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Solar power Sydney: Solar panel installers and costs

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If you’re thinking of investing in solar but have no idea where to begin, then you’ve come to the right place.

With such a big upfront cost, installing the best solar system for your needs can be a tricky proposition, especially as there are so many companies claiming to offer a similar range of products and services. By way of a guide, we’ve compiled a list of solar installers in Sydney that’ll give you a general overview of installation costs as well as the variety of brands and systems on offer.

Solar Installers Sydney

Here are some solar panel installers servicing the greater Sydney area. Please note there may be other solar companies operating in your neighbourhood.

  • ADS Solar
  • Arise Solar
  • Aussie Hybrid Solar
  • Beyond Solar
  • EPS
  • Fair Value Solar
  • Global Solar World
  • Green Ultimate Pty Ltd
  • Hills Solar
  • Isolux Solar
  • Natural Solar
  • Origin Energy
  • Regen Power
  • RK Solar & Consulting Services
  • Smart Energy Answers
  • Solahart
  • Solaray Energy (Now trading as 1Komma5˚)
  • Solargain
  • Solar Galaxy
  • Solaright
  • Solar Mission Australia
  • Solar Ocean
  • SolarPath
  • Solarpro
  • Solar Secure
  • Solar Vertex
  • Space Solar
  • Sun Max Solar
  • Sync Energy


Which solar installer is best for you?

Deciding on a solar installer will depend on various factors individual to you, though if you are wondering what experience other consumers have had then it might be a good idea to research the winners of Canstar Blue’s 2024 Solar Energy Installers. This year saw Solahart and Solargain tie for best-rated solar energy installer, with both scoring five stars in all but one category.

What should you look for in a solar installation company?

Solar panels with sun

Your solar needs will depend on a number of personal circumstances such as your household location, size, roof positioning, budget and what you’re aiming to achieve by installing solar. The solar installation company you choose should be able to recommend a range of products that best suit your needs while also detailing the approximate costs involved.

It’s best to ring around a few companies for multiple quotes, and to keep tabs on how each solar installer deals with your request. That way you can assess whether their level of customer service is up to scratch. You can compare a number of leading solar installers in our annual review.

We’ve listed some major solar installers in Sydney below with details that may help you reach a purchase decision.

Beyond Solar

Beyond Solar logo

Beyond Solar is a Sydney-founded company with almost two decades of experience in the industry. This brand claims to be Australia’s number one renewable energy retailer, which goes beyond just selling solar, but also providing customers with energy storage and optimisation technology.

In conjunction with selling individual products, Beyond Solar also sells packages to suit a variety of household needs. Some of the solar panel brands sold by this installer are Jinko, QCells, Astroenergy, LG and Trina, while it also retails solar inverters and batteries from a few household names, like Tesla and Enphase.

  • Contact number: 1300 237 684
  • Email:

Natural Solar

Natural Solar logo

Marketed as a trusted and partnered brand of Australia’s renewable energy industry, Natural Solar provides services to customers after solutions to their residential and commercial needs, as well as for developers. Natural Solar is one of the biggest names in the solar business, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

Expect the big solar brands on offer, including batteries, inverters, panels and monitoring platforms. Some of these include Tesla, Sonnen, CanadianSolar, Hyundai Solar, SunPower and Q Cells.

  • Contact number: 1300 060 928
  • Email:

Origin Energy


Retailer and solar installation specialist Origin Energy offers consumers three PV systems to suit a range of household needs. Customers can choose between the Advantage, Solar and Battery Premium or Battery Package solar systems, which are differentiated by inverter and panel brands, along with price points.

Expect to see solar batteries and higher feed-in tariffs for Sydneysiders available only to those who have their system installed by Origin Energy. Some of the product brands include Goodwe, JA Solar, Fronius, Trina Solar, LG and Tesla.

  • Contact number: 1300 791 468
  • Email: Online enquiry form via the Origin Energy website

Regen Power

Regen Power logo

Regen Power is an award-winning solar installation company with more than 20 years of experience in the game. Like many solar specialists, Regen Power offers packages to suit a wide variety of needs, including budget-friendly and premium options. The company also claims to have a dedicated support team to help customers post installation.

Notable solar products on offer are from brands like Fronius, Tesla, Mono Perc, Sungrow, ABB, SMA Sunny Boy and SolarEdge. Regen Power also provides off-grid capabilities, pool pump solutions and live monitoring technology.

  • Contact number: (02) 8077 4232
  • Email:

Smart Energy Answers

Smart Energy Answers logo

Offering solar solutions for residential and commercial purposes is Smart Energy Answers, a renewables-focused company keen on delivering ‘cutting edge sustainable technologies.’ Smart Energy Answers’ head office is located in Castle Hill, Sydney, and provide a range of panels, storage units and power management systems.

Some of the solar brands listed on its website include Tesla, Sonnen, Sungrow, LG, Fronius, Hyundai, Astronergy, Senec and Canadian Solar. Smart Energy Answers also provide a solar support hub where customers can contact the company for any after sales enquiries.

