Pacific Hydro Review and Rates

Pacific Energy is a green energy company with renewable generation assets across 19 countries. Pacific Hydro says that it owns and operates 350MW of wind and hydro capacity in Australia, abating 900,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas pollution each year. The company is also a licensed electricity retailer, selling power to homes and businesses across Victoria and South Australia. However, Pacific Hydro now retails as Tango Energy. While Pacific Hydro was founded in Australia and is still headquartered in Melbourne, it is now owned by China’s State Power Investment Corporation.

Although Pacific Hydro is undoubtedly enthusiastic about renewable generation, it performs relatively poorly in the Greenpeace guide to Australia’s greenest energy companies. This is largely because the company does not offer any products or non-mandatory feed-in tariffs (FiT) for customers with solar. In addition, like all energy retailers, the electricity supplied to Pacific Hydro customers does not come directly from the company’s renewable generators, rather it is drawn from the electricity grid, which includes a mix of renewable and fossil fuel generated electricity.

Given that Pacific Hydro now operates as Tango Energy, in this report, we’ll explore Tango Energy’s electricity plans and rates to help you decide if it’s the right retailer for you. You can see the same details by hoping over to our page on Tango Energy.

All details mentioned below are now out of date. Please see our Tango Energy page for up to date information on this retailer.

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Tango Energy Plans

Just as it did previously under the Pacific Hydro brand, Tango Energy keeps its electricity offers markedly simple for prospective customers, with no conditional discounts. The retailer also continues to specialise in fixed rate electricity plans. It has been consistent in this regard, including at a time when all other providers removed such offers at times of fluctuating power prices. Tango Energy’s current electricity plans are as follows:

  • Home Select: With fixed energy rates for 12 months, this plan provides the flexibility to choose your preferred payment option (including direct debit) and bill type (i.e. electronic or paper) at no extra cost. It comes with monthly or quarterly billing.
  • Home eSelect: This plan offers exactly the same electricity rates as the Home Select product, but there are some differences in the detail. Unlike the above plan, the eSelect delivers a $50 sign-up bonus. However, the plan does have less flexibility than the Home Select as you must receive bills via email and pay them by direct debit, with monthly billing.

With both plans, Tango Energy promises “no complex discounts, just great prices”. These offers are only currently available in Victoria, in addition to its obligatory standard contract. Tango Energy also provides a standing offer in South Australia.

What about solar tariffs?

Victorian homes with solar power will receive the government-mandated feed-in tariff of 11.3c/kWh from Tango Energy, regardless of their plan. South Australian solar customers receive no FiT at all.

Tango Energy Electricity Prices

So we know Tango Energy keeps it simple with just two market offers, with fixed pricing for 12 months, but how does the retailer really stack up on price? Below is a guide to what you can expect to pay with Tango Energy in Victoria and South Australia. These prices are based on the typical energy usage of a five-person household living at a selected postcode in each state, with a single rate tariff. Be sure to use our electricity comparison tool above for a specific quote in your area.

Tango Energy Rates VIC

Plan Discount Annual cost
Home Select 0% $2,016.82
Home eSelect 0% $2,016.82
Home Standing N/A $2,803.92

Costs based on annual usage calculations using statistics from the AER for a five person household. Costs based on Citipower network in Melbourne, February 2018.

Tango Energy is generally very price-competitive in Victoria. The fact that rates are locked in for 12 months also makes it a good option worth considering as some retailers have a habit of changing prices on a regular basis. You can see how Tango Energy compares to other electricity retailers in the Melbourne area by using our energy comparison tool, or checking out our cost comparison report page.

Tango Energy Rates SA

Plan Discount Annual cost
Home Standing N/A $3,753.91

Costs based on annual usage calculations using statistics from the AER for a five person household. Costs based on the SA network in Adelaide, February 2018.

Despite only having a standard contract in South Australia, Tango Energy compares reasonably well compared to the market offers of some other retailers in the Adelaide area. However, as it is only a standing offer, you will find cheaper deals elsewhere. Compare prices with other retailers in SA with our cost comparison page.

Is Tango Energy right for me?

As an owner and developer of renewable generation assets across the globe, Pacific Hydro is undoubtedly very enthusiastic about renewable energy. Unfortunately, this enthusiasm does not appear to be shared by its retail business, Tango Energy, as it doesn’t offer GreenPower to residential customers, and solar customers only receive the minimum feed-in tariff. That said, if you care about green energy but don’t have solar panels yourself, then Tango Energy may still be an attractive option as you are supporting the company in further developing its renewable generators.

Tango Energy’s no-nonsense electricity deals might also be a selling point. Some retailers will mask higher electricity rates behind huge discounts, catching customers out when the bill rolls around – but not with Tango Energy, what you see is what you will get. Of course, not every discount out there is made to trick customers and some can provide great savings. That’s why it’s important to frequently compare electricity retailers and ensure you’re receiving the best deal there is. Tango Energy is generally price-competitive and being able to lock in rates for 12 months is tempting. But be sure to shop around.

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