Review of Kogan NBN Plans

Online retailer Kogan has branched out to offer NBN plans. Yes, that’s right; Kogan Mobile is a thing, and now Kogan Internet is, too. Promising competitive plans that will supposedly shake up the market, review what Kogan has in store below, and see if they’re worth ditching your current provider for.

Kogan NBN Plans

Kogan has three base plans in its arsenal, and all have unlimited data on a month-to-month contract – you simply pay extra for faster speed tiers.

  • Bronze: NBN 12 speeds, $58.90 per month
  • Silver: NBN 50 speeds, $68.90 per month
  • Gold: NBN 100 speeds, $88.90 per month

Kogan also offers a discounted rate for the Silver plan as an introductory offer, reducing the plan to $58.90 – the same as the basic NBN 12 plan. This lasts until 30 June, and by then prices return to normal. Over noteworthy items include:

  • A $69 modem/setup fee.
  • 1 Qantas Point for every dollar spent
  • Vodafone-powered internet

Kogan already uses the Vodafone network for its mobile plans, so it’s perhaps unsurprisingly that it uses the same company to commission its NBN plans, too. Let’s see how Kogan compares in the market below.

How Does Kogan NBN Compare to Other Providers?

Kogan, like its mobile plans, compares very well amongst the competition, sitting at a nice price point with relatively low setup fees and no contracts to boot.

Kogan Bronze Plan Compared

For those after a basic – yet unlimited – NBN plan, the Bronze plan strikes a chord in the market, being one of the more competitive providers. However, can you find a cheaper deal? The answer is probably yes, but you’ll also have to consider Kogan’s relatively low $69 setup fee here, even though other providers may not even charge one. Other providers worth looking out for include Amaysim, Barefoot Telecom and Mate Communicate. All four offer competitive plans with periodical discounts that reduce prices further.

Kogan Silver Plan Compared

For just $10 a month more – or $0 if you buy at the right time – you can get a serious upgrade in speed, and this makes Kogan one of the standout providers here. In fact with the discount it’s one of the cheapest Tier 3 providers out there, cheaper than the likes of Barefoot and Mate, as well as Exetel. Once again keep an eye out for setup fees, contracts and other ‘gotchas’ with other providers.

Kogan Gold Plan Compared

For the top tier of the NBN, any unlimited data plan under $90 can be considered competitive, and Kogan stands out here. Priced at just a dollar or so cheaper than many providers, Kogan has one of the cheapest plans in this segment. Other providers worth keeping an eye out for include MyRepublic and AusBBS for about $85 a month, as well as MyNetFone for just under $90. All in all, you will have to keep an eye out for lengthy contracts and setup fees once again.

Is Kogan Internet Worth Splashing the Cash For?

Kogan internet is finally here and to much hype. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it dabbles solely in NBN plans and features some of the cheapest deals in the market. Specifically, its NBN 50 and 100 plans are standouts, beating out even some of the best-known cheap providers in the market.

  • Kogan also boasts a cheap setup fee of $69, which includes the modem.
  • Plans come on month-to-month contracts as standard.

Overall, Kogan has lofty plans to ‘shake up’ the internet game, and if it continues along the path of offering cheap, no-bull NBN plans, it just might do so. But don’t just look into Kogan; many other providers each have their unique selling points so it pays to shop around.

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