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Emma Bradstock Emma Bradstock has been an authority on consumer phone, internet, technology and streaming markets in Australia for over 5 years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Media from Macquarie University and has a decade of professional writing experience in print and digital media.

What is data banking

What is data banking?

Posted by April 5th 2024

Are you getting the best value for money from your mobile phone or broadband plan? Data rollover could be the answer. Find out more at Canstar Blue.

Cheapest Samsung phone

What is the cheapest Samsung phone in Australia?

Posted by April 5th 2024

As much praise as the high-end Samsung models have received in recent years, the more affordable devices have been proven to pack a similar punch to the premium range. Read on with Canstar Blue to …

Young woman holding phone taking selfie against teal background

Mobile data: What is it and how much do you need?

Posted by April 4th 2024

Gone are the days of phone plans with limited call and text inclusions, with unlimited standard national calls and SMS pretty much standard across postpaid and prepaid plans. Thanks to the constant improvement in smartphones …

iPhone 14 vs 15 buying guide

iPhone 14 vs 15 Buying Guide

Posted by April 3rd 2024

In this guide, we break down the big differences between the iPhone 14 vs iPhone 15, and which phone’s features and price will be best for your needs. Prepaid offers you might like iPhone 15 vs 14 …

Australian telco industry explained

Posted by March 25th 2024

Learn about the Australian telco industry, and which providers might be the best fit for you in terms of features and coverage.

Purple iPhone 14 Pro

AppleCare+ Australia: Is it worth the cost?

Posted by March 25th 2024

Having access to a warranty or insurance can give people peace of mind when it comes to accidental loss or damage of your phone. However, insurance doesn’t always cover everything, and adding on the extra …

Woman holding phone against yellow background

$10 mobile phone plans in Australia

Posted by March 21st 2024

If you’re looking to cut costs and don’t use your phone too much, you might want to look at a $10 phone plan. While your choices might be limited compared to more expensive plans, there …

Starlink internet Australia: Speed, price and plans

Posted by March 20th 2024

Launched in 2021, Starlink has seen a boost in popularity since its launch, with more than one million users across the world as of late 2022. The service is now available Australia-wide, and promises faster …

NBN fibre upgrade for homes

NBN fibre upgrade guide

Posted by March 19th 2024

With more demands on our internet services than ever, NBN Co is rolling out upgrades to millions of Aussie homes and businesses so more people can have access to fast speed NBN plans. But there are …