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Do cheap vacuum cleaners really suck?

Do cheap vacuum cleaners really suck?

Posted by February 5th 2018

The cheapest vacuum cleaner can be found for under $30, but will they really do the job? Compare cheap vacuum cleaners at Canstar Blue.

Automatic mower

Robotic Lawn Mowers Review & Guide

Posted by November 17th 2017

Compare the top brands of robotic lawn mowers in Australia, with prices starting at about $1,500. Canstar Blue reviews robotic lawn mowers.

How to identify types of weeds

How to identify types of weeds

Posted by October 30th 2017

Gardening can go from relaxing to stressful in no time if you’re invaded by weeds. Which are the worst offenders? Find out at Canstar Blue.

A guide to natural weed killers

Posted by October 25th 2017

It’s cheaper than manufactured spray & easier than pulling weeds. But do ‘natural’ weed killers really work? Find out at Canstar Blue.

recycled water bottles

Should you recycle water at home?

Posted by October 24th 2017

We all want to cut utility bills, but is recycling water a good way to go about it? Canstar Blue explores the pros and cons of water recycling.

Ceiling Fans Review & Buying Guide

Posted by December 21st 2017

Are you a big fan of ceiling fans? We explain different kinds of ceiling fans, how they work, and whether they’re worth it at Canstar Blue.

RogerSeller Hero image

The ‘Eccentric’ tapware for your home

Posted by September 27th 2017

Interesting doesn’t need to mean complicated. The latest tap mixer design by Rogerseller offers something different yet simple.

Dyson V8 Absolute+ handheld vacuum review

Posted by January 3rd 2018

The latest cordless stick vacuum from Dyson has all the bells and whistles – what can it do for you? Find out at Canstar Blue.

man doing roof work tiling

How to stay safe on your roof

Posted by October 24th 2017

Ideally a professional would undertake any work on your roof. But if you do get up there yourself, this is how to stay safe.