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Expert Guide: Supagas LPG Review and Guide

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In this guide, Canstar Blue turns up the heat to see whether Supagas is right for your household by looking at what’s on offer in terms of prices, products and services.

While there are dozens of natural gas suppliers across the country, the LPG market is much smaller where there is only a few competing for business, like Supagas. Thousands of homes use LPG as an alternative to electric or natural gas for heating, hot water systems and cooking.

Supagas is one of Australia’s leading Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and industrial gas companies, dating back to 1968. With an emphasis on customer service and reliability, Supagas has multiple distribution centres and branches available Find out if its services may be right for you below.

Supagas Products

With a large portfolio of products and services, Supagas deals in LPG that can be rented or purchased outright. Supagas has a wide range of LPG products available to residential, commercial and industrial gas customers. One of these products include ‘Supaswap’, offering various LPG cylinders for household uses like barbeques. Below are some of the products Supagas supplies:

  • LPG gas cylinders (13.5kg, 15kg, 18kg and 45kg)
  • Oxygen
  • Acetylene
  • Nitrogen
  • Hydrogen
  • Compressed air
  • Argon

In addition to LPG and gas supply, Supagas stocks an extensive range of commercial equipment, like air compressors, outdoor café heaters, cutting disks, grinding wheels and power drills, to name just a few.

Supagas Prices

LPG prices may vary depending on where you live, as well as world market pricing and exchange rates. Supagas often offers specialty discounts and promotions to help customers make the most of their LPG purchase.

Other Supagas Services

There are many other services offered by Supagas, including forklift gas and bulk LPG for industrial and residential purposes. You’ll also find that Supagas supplies shielding gases for specialty welding equipment, medical gases for hospitals and vets, and even helium gas for parties, hospitality gases for large-scale cooking, plus a range of commercial equipment and tools.

Where does Supagas service?

If you’re wondering what services Supagas is offering in your state, look no further than the table below. We summarise what you can expect to find from Supagas in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, ACT, WA,  TAS and NT.

State LPG?

Contact Information and Billing Details

If you ever need to contact Supagas about a product or service, you’ll find all the details below.

Supagas Contact Information

Supagas has multiple points of contact. Details are listed below:

  • General enquiries: 13 78 72
  • General enquiries (Head Office): (o2) 8788 4444
  • Email:
  • Postal address: 5 Benson Road, Ingleburn, NSW, 2565

Supagas Billing

Supagas is pretty versatile in how it lets customers pay their bills. Customers can pay using:

  • Credit Card
  • Direct Debit
  • Cheque by mail
  • BPay
  • Pay online via website
  • EFT

How do customers rate Supagas?

LPG customers in Australia gave Supagas 5 out of 5 stars for overall satisfaction in our 2024 customer ratings report.

Supagas LPG National

Canstar Blue
Award: Overall Satisfaction

Supagas supplies a wide range of LPG products and services across major cities in Australia, making it helpful if you’re looking to have gas delivered to your home or business. Supagas managed to score five stars for overall customer satisfaction in Canstar Blue’s 2024 review of LPG suppliers. It also took out top marks across almost all other research categories.

Before committing to just one LPG supplier, it’s always good to check out offers from various other gas providers, like Kleenheat and Elgas. This way you get a better idea of which LPG products and services match your needs. Or, if you’re not entirely sure if LPG is right for you, check out our range of natural gas providers by clicking on the link below.

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Kelseigh Wrigley: Energy Specialist

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