  • Contact number: 1300 732 679
  • Email:


Solahart Logo

Solahart is already a well-known solar water heating provider but also doubles as a solar system installer for residential and business customers. With a rich history dating back to the 1950s, Solahart is one of the most recognised brands in the industry. Solahart claims to use the best quality inverters along with its reputable Silhouette panels, that have ‘anti-reflective glass and textured cells for greater sunlight absorption.’

Residential customers can expect solar product brands from the likes of Solahart SunCell, FIMER, GoodWe, SolarEdge, Tesla and BYD Solar. Solahart can also help out with heat pumps, solar hot water systems and home energy management technology.

  • Contact number: 1300 721 984
  • Email:


Solargain logo

Solargain operates across most of Australia, with its Sydney office based in Minchinbury. It is regarded as one of the country’s largest solar installation companies, founded in 1995 as a plumbing business and then expanding into the retail solar industry.

Since its founding, Solargain has made a name for itself through delivering quality services and products to customers, and was rated as best for solar panel installation by Canstar Blue three out of the last five years. Solargain installs solar brands like Huawei, Growatt, Sungrow, Fronius, SolarEdge, SunPower, Trina Solar, JinkoSolar, Q Cells, LG and Tesla.

  • Contact number: 1300 741 843
  • Email:


Solarpro logo

Solarpro has all a customer needs for panels, batteries, electric vehicle (EV) charging and solar pool heating. Offering solar systems to suit a variety of residential and business needs, Solarpro claims to offer superior customer service that’s coupled with a wide range of innovative solutions to maximise the benefits of solar energy.

Its solar range includes names like LG, SolarEdge, Suntech, Tesla, Redback and Sungrow. Solarpro also offers microinverters and its solar systems are designed to suit a number of household consumption needs, from basic setups right through to specific systems tailored to EV owners.

  • Contact number: (02) 8416 8628
  • Email:

Solar Secure

Solar Secure logo

Another accredited retailer and installer is Solar Secure, an award-winning company that’s big on providing an exceptional customer experience, at least according to its website. Like many Sydney solar installers, Solar Secure offers packages that can be tailored in size and output according to specific needs.

Some of the solar brands it retails are Redback, Alpha ESS, Sonnen, Tesla, Seraphim, Jinko Solar, Trina Solar, Astronergy, Growatt, Solis Inverters, SMA, ABB, Fronius and LG. Solar Secure has a 25-year guaranteed panel performance warranty as well as workmanship warranties.

  • Contact number: 1300 867 328
  • Email:

Space Solar

Space Solar logo

Space Solar is recognised as one of Sydney’s leading solar panel installers with more than 10,000 installations, and backed by a decade of experience. For residential and commercial solar systems, Space Solar offers panels, batteries and inverters, as well as off-grid capabilities for those looking to become less reliant on the networks.

Products available from Space Solar include Honey M, LG, LONGi Solar, Q-Cells, Seraphim, BYD, Enphase, Sonnen, Senec, Growatt, Fronius, SolarEdge, SMA Sunny Boy and Sungrow. Space Solar offers Sydney residents simple installations right through to state-of-the-art complex installs packed with the latest monitoring technology on the market.

  • Contact number: 1300 713 998
  • Email:

Sync Energy

Sync Energy logo

Sydney customers can look at Sync Energy for all of their rooftop solar needs, with deals that can be tailored to individual circumstances. Sync Energy has multiple industry accreditations and also operates across most of Australia. The company’s core message to potential solar consumers is not to compromise on quality.

Sync Energy installs the best solar brands, like Growatt, Fronius, Tesla and Risen Solar. From consultations to solutions and installation to monitoring, Sync Energy claims to pride itself on making a difference to its customers.

  • Contact number: 1300 509 130
  • Email:

Solar Plans & Prices NSW

Here are some of the cheapest solar-specific deals from the retailers on our database. These are products from referral partners†. These costs are based on the Ausgrid network in Sydney but prices will vary depending on your circumstances. We show one product per retailer, listed in order of lowest price first. Annual price estimates assume general energy usage of 3900kWh/year for a residential customer on a single rate tariff. Price estimates exclude solar feed-in tariff credits. Our database may not cover all deals in your area, please check retailer websites for up to date information.

How to find the best solar installers in Sydney

To determine the best solar panel installer in Sydney will depend on a range of personal circumstances, which is why it’s best to compare quotes from a range of different companies. While we’ve done our best to provide some key information, it may require some more research on your behalf, but at least most solar installers these days will offer a free consultation or quote.

In Canstar Blue’s latest survey, we uncovered that 50% of customers in New South Wales believed installing solar was a good financial decision. While more than a quarter of respondents stated they researched panels and inverters prior to engaging a solar installer, 11% revealed that they wished they had done more research prior to making a decision. Ultimately, it will come down to a company you or somebody you know trust, which is where recommendations from friends and family can come in handy.

Once you’ve landed on a solar installer for your needs, then it’s time to look at maximising your investment with a solid energy plan that has a decent feed-in tariff. Click the link below to compare plans offering solar tariffs, or visit our page on solar-specific energy plans.

Compare Solar Energy Providers

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