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Solar Power Perth: Solar Panel Installers & Costs

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Are you in the west and thinking about installing solar panels at your property? That’s great, but with so many solar installers in Perth, finding the best solar installer for the job can be a bit overwhelming.

And with solar systems costing a pretty penny upfront, you’ll want to do your research before signing away on the dotted line. That’s why we’ve slapped together a list of Perth’s solar installation companies that’ll make your journey that much easier.

Map of Perth solar installers

Solar Installers Perth

Here are a number of solar panel installers in the Perth metropolitan area. Please be aware there may be other solar companies operating in your neighbourhood.

  • Anew Solar Panel Repairs
  • Aus-Brite Solar Perth
  • Clean NRG Solar
  • DNX Energy
  • Empower Solar Perth
  • Formula Sun
  • Fritts Solar
  • Future Solar WA
  • German Solar Power
  • Koala Solar
  • Perth Solar Force
  • Perth Solar Power Installations
  • Perth Solar Warehouse & PSW Energy
  • Regen Power
  • Renew Energy Solar Power Perth
  • Reztech Solar Panel Installations Perth
  • SMC Energy
  • Sola Hub Technologies
  • Solaire Connect
  • Solargain
  • Solar Harness
  • Solar My Home WA
  • Solar Naturally
  • Solar Panels Perth by Northern Perth Electrical
  • Solar WA
  • SunBoost Solar
  • Sun Max Solar
  • Sun Renew Solar
  • Sync Energy
  • West Coast Solar
  • Westsun Solar
  • Vista Electrical Controls


Which solar installer is best for you?

Deciding on a solar installer will depend on various factors individual to you, though if you are wondering what experience other consumers have had then it might be a good idea to research the winners of Canstar Blue’s 2024 Solar Energy Installers. This year saw Solahart and Solargain tie for best-rated solar energy installer, with both scoring five stars in all but one category.

What’s important when looking for a solar installer?

Diagram of house with solar panels and sun

Finding the right solar installer will come down to your personal needs, and most companies should be able to provide information on products and services that best suit your circumstances. Factors that will be taken into consideration include the positioning of your roof, size of system required, and budget as well as your home’s energy usage needs.

That’s why it’s worth obtaining a few quotes from multiple solar installers, to not only compare prices but also customer service. That way you’ll be in the best position to make a purchase decision based on what’s important to you. Our annual review compares solar installers across multiple factors and is a good point of reference if you want to see which companies scored high ratings by solar customers around Australia.

To help you along your search in finding the best solar installers in Perth, we’ve listed a few of the well-known companies below, and provided some details about what products and services are on offer.

AusBrite Solar Perth

Aus-Brite Solar logo

AusBrite Solar has offices across Australia and is one of the country’s leading solar installers in Perth. AusBrite Solar Perth claims to specialise in renewables and energy efficiency to both residential and commercial customers. The company offers a 25-year warranty on panels and a 10-year warranty on solar inverters.

Hyundai, Jinko Solar, LG NeON, LONGi Solar and Suntech are just some of the brands AusBrite Solar Perth uses for its panels, with names Fronius, Growatt, SolarEdge and Sungrow on offer for its inverter installations. AusBrite Solar Perth also sells hybrid inverters – a battery-based inverter that allows homes and businesses to tap into consumption data using smart software.

  • Contact number: 1300 027 483
  • Email:

Clean NRG Solar

Clean NRG Solar logo

Clean NRG Solar has more than a decade of experience and prides itself on being a family-run business. This company specialises in solar panels, battery storage units and solar pool heating for residential and commercial customers. Clean NRG Solar also offers a small gift card to those who refer their friends.

Plugging a ‘superior product range’, Clean NRG Solar retails brands like Fronius, LG and Tesla. It also provides customers with options of solar system sizes from small to large, as well as roof ventilation systems and solar hot water solutions.

  • Contact number: (08) 9244 9200
  • Email:

Empower Solar Perth

Empower Solar Perth logo

Empower Solar Perth is a proud Western Australian owned company, priding itself as experts in rooftop installation, energy storage solutions and helping Aussies lower their power bills. This company also offers heat pump hot water systems, pool heating and electric vehicle charging installations.

There are a range of PV system packages offered by Empower Solar Perth, each varying in size and price. Some of the brands this installer retails are Fronius, iStore and Tesla. Empower Solar Perth also has a generous referral program where customers can earn an eCard valued up to $800 for referring new friends and family.

  • Contact number: 1300 888 372
  • Email:

Future Solar WA

Future Solar WA logo

With metro and regional offices in Western Australia, Future Solar WA claims to bring superior pre and post sales service, as well as offering customers Tier 1 panels and top-quality inverters that have been approved by the Clean Energy Countil. Future Solar WA also offers zero interest repayment plans with no upfront costs.

Some of the solar brands listed on Future Solar WA’s website include, Canadian Solar, Enphase, Goodwe, Fronius, Huawei, Jinko Solar, LG, Panasonic, Q-Cells and Tesla. This solar installer has customised packages to suit an array of customer needs.

  • Contact number: (08) 6117 5726
  • Email:

Koala Solar

Koala Solar logo

Koala Solar is an independent Perth-based installer that prides itself on helping Aussies achieve energy independence through its high-quality Tier 1 solar products that include a 10-year workmanship warranty. Aside from its residential and commercial solar installations, Koala Solar also offers roller shutter solutions and provides its services in regional WA.

Expect to see brands like Canadian Solar, Fronius, Goodwe, Huawei, JA Solar, LG, Q-Cells, Senec, SunPower and Tesla. Koala Solar has a range of packages to suit a variety of customer needs.

