Emma Bradstock

Emma Bradstock Emma Bradstock is the Telco Specialist at Canstar Blue. With a background in magazine publishing and digital marketing, she is passionate about providing easy to understand and quality information to consumers so they are able to make informed decisions when choosing their phone and internet plans.

Boost Mobile New Phone Plans And Extra Data

Boost Mobile is shaking up its range of prepaid plans!

Posted by June 6th 2019

In some good news for fans of prepaid, Boost Mobile has just overhauled its plans, offering a very generous data increase across its whole range. The telco market is a competitive one, and with more providers offering …

Netflix downloads just became smarter!

Posted by February 11th 2019

Apple users can rejoice, now that Smart Downloads have come to Netflix's apps for iOS. While Android users have had this Netflix feature available since mid-2018, it has taken until now for Smart Downloads to roll …

How otterly exciting — new emojis coming in 2019!

Posted by February 7th 2019

Who doesn’t love a good emoji? They can do so much with so few words, like communicate dinner plans or add a friendly touch at the end of a message to change the tone. For emoji …

Young woman holding phone. Are Optus phones unlocked?

Are Optus phones unlocked?

Posted by August 9th 2019

Whether you’re a current Optus customer, or considering signing up to a new Optus phone plan,  you might be wondering is if Optus locks phones to its network. This is especially important to know if …

Group of people on phones. Are Telstra phones unlocked.

Are Telstra phones unlocked?

Posted by July 30th 2019

For anyone signed up to Telstra (or considering signing up to Australia’s largest telco), one of the biggest questions you might have is whether your phone is, or will be, locked to the Telstra network. …

Are Vodafone phones unlocked?

Posted by July 30th 2019

While network phone locking (also called SIM locking) used to be more common prior to 2013, you’ll find most mobile phones are now unlocked by default. But if you’re considering signing up to a phone …