Emma Bradstock

Emma Bradstock Emma Bradstock is a telco specialist at Canstar Blue, covering news in the telco industry, from the latest phone launches to what is going on in the world of NBN and 5G. With a background in magazine publishing and digital marketing, Emma is passionate about providing easy-to-understand and quality information to consumers to help them make informed decisions on phone and internet plans. With a keen interest in streaming and gaming, Emma enjoys combining her hobbies with writing content on the ever-evolving digital entertainment industry.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video Review & Guide

Posted by September 10th 2020

Amazon Prime is the latest in streaming services to reach Australia. It starts at just USD $2.99 a month. See how it compares to Netflix and Stan with Canstar Blue.

OPPO R17 Smartphone

The best OPPO mobile phone plans

Posted by October 6th 2020

Away from the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy fanfare is a smaller consumer fanbase, dedicated to OPPO phones. Hailing from China, OPPO has been manufacturing mobile phones for some time, but it’s only in recent years that …

Closeup of person plugging cord into modem

NBN plans without a modem

Posted by August 27th 2020

When it comes to choosing an NBN plan, there's a lot to consider. Not only do you have to choose your NBN speed tier and NBN provider but you’ll most likely need to decide whether …

Still from Disney's live action Mulan movie

Mulan live-action remake to stream on Disney+

Posted by August 31st 2020

{:en}Let’s get down to business! Mulan was one of the most anticipated Disney releases of 2020: then the global pandemic hit, pushing back the release of Disney’s latest live-action remake. But if you've been dying …

12 Month Phone deals

12 Month Phone Plans & Deals

Posted by September 25th 2020

Looking for a postpaid plan, but not ready to commit to a two-year contract? 12-month phone plans have become hot alternative to 24-month plans, meaning that it’s a competitive marketplace and a consumer’s playground. With …

Young woman looking at laptop on beanbag against pink background

Kogan is the latest provider to launch super-fast NBN plans

Posted by August 18th 2020

The NBN is undergoing a bit of a speed-tier overhaul and the latest NBN provider to jump on the bandwagon of offering super-fast NBN plans is online retailer Kogan. In addition to NBN plans across the …