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Should I flip providers for Flip TV internet?

Have you ever wanted to flip your couch over when the latest, overpriced internet bill comes in? If you haven’t shopped around for a new deal in a few years, you may be paying too much for the amount of data you receive. Flip TV is a new internet provider with some very cheap NBN plans, and with the whole country not far off receiving some form of NBN, if you’re looking to save a buck, Flip TV may be an ideal candidate as your new provider. It also offers an intriguing streaming/set top box combination, so let’s see what Flip TV has to offer in further detail.

Flip TV NBN & Entertainment Deals

Flip TV has three base fixed-line NBN plans, all of which come with unlimited data. You can also bundle these internet plans with call packs, as well as entertainment packs. Plans start at under $50, while the call or entertainment bolt-ons start at about $10 extra per month. See below for a quick rundown.

What’s on offer? Details Price per Month
NBN Plans 12/1 Speeds $49
25/5 Speeds $59
50/20 Speeds $79
Call Packs Unlimited local & national calls $9.95
Unlimited local, national & mobile calls $19.95
Entertainment TV Packs TV packs from 11 countries on offer, including the UK (BBC TV) From $9.95

Flip TV’s plans all come on a no lock-in contract basis, but you will be subject to a $59 one-off set-up fee. You’re also required to BYO modem. However a $99 TP-LINK pre-configured router can be purchased for $99. Aside from that, Flip TV sets out to sweeten the deal by offering:

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Anytime Data Usage i.e. no peak/off-peak data
  • Easy, pre-configured set-up
  • Australian-based call centre

If you’re intrigued by Flip, let’s see how its plans look in further detail below.

Flip TV NBN Plans

Flip TV deals solely in NBN plans, and they are delightfully simple, with relatively cheap prices. From about $50 a month you can get unlimited data, and speed tier price increases are reasonable, as well. Flip TV notably excludes the top NBN tier – 100/40 – but 50/20 has a top speed that’s faster than what most people were experiencing with ADSL anyway. If you’ve just been notified you’ve been switched to the NBN, and want a cheap solution, the $49 plan may be suitable, though 12/1 speeds are comparable to what an ADSL connection achieves. For those wanting a faster connection, the $59 or $79 plans may be well-suited.

Flip TV Call Packs

Flip also offers two simple call packs at relatively low prices. For under $10 extra per month, you’ll get access to:

  • Unlimited calls to local and national lines, while mobiles are 18c a minute, with a 30c flagfall
  • For $19.95, mobiles are included, but the 30c flagfall still applies

With these packs you’ll also get caller ID, three-way calling, and voicemail, as well as a range of other handy features. International rates are also available for as little as around 3c a minute. Let’s see how the plans look – with and without call packs attached.

Flip TV Entertainment TV Packs

Flip TV isn’t just an internet provider – it also offers its TV service, which is an optional add-on from $9.95 extra per month. It’s broadband TV, meaning the channel packs are streamed over the internet.

  • The base Flip TV box acts as a set top box, where you can plug it in through your antenna and get access to free-to-air TV channels, on-demand entertainment, 7 day guide and TV rewinding.
  • Flip TV also has a deal with Victorian Football Premier League. If you’re a homegrown football (soccer) fan, you can stream select games for free.

If you’re after a cheap set top box, this could be it, and Flip also has many different international packs on offer, from $9.95 a month extra again. Country packages include:

  • UK
  • Bosnia
  • Croatia
  • Macedonia
  • Malta
  • Serbia
  • Greece & Cyprus
  • Poland
  • Spain & South America
  • Chile & South America
  • Portugal

Base channel packs start at $9.95 a month, however premium packages cost $19.95 or $29.95. If you really love your Macedonian TV, this could be a great deal. Flip TV says more channels are being added, so watch this space.

Review of Paid TV Services

How does Flip TV compare to other internet providers?

Flip TV, with its outrageously simple NBN plans and competitive call packs, stacks up pretty well against the competition. Let’s see how it compares in further detail.

Flip TV 12/1 Plans Compared

$50 is about the lowest you can expect to pay for unlimited data on Tier 1 speeds these days, and Flip TV achieves exactly that. It’s one of the cheapest out there, and many providers struggle to compete. Look out for other providers like SpinTel, Exetel and AusBBS. But based on cost alone, Flip TV shines through.

Flip TV 25/5 Plans Compared

If you think 12/1 isn’t up to snuff, Flip TV also provides pretty cheap 25/5 plans that should theoretically deliver a speed boost. With other internet providers, the cheapest you can expect to pay at this level is about $65, but Flip TV undercuts them by $5-odd. As the cheapest of the cheap, Flip TV again competes alongside SpinTel and AusBBS, but Bendigo Bank Telco also provides a pretty noteworthy plan. At these low prices, keep an eye out for set-up fees. Flip TV’s are generally lower than other providers, but there are providers that may offer free set-up or free modems.

Flip TV 50/20 Plans Compared

At this speed tier, Flip TV suddenly isn’t the cheapest of the cheap anymore, but is still very competitive. With these higher-end plans, providers often shed the ‘unlimited data’ tag and instead revert to 1000GB – it’s not unlimited, but it’s still a lot of data. For about $75-$80 there are lots of other providers out there, including SpinTel and AusBBS, as well as Southern Phone. The latter wants you to sign up for a contract, while the others charge set-up fees.

Flip TV vs Fetch TV

The only real competitor to Flip TV that offers a set top box and entertainment packs is Fetch. Fetch’s set top box deal is much the same as Flip TV’s, but you purchase it outright instead. It also offers Netflix, Stan and YouTube integration. Where Fetch shines is its entertainment packs, available from only $6 a month. You also get access to an on-demand movie library as well.

Unless you’re from a particular country, broad entertainment offerings may be better on Fetch, but for specific international viewing, Flip TV might be the winner. Fetch also does not offer any internet plans, but you can bundle a Fetch service with a variety of providers like Optus, Dodo and iiNet. Between Fetch and Flip, one isn’t necessarily better than the other, but it will be interesting to see if Flip TV can expand on its channel packs.

Should I do a backflip for Flip TV?

Flip TV is a relatively new NBN and entertainment provider with very competitive plans. Coupled with cheap data prices, Flip also offers simple and cheap call packs. As an optional extra, Flip also offers its entertainment set top box service from about $10 extra per month. For international content it shines through, but for broader domestic content it may fall short for some people. If used only as a set top box, it looks like a very enticing little package. Combine that with the convenience of Flip’s cheap NBN plans that come with no contracts, and Flip TV as a whole may be an ideal one-stop shop for all things internet and entertainment.

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