a warranty or insurance can give people peace of mind when it comes to accidental loss or damage of your device. However, insurance doesn’t always cover everything, and adding on the extra …

Range of TCL 30 series phones

TCL unveils affordable new TCL 30 series phones for 2022

Posted by March 1st 2022

A brand name synonymous with TVs, TCL is further cementing its place as a smartphone manufacturer with the reveal of the new 30 series to be released in 2022. The announcement came as part of …

Poster from season 2 of Star Trek: Picard featuring logo

How to watch Star Trek: Picard Season 2 in Australia

Posted by June 14th 2022

The first season was a huge hit with dedicated Trekkies, and now everyone’s favourite Earl Grey-drinking Starfleet Captain is back for a second season of Star Trek: Picard. Patrick Stewart returns, reprising his role as Jean-Luc …

Woman on phone call against purple background

What is WiFi calling and is it worth using?

Posted by February 23rd 2022

We’ve all been there — you’re on a call that suddenly drops out because you’ve just hit a mobile blackspot. Sometimes we might have parts of our home where the mobile signal is weak or …

Woman sitting on bean bag looking at laptop

AGL the latest NBN provider to offer super-fast NBN speeds

Posted by February 15th 2022

The demand for speedy internet is higher than ever, with more and more Aussies switching to faster internet plans. When NBN Co first released the option for NBN 250 and NBN 1000 speeds, the number …