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Shopping for a stroller can be expensive, especially with some brands costing you more than $1,000 without accessories. If you’re looking for a friendlier price tag, most of Kmart’s strollers typically cost about $20. But there are also other strollers in the collection which can cost around $60. From compact strollers to strollers with tethers, Kmart provides a number of options. These include runabout upright strollers, upright strollers, upright umbrella strollers and layback umbrella strollers. There are also a range of accessories available like pram liners and stroller hooks.

Most of the strollers in the Kmart collection are claimed to be lightweight and compact, which may be ideal for daily walks and running errands. Some of the strollers also come with a tether in addition to a safety harness to make sure your child stays secure. To help you navigate your way through the Kmart aisles, we’ve listed a number of the strollers available and their features.

Range of Kmart Strollers

Whether you need something light for easy travel, or whether you need a compact stroller to squeeze in tight places, Kmart has a number of items available. These include:

  • Runabout upright stroller
  • Upright stroller
  • Upright umbrella strollers.
  • Layback umbrella stroller

Runabout upright stroller

Kmart Runabout upright stroller

Kmart provides a number of runabout upright strollers which come with a five-point adjustable safety harness as well as a tether strap to keep your baby extra secure. If you’re tight on space, this stroller is claimed to fold flat. It also has a lightweight frame and front swivel wheels, which are said to make this item easy to push and carry. But unlike the other items available, the runabout upright strollers need to be assembled at home.

The stroller has a weight capacity of 15kg and is suitable for children aged 6 months and older.

Upright stroller

Kmart Upright stroller

Described as lightweight and compact, Kmart’s upright strollers are said to be ideal for quick errands and leisurely strolls with your little one. It features a 5-point adjustable safety harness and front swivel wheels to help you move around. Each stroller is suitable for children aged at least 6 months and has a weight capacity of 15kg.

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Upright umbrella stroller

Kmart Upright umbrella stroller

For families who love to travel around, the upright umbrella stroller features a safety harness and an expendable and removable canopy. If your child is eager to explore, the stroller comes with a tether to make sure they don’t run too far. If you’re short on space, the stroller is said to fold flat. It also includes a shopping basket for you to store any fun things.

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Layback umbrella stroller

Kmart Layback umbrella stroller

For families constantly on-the-go, the front swivel wheels on the layback umbrella stroller may make this an ideal option for parents. It also features an expandable and removable canopy with a peek-a-boo window so you keep an eye on your child as well as protect them from the elements. The stroller is said to ensure a compact fold, and includes a shopping basket store all your essentials.

Featuring a weight capacity of 15kg, the stroller includes harness pads and an adjustable 5-point harness which must be worn at all times.

Is Kmart the stroller brand for me?

If you’re searching for an affordable stroller, Kmart may be the place for you. Typically costing between $20 and $60, Kmart provide a range of lightweight and compact strollers to choose from. These include runabout upright strollers, upright strollers, upright umbrella strollers and layback umbrella strollers.

For families who are short on space at home, most of Kmart’s strollers are said to be compact and fold up flat. If you have a child that’s eager to explore the world around them, some of the strollers like the runabout upright stroller and the upright umbrella stroller come with an additional tether to make sure they don’t get too far. Each stroller also features a safety harness to keep your child secure.

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