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Review of Vodafone NBN plans

You may have noticed when shopping for a new internet plan that Vodafone was one key provider in Australia that lacked its own range of fixed line internet plans. Well wonder no more, because Vodafone has revealed the details of its NBN plans. Read below for a rundown of what Vodafone NBN has to offer and what it will cost you.

Vodafone NBN Plans

Vodafone deals exclusively in NBN plans, shying away from ADSL completely. All of its NBN plans come with unlimited data and three speed tiers are available. See below for a quick glance of what Vodafone has dished up in the NBN space.

Speed Tier Price Per Month
NBN 25 $80
NBN 50 $95
NBN 100 $110

Source: Vodafone website

All three plans come with a choice of contract – a 24 month contract attracts no extra fees, while a month to month contract attracts an initial $150 set-up/modem fee. This is fairly normal across the market, and if you’re going to be living in one place for a while then the 24 month plan may be the better option. But for those who like flexibility, the $150 could well be worth the extra cost. In Australia, Vodafone is yet to be tested on fixed line internet, so you might want to play it safe with a monthly deal.

Vodafone NBN Deals & Discounts

Vodafone tends to incentivise customers by offering deals & discounts on its NBN plans from time to time. While not likely to stick around forever, deals include:

  • $70 plan discounted to $60
  • $95 plan discounted to $70
  • $110 plan discounted to $95
  • A modem that supports 4G connectivity so you can access the internet while your NBN is installed. This 4G connection also acts as a backup should something go awry.
  • Bonus mobile data for those on a Vodafone postpaid plan. This includes mobile phone, mobile broadband and tablet plans. Up to 3GB bonus mobile data is up for grabs, depending on your NBN plan.

Vodafone also backs its plans with a ’30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee’, meaning if you don’t ‘love’ the network within the first 30 days of signing up, or within 30 days of NBN activation, you can cancel and not attract any extra fees. You do have to return the modem to a Vodafone store within 10 days, however.

You’re also able to change your plan once per bill cycle and you will be refunded any outstanding fees on a pro-rata basis, with the new monthly fee applied immediately. Vodafone is really upping the ante in terms of tying in both mobile and NBN plans, and makes it enticing for new customers to have both their services taken care of by Vodafone.

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How does Vodafone NBN compare to other providers?

Vodafone, as one of the three major mobile carriers in Australia – next to Optus and Telstra – competes reasonably well in the NBN space, but is faced with a tough challenge with a whole range of providers all offering cut-price plans and no-frills options.

Vodafone NBN 25 Plans Compared

If you desire something with a bit more ‘whoosh’, NBN 25 plans may be the way to go. The minimum price you can expect to pay here is about $60 a month, in which Flip TV offers a pretty compelling plan. Amaysim also makes an appearance once again with competitive options, as does Tangerine Telecom. Overall, with these cheap prices, set-up fees can make or break a plan so it pays to shop around.

Vodafone NBN 50 Plans Compared

The minimum price you can expect to pay at this NBN speed tier is around $75 per month, with many providers charging around $80-$90 a month, so Vodafone is definitely not too far off the pace. Once again though, smaller providers offer cheaper prices. Keep an eye out for Flip TV once again, as well as Hello Broadband and Teleron. Set-up fees are again an issue here, and you may still find it worthwhile to pay a little bit more per month to go on a no contract plan with no set-up fees.

Vodafone NBN 100 Plans Compared

At this top NBN speed tier, 100Mbps download speeds aren’t guaranteed, but high prices pretty much are. Expect to pay around $90 per month in most cases, though some providers are cheaper. Vodafone falls a bit behind the mark here with its $100+ NBN plan, and is nearly double the price of the cheapest provider here – MyRepublic. MyRepublic offers the cheapest unlimited Tier 4 plan at the moment, but is on a 12 month contract and you may have to keep an eye out for contention ratios if you want tip-top speeds! Also keep an eye out for providers like SpinTel as well as Dodo.

Is a Vodafone NBN plan worth the money?

Vodafone is the last of the ‘Big 3’ telcos to come to the NBN plan world, with Telstra and Optus offering plans for quite a while. As far as price goes, Vodafone exists somewhere in the middle between these two providers, with Telstra’s plans generally dearer, and Optus plans generally cheaper. The fact that Vodafone offers unlimited data across all of its plans is notable, as is the choice of either a 24 month or rolling contract. But perhaps Vodafone’s biggest selling point is the extra mobile data you get with your phone plan when you also get Vodafone internet.

However, can you find a cheaper price elsewhere? The answer is probably yes. For Vodafone to keep up, it will have to be prepared to evolve in this fast-paced NBN landscape. Offering data bonuses to postpaid mobile customers is a good start and may entice a few customers over, but at the end of the day, there are other providers that may offer more for less.

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