  • Contact number: (08) 9456 4763
  • Email:

Perth Solar Force

Perth Solar Force logo

As the name suggests, Perth Solar Force is a proud WA-owned and operated installer that has more than 50 years of combined experience in the industry. Perth Solar Force has PV (photovoltaic) packages available, as well as standalone products and zero per cent interest finance plans for residential customers.

WA residents can buy brands such as ABB, Canadian Solar, Enphase, Fronius, Goodwe, JA Solar, Jinko Solar, LG, Q-Cells, Redback Technologies, Risen, SunPower and Suntech. On top of panels and inverters, Perth Solar Force also claims to offer some of the best solar batteries on the market.

  • Contact number: 1300 773 669
  • Email:

Regen Power

Regen Power logo

Regen Power is an award-winning solar installation company with more than 20 years of experience. Like many solar specialists, Regen Power offers packages to suit a wide variety of needs, including budget-friendly and premium options. The company also claims to have a dedicated support team to help customers post installation.

Notable solar products on offer are from brands like Fronius, Tesla, Mono Perc, Sungrow, ABB, SMA Sunny Boy and SolarEdge. Regen Power also provides off-grid capabilities, pool pump solutions and live monitoring technology.

  • Contact number: 1800 073 436
  • Email:

Solaire Connect

Solaire Connect logo

Hailed as one of WA’s leading solar installers, Solaire Connect is based in the northern suburbs of Perth, and insists it’s all about supplying quality products and services to customers. Solaire Connect also provides solar hot water solutions, general electrical, battery storage systems, electric vehicle chargers and solar servicing.

Solaire Connect offers solar products from brands like Canadian Solar, Fronius, LG, Q-Cells, REC, Senec, SolarEdge, SMA Power, Sungrow and SunPower. Coupled with installation, Solaire Connect can also provide general electrical tasks, such as LED lighting solutions, ceiling/exhaust fan maintenance and switchboard upgrades.

  • Contact number: (08) 9300 9324
  • Email:


Solargain logo

A familiar name in the business since 1995 is Solargain, a well-regarded company and one of Australia’s largest solar installers. Solargain originally began its journey as a plumbing business, but has since branched out into the retail solar industry and offers an array of packages to suit different household needs.

Since its founding, Solargain has made a name for itself through delivering quality services and products to customers, and was best rated for solar panel installation by Canstar Blue in three out of the last five years. Solargain installs solar brands like Huawei, Growatt, Sungrow, Fronius, SolarEdge, SunPower, Trina Solar, Jinko Solar, Q Cells, LG and Tesla.

  • Contact number: 1300 745 397
  • Email:

Solar Harness

Solar Harness logo

Like many companies in the business, Solar Harness offers residential and commercial customers with a plethora of rooftop PV options, including panels, batteries and hot water systems. Solar Harness is also committed to renewable energy solutions, providing off-grid solar systems to those after stand-alone solar power.

Solar Harness offers consumers a wide range of products from brands like Conergy, Goodwe, Growatt, LDK, Soltaro, Sungrow and the highly-famed German manufactured SolarWatt panels. The company also has interest-free finance options available.

  • Contact number: 1300 881 440
  • Email:

Solar Naturally

Solar Naturally logo

Founded in 2008, Perth’s own Solar Naturally has since expanded across Australia as well as internationally. Solar Naturally is an advocate for cleaner energy solutions to both homes and businesses, and does so by providing a range of products and services aimed at making solar investments much more viable for customers.

It offers multiple residential solar packages based on size and performance, which includes products from brands like Enphase, SMA Power and Tesla. Solar Naturally also offers post-sale customer support as well as panel cleaning and maintenance services.

  • Contact number: 1300 168 138
  • Email:

Sunboost Solar

Sunboost Solar logo

Marketed as ‘Australia’s largest solar company’, Sunboost Solar is another accredited retailer and installer. Like many Perth solar installers, Sunboost Solar offers packages that can be tailored in size and output according to specific residential and commercial needs.

Brands that Sunboost Solar installs includes ABB, Astronergy, Enphase, Growatt, Seraphim, SMA, Solis, SolarEdge, SolaX Power and Trina Solar. Sunboost Solar installs residential systems anywhere from 5kW to 20kW, all of which come with market standard warranties.

  • Contact number: 1800 635 022
  • Email:

Sync Energy

Sync Energy logo

Sync Energy has multiple industry accreditations, operating across Perth and most of Australia. The company’s core message to potential solar consumers is not to compromise on quality. It supplies and installs a range of solar system packages for households and businesses, each of which come with standard product warranties. Some of the solar products this company supplies are Astroenergy, Canadian Solar, Fronius, Growatt, Hyundai, LONGi, Risen, Seraphim, SolarEdge and SMA.

  • Contact number: 1300 509 130
  • Email:

How to find the best solar installer in Perth

When searching for the best solar installers in Perth, it’s worth contacting a few different companies that can satisfy your needs. Compare solar installers on quotes provided as well as the customer service on offer – this way you’ll be in the best position to choose a particular installation specialist. And remember, most installers these days will offer a free consultation or quote so there’s no harm in asking.

We know that Western Australians love solar. In fact, about half of West Australian respondents believed installing solar was a good financial decision, according to a Canstar Blue survey. With so many options at your fingertips, it can be difficult to make a choice, especially considering how much of a financial investment solar is. That’s why we ask bill-paying Australians every year to rate solar installers on a range of factors, including performance of solar system, durability and customer service provided.

Once you’ve landed on a solar installer for your needs, then it’s time to look into energy providers offering the best deals that can help maximise returns on your investment. Visit our page on solar-specific energy plans or click the link below to compare energy providers that are rated best for customers with solar panels.

Compare WA Gas Suppliers

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