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Emma Bradstock Emma Bradstock has been an authority on consumer phone, internet, technology and streaming markets in Australia for over 5 years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Media from Macquarie University and has a decade of professional writing experience in print and digital media.

WiFi Calling: What is WiFi calling

What is WiFi calling and is it worth using?

Posted by April 17th 2024

WiFi calling is a feature that has been around for a while, however not all phones — and indeed, not all telcos — support WiFi calling. So, if you're wondering what is WiFi calling and how …

NBN phone

NBN phone lines explained

Posted by April 16th 2024

The Fibre Phone (your NBN phone service) has been introduced as a new way to make your phone calls. Learn how it works and if it's worth buying.

Woman looking at phone sitting on purple beanbag against teal background

How do I know if my phone is unlocked?

Posted by April 16th 2024

The telco industry is extremely competitive, with smaller MVNOs offering a variety of plans at different prices. To ensure you have the most flexibility, it may be worth ensuring that your phone is unlocked. So, …

Group of people on phones. Are Telstra phones unlocked.

Are Telstra phones unlocked?

Posted by April 15th 2024

Phone locking (also known as SIM locking) means that your device is restricted to being used only with the carrier that you purchased it from. This prevents you from buying a phone through one telco, …

How to cancel your phone plan

Posted by April 15th 2024

Compare SIM-only phone plans If you're looking for a new phone plan, there are plenty of plans and providers to choose from. Below is our selection of SIM-only phone plans, simply switch between the tabs for …

How to activate SIM card image with Sim card and phone

How to activate your SIM card

Posted by April 15th 2024

There's plenty to consider when you get a new SIM card. It could be coupled to a new phone on a plan; it could be a smaller SIM to fit into a new phone; or …

Young woman holding phone and bank card against blue background

What is the average mobile phone bill per month?

Posted by May 8th 2024

Our mobile phones are as much an essential part of our monthly expenses as any other utility. However, not all phone plans are created equal. You might be wondering if you're paying a little ‘too …

FTTB NBN plans

FTTB NBN: Everything you need to know

Posted by May 10th 2024

If your home is connected via an FTTB NBN connection and you want to know more about this connection type and the FTTB plans available to you, read on to compare a range of FTTB …

Young woman holding phone. Are Optus phones unlocked?

Are Optus phones unlocked?

Posted by April 10th 2024

This is especially important to know if you're planning on holidaying overseas anytime soon, and will be picking up a SIM card to use on your travels. In this guide, we'll take you through why …

Young women looking at smartphones against purple background

Is it better to buy a phone outright or on a plan?

Posted by April 12th 2024

So the big question remains — what is the best way to buy a new phone? Should you buy a phone outright or on a phone plan? There are certainly pros and cons to both …